March 20th 2020 Car Not Fixed

ByJohn Wuethrich

March 20th 2020 Car Not Fixed

the car had died on the drive home from the repair garage the day before.

I had communicated several times the importance of having a vehicle because first “i have to be out by end of the month” during the 7 days he ignored it dead but wanted to transfer the title… i was also served for 2 cops by marlene and paul wuethrich in hen county. ie an hr and a half away.

i think the car died march 6th the first time. ill make that post next but may have to update the date. whats kinda crucial with my stuff being kept from me… I have a Bluetooth ODB2 Reader. Im pretty mechanically inclined.

repeatedly starving or making someone eat from the gas station while holding all their assets and commanding their time for a year is not good for anyones physical or mental health. nor is them knowing that the party doing this is privy to their DL number and SSL and has been taking over accounts, opening their mail, signing docs with their name

all while communicating to the powers that be (leos and now courts) that they feel scared and to me “I own you” and “im going to make you suffer”

The car stranded me on the way to the sartel Walmart. again separating me from tools needed to repair the washing machine and even have clean clothes. should i have taken them out the day before. yes . should i have been separated from everything mine by what i think was a unlawful eviction then allowed to be commanded under threat it is destroyed for a year … well..

nutrition affects cognition. exectutive function is the ability to prioritize in general and needs vs wants, order of operations. im increasingly fighting a battle from people who outright told me im going to suffer and im owned… fighting a battle to prove i can care for myself after they put me in a tiny empty box and command my time and diet or lack there of for a year. in reality at their house or hotel was about the same and 8mo of hell at previous apt were likely due to their house spreading the mold. I attribute about 3 years of mal nutrition to them its easy to directly demonstrate about a year and a half.

first in the left lane on a highway. I got it started one last time and limped to the shoulder on the other side before it died with about 1 ft of the cars rear in the lane.

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