Working With Plexiglas

I’ve Come across a lot of people who have the impression working with acrylic/plexiglas is difficult. Hopefully I can change a few minds with this Page

Plexiglas Fabrication Tools


Compound Miter or Table

I have the blue ryobi gen before this. Damn thing wont lock true to save its life but otherwise is a fine tool that ive used quite a bit for close to a decade now. I think later versions added a detente at common angles. 

a table saw will do fine as well

Working With Plexiglas 2


obviously match to your arbor & blade capacity but 80 to 96 tooth is the sweet spot.

For plexi ive used nothing but the cheep harbor freight blades. I’ve had people even ask how I got such nice cuts.

Syringe w/ Univeral Tip

This is what lays the bead of chemical weld.

Working With Plexiglas 3
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