Power to the psychopaths and pds

ByJohn Wuethrich

Power to the psychopaths and pds

About every other day since the hearinf fir the 2 ocps, my parents who filed them have been in my parkint lot. Why is this significant ? I havent invited them once. They live 45 min away.

My dad pulled into the gas station a crossed the street 10 min ago

They mentally and physically beat the shit out of me.

I dont mean beat bloody, though have laid hands on me in anger in the past 3 years. One week maybe 2 years ago my moms threatening to push me down the stairs for pointing out shes about to throw away parts she took from the work space i had on the floor (and 10min before said if you cant find something its not me i stoped touching yoouooouuuutrrrrrr things ” then a week at most 2 later shes pushing me i step back and end up back to railing of tht stair well, while i take her by the wrists to walk us both away from the drop shes screaming “YOU BASTARRD I BROUHGT YOU INTO THIS WORLD I CAN TAKE YOU OUT”

They use images projected (smoke screen scense not the psych sense) and hide behind cultural expectstions and valules to mask their crossive amoral behavior

The active parts where they play hd pucture thrower at the back if an imax…

Those invove trying to tell me and others im

sick in the head

Ive never or rarely worked

Extension, they paid dor everything and ir because of that any bills paid or stuff on credit is theirs.

I make all these nasty threats, which with out diving into each one ill ssay in the begining after mold was confirmed and they are gaslughting it while stsrting the smear campaign and police reports,… im blowing out black crap, smell the mold every day something like 14 months total with varying levels of toe to trunk and face covered in rashes and or pin orick wounds ..im saying if i lose a leg to this crazy shit and your denial ill take one if yours if im still able.

Even then it was once or twice explicitly Express but often implied that if I leave my stuff goes away and the other threat there is Bonnie and Clyde rabbits pets friends companions that I have had for over a decade we’re in their care. My cousin in Virginia he thinks that punching a wall is the same as punching a person and tells me she knows just how I am and how messed up I am inside I need anger management like she’s had twice she also tells me it’s just a f****** stupid rabbit. I actually value life and I don’t put a higher value on human than animals I do eat meat but the other thing is especially my friends lives I care about.

That conversation came way later but during that. Katie wants called the police in Maple Grove Minnesota from near Norfolk Virginia and not even firsthand. My dad and I had an argument on the other end of the house while my mom was in the master bedroom with the door mostly closed. What was 2 minutes of raised voices before we both went different ways was my mom talking to a mutual aunt that Katie and I share that Aunt hangs up having heard our voices and decided mine was so bad but I have seen her once a year except the last two years I missed Christmas so in the last two years I haven’t even seen her once and before this she would always tell me I’m a good kid or a good guy and she would talk about how I should go into some kind of like veterinary care cuz I care about animals so much so I am not trying to say that I know how others feel about me for sure but I know she doesn’t have the window on my life to draw any conclusion or hasn’t seen me enough to draw a valid conclusion but I do know that all the sudden she was so concerned despite I’ve never had a history of violence that she hangs up with my mom supposably there’s also the possibility my mom told her to do this she calls Katie in Virginia and then Katie based on that third-hand information calls the cops in Maple Grove on me. This is the type of f****** s*** that goes on the record used against me when the police came my dad and I hadn’t been talking for like 15 minutes and we’re both sitting there scratching their our heads but they wanted to talk to me about problems I was causing what the f***.

Katie and Mark her brother my cousins on my mom’s side I think Katie is 7 years older than me maybe a little less but not fewer than five she’s the youngest extended family relative I have rather the closest in age to me I’m the youngest of them all and I am an only.

I’ve heard a lot of stories that lead me to believe they had a pretty rough before I was born and in a lot of ways probably a lot rougher than I had it at all. But that’s kind of apples and oranges to try to directly compare there’s different kinds of harm and on top of that once you get into the grass is greener it’s usually a sign that you’re missing something. I don’t even assume that that’s her line of thought I’ve been directly told you had better parents you should be better you should be further in life by now you had good parents I didn’t. This was are one text convo of this last year. It happened to be the same time she told me that because I Punch walls at their house while I’m being gas-lit my stuff is being threatened and covered in wounds they’re denying the major black mold problem that’s when I also heard that. Then she went into saying how she could have saved her parents house but because of how they were she let made sure that they lost it when the mortgage crisis hit. I’m not a psychologist I have read a lot and usually if something interest me I can figure it out pretty well so with that disclaimer in mind what I’ve seen not just in her but in a lot of people is dysfunction and parents the more extreme the worse but when you get chewed out when you get torn apart or physically beat for something you didn’t deserve that creates a helluva trauma yep kids and teens are smart they’re smart enough to know that they’re not perfect they’re usually not damaged in the head enough to have a personality disorder that would indicate otherwise yet. I’m pretty sure that things like MTD maybe a speedy and likely borderline are influenced a lot by what I’m about to say. I think a lot of the problem is that because the kids and teams are so smart and we don’t give them that credit they know they weren’t perfect they know that sometimes they got the s*** kicked out of a minute hurt them it hurt them really bad both physically and or mentally and or for their future the problem is they also know sometimes they f***** up but trying to keep track of that it puts the brain in the state of dissonance. Ret your system doesn’t do a very good job at teaching what healthy relationships are or being nurturing that we do spend an exorbitant amount of time that painting one group of citizens as the problem for all abuse. I mean Holy Ship what would the world be like if we spent that time talking about healthy relationships but that’s its own article. With that in mind having heard the grass is greener and I should be better and then that she let her parents lose their house I said Katie you have to work through these things anger management probably didn’t do that for you you have to work through them because they’re cyclic and most the time without working through them you pass them on to your children. All the sudden I’m hearing that she’s going to come to Minnesota and kick my ass. Anger management twice. And yeah I know the cultural value that I violated their but if that value allows abuse to be passed on then it’s got to go and I did no harm by telling her that I didn’t force it on her I communicated info that she can use to make a decision

I’m going to go inside and finish this up later

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