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ByJohn Wuethrich

One More Year Trashed, set up for homeless or another to come

Right before move in for the first apt my parents ever decided on for me. Snow blows through the car vents. I had lived almost a decade in fargo nd. never saw that. I called my dad to ask if he ever had and he played the not gonna acknowlege it game and responded with “I came to the hotel today to put stuff in your trunk” aka he probably made that happen. he later played dumb like he couldnt understand how the car was wet now if snow blew through “where did the water come from” …. yeah lets gas light understanding that snow is water. Espicially probable for a guy who was born in WI and then moved to MN.

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ByJohn Wuethrich

Narcissistic Abuse

This is a relatively new term in the psych world. Which i find odd as even Freud was writing about narcissists. Perhaps the reason this is taking so long to gain traction is the shift to handing out pills we dont fully understand / ology rather than psychoanalysis. Freud being no stranger to 3 in a house could probably appreciate pharma wanting in. we all know the bernays side rubbed all the elbows he could …wait most people have no idea… I digress. Im not into manufacturing consent so ill leave it up to anyone clueless to hit a txt book or google 😀

My guess is as medicine is a for profit industry (with ethical rot) and the known issue that cluster Bs rarely see themselves as having an issue (therefore wont be coming in or turning a profit for the industry) its more profitable to label people who endure this with the throw of a dart at the dsm and medicate. just a guess. just a probability; my opinion (cynical ) and i rather hope i’m wrong.  

the solution to thought pollution is neuro transmitter dilution? 

Back on topic i have no doubt Narcissistic abuse has happened to people and or destroyed since the beginning of humanity. Im not sure I agree with the name either as from what I can tell its just as likely to be socieopathic. Ill accept it as its pretty much a spot on fit for what i am forced to endure. I also know that as far a cluster B conditions go, most have overlap in traits and or frequently co exist in the same individual.

Most of this will be told through first hand experience. Here is a decent psych today article on the subject and perhaps better here is a source cited write up one it on pscyh central

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ByJohn Wuethrich

In Minnesota Its not Illegal to say (or enforce) Owning Someone

In Minnesota Its not Illegal to say (or enforce) Owning Someone 1

The headline minus the enforce part was actually a direct quote from an officer of the Maple Grove pd. fall of 2019. It was following up on being told “if we put on record that your parents have lied on reports the department might be liable”. This itself was following a second officer entering the room and the explanation that “im here just to make sure you don’t feel you’re getting one cops story” or something along those lines. Alternative motives should seem a reasonable possibility with what followed.

I’ve been working since 16 years old. In 2017 I was 29 and (after 8 months of bleeding) the rental company decided not to renew a lease.

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ByJohn Wuethrich

Bonnie Rabbit and Clyde Rabbit House Rabbits Extraordinaire.

clyde rabbit resting his front paws on my stomach. Clyde was also the insperation for my gammer tag of Majestic Rabbit

bonnie rabbit chewing up an old box under an end table. magnificant kindness and intreguie in her eyes as she eyes me taking a photo.

I’m typing this from the bed that clyde died on. He lost the ability to walk and over a course of 2 weeks things went south as the abominations known as my parents refused once again to belive that one of the animals I had cared for on my own for over a decade was sick and or it might be related to the car we drove up in.  for the first week my dad promised a cab every other day, didnt get it went day or more silent. Id truly have rather lost both of my parents, my rabbits loved me and I them, as far as i can see my parents dont know what that actually is.

words cant express the pit of despair i’ve been pushed into. I’m sorry Clyde, Bonnie too, you guys were amazing friends and you deserved so much better than the ends that occurred. I miss the bright lights your presence cast on to even the worst days.I miss your little nudges to be pet at my legs when I’ve been at the desk too long. <br><br>I love you. Im sorry you arnt togeather yet. and Im so grateful you both were part of my life. I never would have guessed before just how intelegent, personalbe, unique and loyal your kind could be..

ByJohn Wuethrich

When High Functioning Cluster B Parents Hold Their Child Hostage

When High Functioning Cluster B Parents Hold Their Child Hostage 2
When High Functioning Cluster B Parents Hold Their Child Hostage 3

3 years and counting filthy, cold worn out and or looking like ….well look up. ^

More often than not ive held 2 jobs for the past 16 years since I turned 16. I wont argue that my parents didnt contribute to my quality of life. They frequently attempt to reframe it that way. Actually they will attempt to tell even me ive never worked a day in my life, applied myself to anything, dont know what im talking about even in tech issues. They do so between actively sabotaging income, friendships ability to own anything, care for my now dead pets. 


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ByJohn Wuethrich

An Odor Unknown. 1050 CFM of Air Through Carbon and HEPA yet an odor?

At home Apartments, Park Place Estates, Cheri Johnson et allThe reason im so surprised and concerned about this unidentifiable odor is I usually run 2 or 3 HEPA filters including an air mover I converted into one. Active Charcoal Filters are known to take away odor. 

I feel It would be awesome if At Home Apartments could work on descriptive adjectives. I feel a lot less of my time would be wasted in anxious vain. 

I think I could seriously benefit from an impartial witness. 

Something as subjective as a STRONG ODOR when filtration and particle count suggests otherwise, is worrisome to me. 

At least the camera on the door helps keep things legit 

for my next trick ill screenshot amazon invoices for vacuum filters over the last 12 mo. 

An Odor Unknown. 1050 CFM of Air Through Carbon and HEPA yet an odor? 5

An Odor Unknown. 1050 CFM of Air Through Carbon and HEPA yet an odor? 6
note i took the trouble to have it do a stupid server trick… date…(click to zoom) also say hello to dehumidifier 2

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ByJohn Wuethrich

At home Apartments, Park Place Estates, Cheri Johnson et all

Disclaimer:  what you are about to read (minus the official communications) is my personal opinion and or personal account/review of my experience with this company. I have no doubt (from what ive seen so far) this will likely trigger a C&D letter. 

Park Place Estates, St Cloud MN 56301

About 7 months ago the staff at Park Place Estates began entering a garage I rent with the apt. The issue was they entered repeatedly with no attempt to notify.  At lease signing I had discused the intended use of the garage space. I had just escaped a major mold issue and intended  to use the garage to clean up my stuff.

Their excesses for entering were smelling bleach (which only was used once) and then Ozone (which they admit they use in smoker units aka inside the actual building but me using it in the garage was cause to enter sans notification) 

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ByJohn Wuethrich

Paul Wuethrich A Socieopath?

That's hot

My neck as I jump endless hoops in an empty apt to hopefully get the pleasure of cleaning their mold off my stuff.

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