Services Rendered For My Parents 4/2018 (slightly before and maybe 3mo later)

ByJohn Wuethrich

Services Rendered For My Parents 4/2018 (slightly before and maybe 3mo later)

I cant get a decent meal at the moment so expect this post to grow as i can force my injured mind and body to recall. its not that i cant do better or overcome, forming complex arguments gets hit or miss and expressing them then minimizing or eliminating spelling and gramatical errors… it all takes longer

right nwo its a copy and paste when i was writing on something else and going way too indepth. 

it started as a tangent ill clean it up later im back to the origional for now


labor removing moldy trim and cleaning mold in basement. find as i try to work on contracted work parts end up in trash all my stuff seems to have legs and move places, sometimes the trash, sometimes the outside in rain or snow, sometimes moldy basement after i abanodonded hopes i could tolerate it. there’s growing bodies of evidence showing about 1 in 3 people is more susceptible to the negative feelings/effects one feels. mold isn’t just an alergy though black mold and some others can produce airborne toxins that harm you for life. so wether to not one suffers particularly painful or visually from it… doesnt mean it doesnt hurt everyone


I also was expected to preform it services ive done for small businesses and homes in the past. like upgrade the basement desktop (i built) because the drives where 10 years old which is past life expectancy and neither them nor I wanted to lose family memories. Two new drives were installed in RAID 1, ie one fails the other still has a copy (part of data loss prevention but not all-inclusive still a biggie) I was expected to answer any questions/get the security swuite renewed and my dad wanted the wifi coverage upstairs to be better and as a means I ordered a powerline ethernet kit to enable a non wifi link to another wifi access point up stairs, set them on different channels and gave them the same name and key, this on most devices creates seamless roaming/ downstairs and upstairs ap just work. (though against security standards that are up to the mfg to implement) what people call the ap name is actually the ssid attribute or field of the access point, there is another one humans/people connecting dont see, top of my head CCID (been a while) but the wifi standard recommends the Mfg or company coding the drivers or software running the show to not allow automatic connections based on ssid alone. there’s a lot to why or how that could be bad. worse if already have the network WPA(flavor dujour) key or bad depends on what there is to be had from a hack for profit perspective, is it on the device or network? can i compromise a device if it connects to the lookalike and even use it as a door to the network? lots of possibilities. i digress

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