Some Of the ways my Life has been endangered and commanded

ByJohn Wuethrich

Some Of the ways my Life has been endangered and commanded

im already defending arguments based on non existent (yet) attacks. when people pick at you, take from you and corode you on this level for this long… nothing good happens/comes from it, but they on revealed this like 8 mo into hell and knowing that they had control of almost everything at that point. so idk how homeless fixes 3 years of malnutrition, A baby tooth that nevver had an adult tooth under it, disolved for 20 years and picked dec 2017 to fall out, aka a dental implant insurance doesnt cover untill more teeth are fucked around it. or at all for the implant, only options the dentist i went to as a child and teen and his wife (whom i belive is a dental tech /qualified to express this opinion i just havent seen either more than once

in the last 10 years so memory is not great) she says “if it were my kid i would recomend a dental implant for this” before listing other options and dont wait more than six months. that convo was maybe feb 2018. JOY. 

my dad saidmaybe 3 mo later “i said ill pay for it from day 1″(no he said he will think about it”) before during and after hes been in control of what i must do with my time to not lose 20k in assets they kept when they decided to tell cops i just didtn live there anymore. hes been in control of where i live for last 2 years and if i have safe let alone any transport. threats that if i dont clean his car all my stuff goes away, pretending to lose one of my pets ashes, commanding to work faster after the other died. went hungry 30 days last year. made to predict the budget, it wasnt met and for like 9 mo show where the money went with bank and mainly digital recipts, i would have liked to save hard copies for stuff bought locally but simple things like “desk, place to file documents, my kitchen stuff, printer, place to store clean clothes” go acknowledged. or “u ssee me as a wallet”, no i had 4 deasks 3 of which i built, had a work group laser printer from a client i had for 10 years. etc aka its not give me, its gibe me back. 

or if he will its all at once “I SAID ID DROP IT ALL IN YOUR GARAGE”or ok tomorrow ill bring it all up. knowing everything i got back has had black mold or nearly everything. other signs something is growing on it (little white freakishly bendy strands (fungal filiments?)  also acknowlding that like 7mo ago in 2019 he said “i know the place you are in is too small for your stuff” . he picked the empty cell i am in but have to be out of soon. 

he likely put snow in the cars vents too.. aka a car that was in their attached garage when not in use or at work. in a house with a major mold issue. 9 or so years of transfering spores to a car on hair and clothing then boom add a lot of moisture. was no beino. the moon rough had one maybe both of the drainlines plugged as well, i dont think he did that on purpose though. 

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