In Minnesota Its not Illegal to say (or enforce) Owning Someone

ByJohn Wuethrich

In Minnesota Its not Illegal to say (or enforce) Owning Someone

In Minnesota Its not Illegal to say (or enforce) Owning Someone 1

The headline minus the enforce part was actually a direct quote from an officer of the Maple Grove pd. fall of 2019. It was following up on being told “if we put on record that your parents have lied on reports the department might be liable”. This itself was following a second officer entering the room and the explanation that “im here just to make sure you don’t feel you’re getting one cops story” or something along those lines. Alternative motives should seem a reasonable possibility with what followed.

I’ve been working since 16 years old. In 2017 I was 29 and (after 8 months of bleeding) the rental company decided not to renew a lease.

post is work in progress.

My parents Invited me back and problems were immediately evident as well as my mom flat out insisting “you screwed up im your land lord now” While I was forced to live in the basement (not even upstairs) which only ended about a 2 weeks after a pro was hired to check for mold. It was found.  On moving out of the apt it was also found in one place in the unit, ill get to that later. The issue at their home was shown to be from choices made about what products were used to finish the basement in 2001. They then decided not to act on this for roughly 8 months and instead insist I was crazy (their house must be lit by gas, if you ask them its a constant non flickering light source.)

I never intended to leave the home for more than a week at a hotel while my mom recovered from an operation but they imediealy banned me from the house while keeping my things and my rabbits. flash forward ive spent a year in a empty apt they picked out. under threat of all my things disapearing, being thrown away I was forced to then attempt to remediate a car theirs in title mine in use.

all this while having comunicated the way they are storing my things would destroy them from moisture alone ie damage is being done. But they also picked that things went into the kown moldy basement then out into the garage during remediation. where most still sit currently. ie the worst possible conditions for mold growth.

donated, and even as i type decaying from corrosion and likely growing mold


There are great cops, there are cops just doing it for a pay check and there are cops that are either via incompetence or non diagnosed psych conditions shouldn’t be LEOs, esp with a force that likes to operate under the name “peace officers”. That and whats about to follow said, The key issue here isnt with any police force, even the best of the police can only operate with in the confines of legislation. 

When holes exist that allow:

harm of one party or their property by another

create a power disparity/postion of power

risking the life or body of another party with little fear of reprocussion

but the methods of harm arnt specificly  well covered by legislation; then the laws are failing at preventing violance, preventing harm and ultimatily at maintiaing any order.  The police dont have an option of “nah lets skip this call”. As far as i know many are often trained on things like asserting dominace over the situation. I know state to state and possibly county to county a lot differs. I dont assume eerything im typing is true of every force or even the mg force ill get to in a bit.

The police that are mostly human (with no psych screenings you cant rule out socieopaths/aspd/cluster b in general) this gives them drives where we can assume they arnt on an indivigual level looking to harm anyone. most people (more so when young) have a natural sense of fair (other studies show it fades with age) we can also asssume this endows the officers with drives such as keeping themselves and possibly family out of poverty/fed. aka they will attempt to act in ways that is the least risk to their employment (heres a conflict of intrest in the mission of “peace officer”) ut tasked with upholding the law and or preventing harm but Fight or Flight is a very well documented response to a dangerous situation. when someone harms another (I would hope) it shouldnt be some mystery that one of several responses can be anger. When the legislation has such loopholes that if one finds the right harm (not specificly covered) and is taking actions to make total loss inescapable) then the actions of the police force have a huge impact on the victim of this situation. Bad cops become a huge multiplier of the damage the malicious party wishes to inflict. In this scenario netural cops might as well not be there. I could be wrong here but I have never whitnessed, or read about any cops taking a stand while on a call against another officer. My guess would be its either explicitly or implicitly against their training. I have how ever read things like recently in Colorado a man that lived on a rental property was picking up trash on the front lawn. It sounded as if he was also employed by the owners of the property so in esscense he was at his home and work place (iirc he was also attending a university) the reports of this story focuse on the race of the man. the point glossed over is what started as one officers decsion to drive by, stop and eventually draw on a man picking up trash (on his front yard) …. end in a circile of officers drawn on a dude who was trying to pick up trash. Aka this could have highlighted a much larger issue that effects every citizen regardless of color of skin and or gender. I generally have no doubt this situation started with a white dude finding the black man suspicious.    

that said, race did not cause every step in the chain of failures that leads to a force of “peace” officers drawn or hands on weapon surrounding a citizen. Part of it is on the College student in the video. I’ve been faced with less intense but along the same lines obviously compliance for the show of power type acts and have yet but chosen to act in a mannor other than compliance. This does not how ever change that it is a choice. Back to legislation for a moment, its not a choice anyone should have to make for no reason at all except a guy or gal with a gun and a badge decided to make you dance. On a personal level though I usually chose to treat encounters with police as if im dealing with a lunitic that knows they can shoot me and likely suffer no reprocussions. by far this is NOT true for the MAJORITY of officers, but whats potentially at stake is ones life so the end result is I tend to chose compliance.

