March 19th 2020

ByJohn Wuethrich

March 19th 2020

I had a rental car brought by my parents after something like 7 to 9 days without a car. Originally i was supposed to be out of this building end of lease end of march 2020 (that may be covid delayed)

on march 18th paul wuethrich informed me my car is repaired, it was the battery and alternator (this sounded far from correct but in line with what he wanted to be the last time i was stranded (because for 4 months he made sure i had no spare and chip key fried))

march 18th i am to put the key in the gas cap for rental so he can take it back the next day.

all communications requesting “please show me repair papers/invoice went unheated”

i mentioned how its relevant to my safety to know whats up with the car and even said, its not that i distrust your car knowledge, I distrust what you will tell me.

he has lied to the extremes of “if snow blew through the vents how did water get in the car?” uh…. really?

“im picking what you drive next im better at it”

if we transferred the title to you it would cost a tons to insure.

So march 19th

he texts and calls repeatedly demanding i bring the key down

i text again saying “im not refusing I just want to see the documents for the repair”

“I will call the police and tell them i am concerned for your welfare”

a few min later im getting repeated calls from a st cloud number.

I answer and its a scpd officer. I explain and then offer to come down open garage door in the interest of his time (stuff in back of rental)

on exiting the building my dad and possibly mom are next to a squad car at the far end from my unit and garage

The squad closest squad to me above wasnt there when i exited the garage. The squad next to the white ford (my dads) was where it appears above and so was his car.

I began emptying the back seat into the garage and hands full my phone is ringing again. it was the officer that would end up giving me a ride to the ford garage. he eventually came around and parked where the closer squad (his) is in the video.

i got the car emptied shut the garage door and i was told he would be giving me a ride to the ford garage. then that he wanted to talk to my dad for a moment. The reason i started recording was it struck me as odd how “chummy” they were, my dad to my knowledge doesnt and hasn’t lived in this city or county. what made up my mind to hit record was they gave an elbow bump (instead of handshake) through the open window.

at some point before getting in the squad the officer handed me a $20, a key with a slip not around it and pointless lanyard (perhaps subtle threat, idk my dad tells me im going to be in jail and or in the past he owns me, he likes knots and knives. i dont want to read into it but there was no point) the key was not the type usually used for newer fords. it was the 98-01 ford and mercury chip key. im not sure if it was programed for the still disabled car or not because..ill get to that. it could have been a random key from back home. the officer also hands me what i assumed was an old debit card. later i realized it was my current debit, it was in the rental and my dad either had a second key or the key fob (proximity unlock) was close enough while i lay in my bedroom that the door was open.

either way this is the image of a caring dad no? but the key was meant to confuse, the car was pointless money spent, the card he took from a place i would have grabbed it to give to the cop… the 20, well 2 years ago i called out, “it seems you will spend anything if it hurts me but looks good” but thanks for the 20.

I was then taken in the back of a squad to the ford garage and on getting out was asked

“did you get the text i sent you with the repair invoice”

i noticed i had missed the texts, said yeah i have them. im not sure when he sent them relative to events. I should have refused to even come out of the apt.

on parting ways the officer did tell me ” i truly wish you the best” or something along those lines. he had dropped me at a car where page 2 of the repair said “metal fragments in engine”, “needs and engine” and is not my typo it was the garages. the document indicated that it was a request to replace the alternator and battery. it indicated also that the output was low for the alternator… but yeah its belt driven by the engine, if thats not putting out what it should neither is what its driving (the alternator) my dad was a mechanic both for private garages and in the naval reserve. he knew what he was doing sinking 900 into that car.

what irritates me besides it stranding me the next day then being with out a car again until 9pm on the 21st,,,

This shouldn’t have been a police matter. Espicially when mgpd is refusing to even document any of my claims or evidence they falsify reports, open my mail, sign documents from my mail with my name, sign checks from my mail with my name.

Especially when in a court an hr and a half away is being used to further command my time. command my time after a year of being starved (about 30 days hungry last year and quick trip major diet because they change up all plans and forced time schedule with threats to get rid of my things if i didn’t do the car) and with a broke washing machine. command my time when im homeless end of the month.

and if it is what should have been in question is how can you take everything someone worked for and stick them in a town you chose then threaten to destroy or give away their assets while hijacking their accounts etc.

im not well equipt to even keep records. ive said from the start of this forced lease “desk, place to file documents, place to store clean clothes, my kitchen stuff to cook” and instead had a moldy car and threatened fix it then fix it faster over the course of 9 months.

whats worse is if my concerns were truly being honnered, instead of talking with my dad, i should have gotten those papers or the images before even getting in the squad or surrendering the key.

the officer drove me to a car that my dad sunk 900 into.

now with two ocps filed they are using courts and police to further command my time.

thanks giving 2018 iirc is the first time i heard “i own you” and though he wont admit to it my dad acts it out every day.

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