Less Obvious Internet Censorship

ByJohn Wuethrich

Less Obvious Internet Censorship

Work in progress, about to be homeless

i banged this out quickly to take a break from impending doom and between shitting my guts out from 3 years of mal nutrition or no nutrition. 3 years about to be capped by the purpotrators of what i consider to be an abduction getting tired of the person they caim to own and filing two ocp orders as i have 18 days to find a new apt. aka now i also have a court date in a city an hr and a half away. as they ended up in control of all of my assets, have been opening mail and signing my name while also setting the budget I’ve had for year in empty apt with 13 year old pet in freezer and my other rabbit friends ashes at their house (which they pretended to lose to terrorize) … im looking at the first an only eviction when im not out on time, while two ocps get slapped on. i got served on a Friday, which left yesterday and today to try to find a lawyer with 0 budge sleep spinning wildly and the whole year saying hey im not saying give me (if they acknowledge it at all) but i need a desk, place to file things, a printer, place to store clean clothes and my kitchen utensils. all relevant in apt hunt, normal adult life, legal defense, time keeping/commitment keeping, all stuff i had since 2006 or aquired at some point in between, all stuff they keep me from. diet or lack there of controled by what i can or cannot cook or find for food … diet controls imune function emotial regulation and aspects of cognition so its double a fuck you that im likely going to have to defend myself if shitting my guts out or losing the one car key in sea of clothes on the floor doesnt prevent me from making the hearing like 70 miles from here. im also pulling black shit from my eyes and blowing it out on occasion but false police reports lead to a medical hold where doc didnt care i had email of mold pro on my phone and docs from apt extermination. decided bugs at apt then mold at parents were so unlikely to be possible that he dismissed seeing hard evidence with “patients arnt allowed phones on ward” good thing i didnt mention/remember the vet also thought there was an environmental mite at my parents, all these expert opinions might have offended his match box sized shard of remaining ego and interfeard with delusions labeling sanity delusional.

…im not sure why i try eat or breathe. enough bitching. on to the content.

The Meat (“its whats for dinner” err, what i intended to write on)

The internet has long been hailed as a place for the free exchange of info. It still is but there are ever-present attacks against that functioning at all or effectively.

one of the theoretical risks i do see mentioned comes from net neutrality. the well-covered threats (so i won’t spend much time) is the cable tvizing of the web. ie you pay your isp for a package of channels including msn.com livemail.com flicker etc.

something I don’t see much talk about is along similar lines, perhaps more dangerous to countering dogma pushed by crop, gove or any interest. this something is the disappearance of comment sections and im seeing an ever-increasing number of SEO firms pushing ideas that they may hurt your sites ranking.

Sounds Like Slippery Slope?

years back (and hopefully i find it again someday) i read an article on if something like 30% of a populations beliefs can be influenced their beliefs espoused to those around them end up effecting the actions of the majority of the population.

Perhaps ironically one of the logical fallacies might be just that.

while i don’t have time to search for that paper… there is a current event one could reference for further evidence. it also involves a search for paper…. something about people preferring Modela and the alternative scares them shitless?

ie: quarantine toilet paper hoarding.

Why Packaging the internet and Limiting Comments Are Related

I think its related to the packaged web in the sense that big sites have been dominating where people end up regardless of intent/typing it in or search. The web has always been about anyone can have a voice. With the fear of everything being recorded or just people developing the “best not say that”, increasing work hrs etc, geting the idea to have your own website becomes out of reach and how to get it found requires a different set of skills and is becoming more complex (SEO). Comments sections honnered the webs original mo and made it easily accessible as old info players hopped on.

the web started as first builtin boards, then millions of small sites. then came the likes of alta vista, lycos, and google while aol was still its own subset/walled garden web. the search engines allowed unprecedented access to not just information but a huge number of sources of all levels of expertise. it allowed opinions of all people to end up discovered and viewed. this lead to communities of conspiracy theorists, sure… but allowing that label to have a contraction is an article all in itself. lets just assume it as is/take it for granted and look at the flip side. A lot of good that might not otherwise happen comes from sharing of ideas. most things in science have been theorized for ages before someone figures out how to build them. we may have just figured out the first practical gasless thruster. there’s all this talk of quantum vacuum manipulation. well what happens when the theoretical abstract thinkers are walled off from the people who have the light bulb moments? isn’t a few people concluding and expousing theories a few people might work together for a purpose possibly nefarious, possibly self gain, possibly anything or nothing worth that risk.

the other argument of hate speech runs similar absurd lines. sticks and stones may break my bones but words should always trigger me? that’s not what i was taught. the idea that anything statelessly from a stranger should be offensive is a bit nuts (imho) harassment is different but to add that in one is blurring the scope of the argument if not fighting a man of straw.

We’re off to see the Wizard

excluding any theories of gov wanting to control. excluding nefarious theories/ limiting them to accepted tenants: playing human nature/manipulating it still shows up as a possibility /probablity one encounters a organization or person trying it.

if this is hard to swallow: I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn i can sell you for pennies on the dollar.

Big corps/any corp desires to maximize profit. leveraging human nature is one of many tools they can and do use. NDSU biz ethics taught the first function and only ethical function of a biz is to its shareholders and or profit. short of citing a bunch of papers, its no secret the iron man movies were aimed at making kids want to buy toys. i may link to some of the research that’s been done later

Geting back to history of the internet; traditional media aka crop tv and print news didn’t want to become irrelevant. you cant expect them to have done anything else.

Whats changing?

When they started striking out into the web worldthis open and anyone can participate ideology was honored by comments sections.

The web traffic is showing big sites are taking most of the hits even on search results. These sites in a shockingly small amount of time decided to kill off comments sections. further evidence it was a coordinated decision is almost all explained it along the lines of “hate speech and trolls”.

i wont deny that it can happen or did happen. the danger here is the media operates for profit, they know polarization is going to give u a dopamine hit. worst yet some of the stake holders at the top have sunk a lot of money into psychological research at manipulating public opinion and one easy to look into example was Sigmond Freuds double nephew Edward bernais. This guy is considered the father of modern pr. he had ideas like controlled opposition. aka make a point broadcast it, come up with the opposing view, broadcast it. the extension of this is start with seemingly logical arguments but muddy them at some point with emotion and a good heaping helping of appeal to authority. What goes in a move stated to be about quelling hate speech is also the ability for anyone to point out the logical flaws in any article pushed as “news” by a perceived athority.

the deviousness or genius of this is its also not wrong to label those comments hate speech. because hate speech doesn’t really address whom the hate is for.

the other trend i see is if the site does allow user comments they are hand picked and first broadcast by an external service.

the number of users who see a friend make a comment on what ever article with out it being on the article and will then read it is probably pretty small. those displayed with any post or article/news flash aren’t likely to be the ones disagreeing and it doesn’t take much more than the author of articles ego to start explaining one of the potential set of reasons that may be in any given case.

ie pegs this/me as conspiracy if you see fit but that’s your assumption. there are a number of explenations and even if one fits well you would still have to work to make it exclusive. life is rarely black and white if ever.

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