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ByJohn Wuethrich

Diet et All.

Quite a bit I make claims about what diet plays a roll in as it applies to everyday life. Having always been into science of all kinds and having an NP mother I have to remind myself from time to time that not everybody is aware of what peer reviewed medical journals and or science publications in general indicates diet is likely to influence. The news is under no obligation to report this and much of it does get a passing mention but just that. Infact due to corps holding corps and at some level big phrama having a stake in say any given news corp, the news if following biz ethics may not want to report or underline these findings. Not being actively enrolled anywhere with journal access Ill default to google scholar but this isn’t meant to be conclusive its just an attempt to lead anyone who cares about my saga or their own in the direction of health and long life, while putting some authority behind my claims.

diet and immune function

as it relates to exposure to mold toxins as well:

diet and epigenetic changes (how diet flips genetic predispositions and in this particular query heritability of said changes) (thanks to a girl named Haley who introduced me to the concept of epigenetics at all. I believe she has her PhD by now but i haven’t spoken with her in quite some time)

diet and glucose regulation (type 2 diabities was the thought)

diet and cognitive function,24&q=diet+and+cognitive+function

Diet and emotional regulation:

Diet and Cold Tolerance:

Diet and Death from any cause (morbidity)

ByJohn Wuethrich

Original Plan For Past Year.

As per plan with my dad:

  • Find Apt or House in small town for cheap
  • Find commercial rental space if apt was found
  • Use Fogger, Ozone, Blower, Hand Scrubbing and or formaldehyde with hired help, Likely Mr T. To decontaminate, clean and put in working order tools, my living space and a work space be it option a or potion b
    • A house would have worked better for a number of reasons. 1 im great with tools, my dad seems to need to put me down, often after contributing to the issue.
    • one example off this is like he saw the car a few days ago was filthy indie, yeah dad, i set this up (pic below) just to have you make all the effort worthless. keep easy access to it for 3 months in form of garage door opener. want that re explained 100x
    • mean while plzace they picked is coming at me with letter s after bursting into garage 4x. The last issue i recall was the dehumidifier hose. What is never an issue is them entering like they own the place. Number of times Ive left, re entered garage and found lights off… insane. but as per remote. I got a letter and a talking to for the dehumidifier hose under door, also for groping the door 2 -6 in while i was in there. I wont point out who but I’ve watched…literally every weekend a neighbor sat in his garage with door half proper all night. I do it during the day and got chewed out from start.
    • what im trying to get to here is a number of things indicate that if Im to park the car, take keys out, open building door, open door to garage, open garage door, im gonna have a problem with management. or rather them with me existing. that’s over soon… but hey lets give John a court date. not like we say we own him (parents)
    • not like my mom said 2 years ago her intent was to make me suffer
    • not like they violate several laws and put mgpd in an odd situation…which i understand, im in one. I don’t get how check fraud, mail fraud, mail fraud, mail fraud, repeated (they don’t stop and i almost got evicted for ozone in garage here, negotiated my was out but parents sat on ability to leave lease to where ever by means of my assets and their car and their refusal to acknowledge.
  • Have Mr T. and his bro paid to help move packed to ceiling storage garage right away
  • Finish Final Version of W. C. s Project (Europe thinks this is toilet repair)
  • Put D;.B.s vps on Mr Cs fiber on server i constructed
  • Two scalable products with out Mr W. C. being consulted would have been ready to sell, I’ve watched one person make a killing while wondering why i havent just got a nitrogen bottle and let it fill this tiny room.
  • Was gonna Ask Mr W.C. about if he minds his project sold on the side after delivery.
  • file an LLC (probably ideally this was gonna happen after finding
  • get quicken or peach tree, and get on top of my own taxes.
  • Clyde was going to get a lot of attention. I had meant and indicated even 2 years beofer…. im trying to get to a point i can spend more than an hr on the floor with them. Im sorry Bonnie and Clyde you deserved a lot better than you got the last 3 years.
  • look up the insurance agent Mr T had directed my way for a Wii u screen repair a year and a half before.
  • house or apt and rental
  • Show Mr Russia a few things to parade.
  • if I had been allowed the right to own property instead of police ignoring two people are calling me property… probably would have invoiced Mr W. C. for reasons of showing i have made wages for that type of work ( biz law thing) but for like 50-100 bucks. Yeah its custom hardware… even if this all got started in 2019, it would have been like a year and a half delayed (not the 3 years my mom claims in the video)
    • whats outrageous to me is she creates that delay then points to it as further justification of keeping all my things and things others paid for