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ByJohn Wuethrich

he doesnt want to fight”no more”

I didnt want to fight at all. When someone takes whats yours or whats your work to have security in life and give you their problems and isolation there isn’t a choice.

I don’t think thats what this is though. I dont want to fight anymore isn’t im sorry and it doesnt stop the damage to my life, to the odds i survive long enough to overcome this, to my things to my relations. to odds i ever have more than burger flipping income again.

i dont even want to hear “im sorry”

everything that can be fixed and or damage haulted needs to be asap i dont want hallow words.

none of my stuff is fixed, they paid to fix their house a year ago. you cant fix Clyde or Bonnie, they are dead.

more so im still being kept from mourning and scared for my own life.

its probably not your fault you are fucked up but taking it out on me is. you do so in ways that will leave me in the gutter if you die and try to keep me alone without purpose , acomplishmentt security or anything really while you are alive.

you have pretty much crippled me for 3 years in ways that i might never recover from.

you not wanting to fight any more is you stopping. you putting back/righting the damage that can be fixed. I cant be near you until i feel i have some purpose and security because you ripp it away if i work for it then beat me down for being dependent.

the lives lost cant be fixed nor my time with them “i dont want to fight anymore” doesnt stop trashing the value of the time i didnt spend with them. or risk i die on the street.

you’ve made me look like a total poser for stuff I worked my ass off and had working or at best a thief and a flake. mean while your 430k house is safe from the decisions u2 made about finishing ur basement. yet im alone typing this on the bed Clyde died.

Im hungry as fuck. i was terrified most of last night the power would go out and he would thaw.

ive asked all year for their favorite toy. They have bonnies ashes and her hair sample Clyde is still in my freezer.

he springs this on me after another pretty much month of lets fuck up Johns body just for shits and giggles.

Literaly every adult relationship i had has been destroyed. Im not fighting im existing and every step forward gets shit on. Even when its agreed on before, i take a agreement further out/3rd party to make it more likely to benefit, demonstrate everything works. they took it away and im still stuck sitting on the bed Clyde died in a town i didnt want to spend more than 3 years in 6 years ago.

i dont even want to be alive any more. I need my things back so i can salvage something or at least eat a meal but i still have to wait for stores to open tomorrow to take a fucking shower and maybe eat a decent meal.

they confuse disrespectful words while they slaughter years of effort as somewhat equal or my words worse. or my shots across the bow/holes in walls in a moldy house 5 months into hearing “THERES NO MOLD CAUSE I SAY SO” the same as throwing out custom made electronics I made on hardware I built to make them, then my mom tells me they are useless and worthless. then i dont know what im talking about and neither do my gainfully employed former friends.

I dont want to be alive anymore.

I dont want to fight anymore is nothing dad my bike, my work 3 years of my life directly 16 of the value and the damage isn’t done none of what i need to do is possible cause you are still sitting on any real solution after inflicting your issues on me. I detected the issue in your paid off 430k house and you and mom destroyed every effort to have anything then she harrases me to sell games for 2 dollars a disk telling me its a lot of money at 32. the two friends one who paid for the project and another at a large Fing company were talking 60 – 100k a year.

my dad literally laughed it off saying i might not have liked it or got fired.

saying you dont want to fight anymore when im 2 days hungry or 3 weeks with fucked up gut. when you were hanging up the fucking voice mail on the day the car had issues. when i said hey I went to Walmart on foot got oil it needs to go to a garage i need to move, i have to be out by end of month…

this is pointless

i had 10 years of good credit, i told you 2 years ago i could not take this pace and you made me run faster in circles and still are.

I WORKED MY ASS OFF and you are still destroying it all but you dont want to fight any more? well i have one key again and still looking at 2 ofps and im not accepting any “i might get rid of them” this is the sickest nastiest most incest passive aggressive murder molestation I could have never imagined.

i cant even talk about what i was doing because i have no idea when i can touch my things again so talking it up might just give it to someone else mean while mom wants to know how much this site makes not paying attention to the CV part of it or fact that she ignored ive done this in the past for school and business just sits there claiming i make it all up cant do it. i show otherwise and “HHOW MUCH INCOME IS THATB TURRNKING”

well probably a lot if i could post to its target audience but it was never intended to be more than residual.

