Cosmos Cat

ByJohn Wuethrich

Cosmos Cat

Cosmos Cat 1

Handsome Black Cat, Ever alert
Cosmos Last Night
offending carpet and loved friend


When we picked him up from the people whos deck he lived under, a little Comos was poking his paw out the side of the paper box we used as a cat transport trying (with out claws) to catch my finger on the truck ride back home. I was in 8th grade and space fascinated me as much as my jet black new friend. At the time I didnt realize black isnt supposed to be the night sky (see light pollution) but I decided my new friend would be forever known as Cosmos (as in the cosmos). 16.5 years later, while wating for the vet to come put him down, Cosmos Died on my lap. 2 months later … was the start of mold hell. A few times the question has been raised : why did i have it so much worse?

Reading I’ve done online suggests 1 in 3 people are hyper sensitive. I know for a fact both of my rabbits suffered eye issues. My dad was on rx eye drops for bouts of inflammation. Probably the key though: I was the only one sleeping on the basement carpet or frequently laying on it just to be next to my sick friend.  

offending carpet and loved friend
Cosmos Cat 2
cosmos cat
Cosmos Cat 3
Cosmos Cat 4
Handsome Black Cat, Ever alert
Rabbit Cosmos Brought into my parents basement cira 2012

Cosmos was incredibly bright. In highschool he would sleep at the foot of my bed and usualy want out of my room even before highschool hrs forced me to wake. I had an L desk and one side pretty much sat flush with the frame around the door to my basement room. Cosmos had figured out that the thing mid way up the door controlled its open and shut. He would stand back paws on the desk and press down on the lever of the door handle. I never witnessed him able to hang on through enough of a rotation to let himself out; but frequently woke to the sound of the lock poping on the door. 

I would frequently put him in the tree in the front yard so he could explore that. more than once he slipped and ended up hanging by front paws. the moment he felt my hands around him he would relax and allow me to bring him down to safety. 

When I first got my drivers license he would ride around in the back window of my car. Id frequently come home from school and toss him in just to go drive around a bit. 

Perhaps the funniest memory was watching him and my dad play chase around a large (possibly refrigerator) cardboard box. due to a hole cut he managed to come out and get behind my dad. He ran up and with claws in gave my dad a swat on the ass before running away. 

at one point maybe 8 years ago he seemed to have figured out I like rabbits. he brought the little guy seen above into the basement unharmed during a weekend i happened to be home. I placed him/her in one of my rabbits travel cages with some hay and returned him/her to the outdoors. I snapped this photo before I walked away with the cage door open to let it escape. 

Cosmos Cat 5

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