March, 22 2020 – 0 Answers; Illusions to “im watching you”

ByJohn Wuethrich

March, 22 2020 – 0 Answers; Illusions to “im watching you”

Answers to what one might ask? TLDR: anything to allow me to use the little i have vs what i owned or was mine (given worked for or given by non family) the sort of answers that allow someone dependent or anyone that ever relies on another for anything (even a work project) to efficiently manage time and act autonomously. Relevant because part of their smear campaign is i cant care for myself. they say some version of that to me and im sure others. while in private they are throwing as many wrenches as they can into that. The sort of behavior people assume parents wouldn’t do at all or i must be exaggerating. this specific post is about a day but this has been a theme for 3 years while i suffer for their mistakes finishing their house in 2001. Problems they paid to be rid of a years ago.

March 22 2020

I texted my dad to ask where the broken 07 went.

when it broke down the second time he once on the phone offered a number to have it towed. i had the money to do that, not to do that and move not to tow it 2x.

this is another way he does things that subblty control. I backpacked Europe for 45 days at age 18 on my dime. ive rented cars, ive traveled a lot. before 2019 they had never once picked where i lived after turning 18. now they are trying to convince me and courts im an invalid. while starving me/making sure i dont have my kitchen stuff or any of my stuff or what i have is when they decide and im supposed to clean their mold.

subtle is even when directly asked “where should i have it towed” (its his car title wise) no answer.

yet by telling people he asked or told me he will give me a number… looks concerned huh? was it? well im saying i can do it but need to know where and we cant have that only the one hollow offer, no concern for the fact i was stranded. this needs to go in the other post about that night

anyway i keep asking “when does this rental go back?” why will you not share the info i need to manage my time?

i just kept getting questions back like

“are you going to get food?”

which could be happenstance but i had just exited the building.

also again ignored “where is the car i have tools i need to fix the washing machine in it”

I was also told another false history “i think you worked at one place once over slept lost the job”

before even graduating highschool in 06

starting in 04, large corp jobs:

mc dons, target mg, nat cam, target Plymouth, mortgage refi company (telemarting on commission with 12 dollar an hr base)

starting 03 (age 15) IT work

union software company (did a report on mobile devices) then in 04 hung a card on coffeeshop help wanted board. some of these continued to be clients for 10 years

cpa office in Plymouth, law office in maple grove, car dealership in Rodgers (rip John) tons of homes/individuals and or clients aqurired word of mouth through the small biz clients. in st cloud even while working 1 or 2 jobs with corps or registered biz i was taking care of web for at least one small biz

I had a paid internship with a university biz department for 30 hrs a week for like a year and a half or 3 semesters. I wasnt let go due to job performance, it was officially gpa, unofficially the department had to let one of the two positions go after moving to a brand new building /campus. the other intern had a last name you still would find in the frozen food section of your grocer. name also appeared on that schools doner list.

Ive chosen not to list biz names for my clients and the school out of respect and its none of anyones biz but mine and theirs. that said im fighting a battle by two people that claim to own me and tell police and courts anything to accomplish this and or tie up my time so it was worth putting this out in public form

esp because i can hardly get to the court an hr and a half away.

on top of that this apt they picked out is the only one ive ever lived in where regardless of explicit instructions to Curriers its about 50 percent of the time I can get a package at my door. Both private currier and usps tends to end up at the front office.

which is pretty annoying because miss the window they are on on Friday and all the sudden i dont have vacuum filters till Monday. when you add that what i do have is on the floor, cant do laundry, cant make a half decent meal in years because someone gets to decide where i live, that i have their serious mold issue, i dont have my things, i dont have my kitchen i dont have a desk etc and the washing machine breaks,

i hate everything about this. this is sickness and its not mine.

they paid to have their house remediated a year ago and went out of their way to make sure im still dealing with their issues at the potential expensive of even being alive.

i look around and Clyde rabbit would have died 100x over because the reason Bonnie and Clyde lived so long is I took the time to learn them, I took the time to learn their needs. When someone is all the sudden told that people who pay 0 or next to 0 attention get to decide what hurts them what they have and tell them things that would hurt anyone dont hurt them cause im your mom and say so or im your dad… when these are adults claiming to own another adult… this is a fucked situation.

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