while i can see it being easy to paint what I just said as a reflection on me or my mental state. I also know things like if one enlists into the miltary they will end up having to pass 3 or 4 (depending on branch) psych screenings known as “mental health accession” screenings. As far as im aware there is no national law requiring even one to be a police officer and in general states decide what they are looking for in a police officer. Im aware that in MN one must obtain a degree to be a law officer which probably does help keep out some sick individuates that said, when it comes to things like personality disorder, the highest functioning are generally the least detected (probably because at some point we made adulthood only about earning)

. A way to sum this up would be it apears at some point we as a nation decided that people we send to enforce our will oversease need to be throughly screened to add reasonable assurance they wont end up commiting war crimes or go on psychopathic shooting sprees, but as a nation and at least in the state of mn, this isnt the case for people we chose to empower to enforce the laws and defend themselves from harm while doing so. The main friction comes from the last part.

Im a bit

I drove from the empty aprtment my parents forced me into in st cloud, down to mg to meet with the police. All previous encounters happened on my parents terms. I had called the mn bar association over the lies that resulted in a mental hold and false dv report. The bar assoiation advisory gave me a specific term she thought would help clear things up. “You just need to communicate to the police that your parents are unreliable whiteness-es”.

I thought well thats easy, mn is a single party right to record state as far as wire tap law (usually used for in person recording as well).I had at that point recorded calls with confessions that the reports leading to dv on my police record and the mental hold were backward (my mom admits she wanted to kill me when trying to push me over the railing (fall to basement) at their house) in a more recent call she has threatened to do “worse than false police reports“( I didnt have that one then).  I also have my dad saying he got the mental hold for me being disrespectful, “I own you”, “i need control (of my life) because I want control”, “i do what i want when i want”(have my mom, Marlene Wuethrich, saying this to, better hope if you have a sick kid in the childrens hospital st paul NICU, what she wants coensides with the new borns best intrest it sure doesnt with even admitting whats said later or mine) . The take away is I had enough to paint a pretty clear picture they see the poilice as tools to enforce control and terror.

Then as now my parents were ruling my life using the fact they gained control of 16 years of things when an apt company wouldnt renew my lease. This came after 8 months bleeding (continued for about 7 or 8 more at their house stoping when I went to a hotel) and desperately trying to figure out why.

By the time the mental hold or the meeting im about to get to rolled around, and exterminator had treated the apt for roaches(they wont spray as a pro with out proof sometimes this is also used to be entirely unethical depending on how slummy an apt owner wants to be and or laws relative to your city or county), mold was confirmed by pro at my parents, I had pics of it in one place at the last apt (found while moving out). There it was only under linolium that served as a liner inside the cupboard under bathroom vanity. That was oposite the washer dryer stack. Its also where my clothes went on nights I drove down to be next to a sick (for the last time) pal of mine named Cosmos 

i worked for when their home infested my last apt with black mold while the apt already had bugs (old building) possibly a client for it services added to it. Scabbies may or may not have played a role. This started as 8 months bleeding and trying to figure out why. Eyes welling shut to the point I leaned what a morgan lense is one day at an urgent care, one doctor who rxed permithrin lotion and another Stromectol. Scabies or other mite may have played a role and something more than mold was definately present, my vet would later conclude legions on my rabbits were likely mites because although the scraping was negative the number of legions per rabbit was reduced to like 1 from maybe 7-12 when flea tick and mite medicin was used. Bonnie and Clyde were not outside rabbits. There are some pictures here of them outside but that (sadly for them) that hadent happened in 5 years when this started. Other than the trip from house to car to apartment.

haveand ability to take my car or have the police constantly storming to the their house with varioations of the truth to uter lies as tools to enforce. On a record that was entirely clean of mental health or any suggestion of violence, My mom and my dad added a dv report that was infact completely backwards from hapenstance and then a mental hold resulting in a psych diagnose.

On that hold I got diagnosed against dsm criteria because for the specific diagnosis it required 2 episodes 6 months or longer of delusional thoughts or paranoid thoughts. well I had the mold pro my parents hired in my gmail inbox, i had documentation and even a video of the professional extermaination in the apt. I didnt recal at the time that the vet I took bonnie and clyde to also was relatively sure there were mites at my parents house. They had wounds that were apearing, scrapings came back negative but on rxing flea, tick and mite meds the legion count dropped to like 1 per rabbit from say 7-12 so she had concluded that there was likely an enviormental pest that bits them and or anyone else but doesnt live on the host. An environmental mite. I managed to tell the doctor in the mental wared that I had the first two hard evidence pieces on my phone. only to be met with “patients arnt allowed phones on the ward”

Imagine People Claiming to own, Destroying Everything you have ever considerd yours get a fewe p

Im relatively sure by that officers reaction the next time I encountered him that he knew he screwed up in exectuing that (tried to tell me there is no specific legislation then deflected to why was i pushing around my mom (false dv report before)) I had driven down from st cloud to meet with them after the bar assoation adviser told

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