March 23rd 2020 – Now We Need The Rental

ByJohn Wuethrich

March 23rd 2020 – Now We Need The Rental

Also More calls from my mother than 2006-2017 in one day – could it be we understand women are more protected than men and want to take advantage of the son we painted as “unhinged” and now want more threats that are more exploitable?

Despite asking when the car they rented goes back the day before… no answer

i started getting calls from my mom. well according to the ocps, its supposed to be text only.

I answered at one point and she says “we are on the way taking your rental we are getting you a different rental”

enterprise calls me after i said “why couldn’t you tell me this yesterday” and hung up.

like 2 weeks before I had tried to get a car from enterprise but my dl was then as it is now stuck in the broken 07.

in other words they wanted to again strand me.

I locked the rental car in the apt garage. im not sure how long they sat in the parking lot

whats also of note is my mom is every bit as messed up as my dad with the head games, i prefer to talk to him because i think there might be something left of him still. ive told my mom every time she answered the phone in the last year “I have no desire to talk to you.”

other than that call i answered there was total refusal to communicate all day, all texts went un answered till late evening.

when i was told tomorrow we are coming up again to take the car

i did again express that the DL is required but all request to know where the 07 its in is stored… unanswered

then he communicated i needed to have my dl.

a tactic to try to bait my anger.

this is really fucking sick.

they effectively burn through the hrs that stores are open during this MAJOR PANDEMIC.

They return to a house fully furnished with a kitchen and eat home cooked meals. I haven’t had that luxury in literal years despite knowing how to cook very well and otherwise care for myself.

they also turn and say i wont go to a doctor which is a flat out lie and more of a lie because i haven’t really had safe reliable transport for more than maybe 3 months in the last 14 and with out me both signing the content to EHR sharing and my mom violating fed law and ethical standards… they have no way of knowing if i have or have not.

but they say i wont while they often insure i cant follow advice from my primary given 2 years ago. while they often insure an ambulance or cab is the only way to make it to one.

while they ensure no standards of basic health or self care can be met at all or with out 100x more effort because i dont have my things or even basics most people would consider esenctail for time keeping/adult life

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