Parents Attempted Terror And or Worse

ByJohn Wuethrich

Parents Attempted Terror And or Worse

image is you rent someone a car you are helping? except every day it needs to go back but not when and this person or peoples decide :

lets show up in their parking lot at random intervals

not like they filed ocps 2 weeks ago and live 45 min away…wait….

oh and they filed with full knowledge i had been stranded 7 days and have to find a new place by the end of the month. rather be out of this one by the end of the month. so he probably has a hard time getting down to maple grove… great lets throw in court an hr to 2 hrs (traffic) away short notice also knowing hes been in an empty apt for a year and his washing machine is broke. like none of thats relevant to ability to defend right?

of hes been explicitly saying he doesnt want to see us (because they dont stop tormenting twisting the past and taking even what little i have while destroying 16 years of what i worked for, trying to tell me im incompetent/ never have done anything or then never enough… enough for what your ever-changing goalposts on accomplishment, hrs worked, pay, harm done to your son to satisfy feeling empty?

worse i expilcityly asked for return date and mentioned why the replacement wouldnt work and how it could work but it was dependent on liscense in broken car (enterprise policy ) or getting a new one… nope show up again to day illued to it being reported stolen enter and exit apt lot at random intervals.

yeah but my words scared for my life after the police refused to even document my side… yeah arrestable if i get scared and make threats

no context required, like all of the above and sometimes “you couldnt hurt us if you tried” or along those lines” really doesnt matter what i say or dont though from what i can see they can manually type things i said or they claim i say and submit that to damn me.

hello standards of what? forensic software? nah…. report first report often, make the police and courts your terror tactic seems to be the life lesson i missed. i kinda puke thinking about how many lives other than my own this has to have happened to . the laws can be good might be needed… not in their current implementation though. great job security for LEOs court positions hospitals and prisons though

criteria for filing an ocp “ever having lived with another” or being the mother of a child includes the father as having lived with the mother regardless of actual. why not let roommates get revenge hural legal obligations with no burden of proof? how can that end poorly for the parties mentioned above? esp if the least honest person is more likely to file first or at all, if that also equals least moral and or dangerous then you might keep your job safe arresting or holding someone for whatever reason and the one more likely to make that a hazard of your occupation is now a “Protected Person” where have i seen this before? at vary least it allows arbitratrry restrictions imposed that could quickly become criminal.

i think i read that my parents will always know my address while this is active… wonderful. like how could that go wrong in other abuse cases?but courts /med world/ police? never in error right? so no problem no address/cant rent cause of 2ocps and resulting eviction… less of a problem

finding anything but min wage after 2 people take everything you own and put black marks on background check… well… bahaha …..

but attempting suicide is illegal or suicdeie is too… well then i see how its laid out, we wont call it this but welcome to prison class/ is that a class or a demographic, shhh its not even PC to suggest that s a thing and now you made me violate the rules of things we dont talk about but let happen to others. A game that was a thing in elementary school. I refused to play then as i do now. I will shut up and or remove this until it can exist with out specific fingers pointed… but not from this position, there’s no reason to. quiet and then refusal by police to document my words , the absence of my words in any citizens right to talk to law makers contributed as well…silence is part of what gets people here.

note, a lot of LEOs ive encountered appear to actually be for the people and justice. I dont wish to make them easy to identify and the ones who take their jobs seriously and use their brains aren’t the topic im looking to discuss at the moment, but maybe nods when and if i ever right on policy/procedure and critical thinking… dont mistake not frequently mentioning “good cops” as a sign i hold anything against leos. I show respect regardless of if its given, both verbal and if im in a car at night ill try to flip the lights on and put my hands in a visible location. I might talk past when its desired or make an uncomfortable point but i wont be screaming profanity even if you treat me like dirt. I greatly appreciate even those whom i haven’t seen (not to say they dont) go out of their ways to be upstanding as long as they simply return a polite tone and aren’t blasting personal judgment of a personal situation (how one should be with say their parents and or how one expects parents are). Because remember you’re the guy or gal with the gun, taser, mace, radio, helicopter, (i assume most know how the GTA star system works, not to say thats even in my mind just point to the futility of opposition and how that butts up against personal opinions espoused)

on top of that: long ago someone told me to remember your fight is with the judge. i haven’t been to court much. maybe 3 times in almost 32 years now if memory serves. but that always seemed like advice to live by / it made sense. where that butts against any encounter is when either things some courts would care about are stated as “they dont owe antyhgin” or based on my parents word i just dont live there any more after i left for what was supposed to be a 3hr tour. … or something like that.

maybe talking about this openly isn’t good either, but silence is part of how i ended up here. also, if my story even causes one person to offer another in a similar situation a hand (after reevaluating the position of the other) then at least my life had some purpose.

worse yet stores only open short windows, empty apt supposed to find another one before end of the month. landloards aren’t answering or returning my calls, parents claim the lls agreed to another month.

landloards also have packages with both my hepa certified shop vac filter and normal carpet vac filter.

kinda fucking annoying and or all of my time or options /requirements controlled by shady people doing shady things

aa good meal would be nice

this is the only apt ive ever lived in but haven’t picked out to call my own.

its still my lease. so great when package curriers ignore explicitly: do not leave with front office instructions. leave with front office.

esp when those are needed supplies for reducing dings on deposit return.

a neighbor in passing once mentioned they had to pay the mail person and their most used Currier 20 bucks each to actually get stuff to the requested door…


It must be a nice racket. for tennis… im sure they have held a tennis racket or two … or something like that.

I understand theft prevention but ive also seen buildings with package boxes. regardless if my instructions are to not do something… I accept the risk of leaving it at the door, maybe i should add that but from what ive seen it doesnt matter.


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