I want to have people in my life and you take my keys on my birthday. I cant even have my rabbits favorite toy. let alone expect any truth while u destroy my things and try to rewrite my past present and future to trash.

if you dont want to fight anymore than stop. im not fighting with more than words. you are fucking killing me.

if you didnt want to fight anymore stop making it about you. you’ve kicked the shit out of not just a achievement but every aspect of my life for 3 years now.

you saying you dont want to fight doesnt stop that. Ive said it for quite a while. Put back and fix what can be fixed ASAP is how you dont fight anymore.

knowing my gut is fucked and pulling sad in the parkinglot is not you not wanting to fight anymore im about to more your mold to a 3rd place while you play the same game. change that I never wanted to live in this town. I found people I liked and i think liked me. I worked my ass off to secure a future and gave up my time with those below. you continue to shit on any odds im not minimum wage or even can rent.

stop that if you dont want to fight anymore cause again you are beating me to death here.

ByJohn Wuethrich


first off this is a miserable way to communicate data/logs/records. I dont know much about court its not something i have much experience with. It scares the hell out of me that family court seems to be backward on the burden of proof and like the 72 hr hold has little in the way of standards of evidence.

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ByJohn Wuethrich

hopeless hurt and confusion | timeline below

i keep trying to pass out, ive gotten a few brief moments of sleep but when I woke up to the power flickering terror set in.

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ByJohn Wuethrich

Diet et All.

Quite a bit I make claims about what diet plays a roll in as it applies to everyday life. Having always been into science of all kinds and having an NP mother I have to remind myself from time to time that not everybody is aware of what peer reviewed medical journals and or science publications in general indicates diet is likely to influence. The news is under no obligation to report this and much of it does get a passing mention but just that. Infact due to corps holding corps and at some level big phrama having a stake in say any given news corp, the news if following biz ethics may not want to report or underline these findings. Not being actively enrolled anywhere with journal access Ill default to google scholar but this isn’t meant to be conclusive its just an attempt to lead anyone who cares about my saga or their own in the direction of health and long life, while putting some authority behind my claims.

diet and immune function

as it relates to exposure to mold toxins as well:

diet and epigenetic changes (how diet flips genetic predispositions and in this particular query heritability of said changes) (thanks to a girl named Haley who introduced me to the concept of epigenetics at all. I believe she has her PhD by now but i haven’t spoken with her in quite some time)

diet and glucose regulation (type 2 diabities was the thought)

diet and cognitive function,24&q=diet+and+cognitive+function

Diet and emotional regulation:

Diet and Cold Tolerance:

Diet and Death from any cause (morbidity)

ByJohn Wuethrich

3-27-2020 – Lies to an officer not having any of it. (thank you)

The last week more often than not my parents have used the belief that there are ofps passed and their ability to drive 45min to the cell apartment they picked for me (the only time this has happened ever) to prevent me from even using the rental car they furnished to get supplies.

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ByJohn Wuethrich

Some Of the ways my Life has been endangered and commanded

im already defending arguments based on non existent (yet) attacks. when people pick at you, take from you and corode you on this level for this long… nothing good happens/comes from it, but they on revealed this like 8 mo into hell and knowing that they had control of almost everything at that point. so idk how homeless fixes 3 years of malnutrition, A baby tooth that nevver had an adult tooth under it, disolved for 20 years and picked dec 2017 to fall out, aka a dental implant insurance doesnt cover untill more teeth are fucked around it. or at all for the implant, only options the dentist i went to as a child and teen and his wife (whom i belive is a dental tech /qualified to express this opinion i just havent seen either more than once

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ByJohn Wuethrich

Parents Attempted Terror And or Worse

image is you rent someone a car you are helping? except every day it needs to go back but not when and this person or peoples decide :

lets show up in their parking lot at random intervals

not like they filed ocps 2 weeks ago and live 45 min away…wait….

oh and they filed with full knowledge i had been stranded 7 days and have to find a new place by the end of the month. rather be out of this one by the end of the month. so he probably has a hard time getting down to maple grove… great lets throw in court an hr to 2 hrs (traffic) away short notice also knowing hes been in an empty apt for a year and his washing machine is broke. like none of thats relevant to ability to defend right?

of hes been explicitly saying he doesnt want to see us (because they dont stop tormenting twisting the past and taking even what little i have while destroying 16 years of what i worked for, trying to tell me im incompetent/ never have done anything or then never enough… enough for what your ever-changing goalposts on accomplishment, hrs worked, pay, harm done to your son to satisfy feeling empty?

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ByJohn Wuethrich

Power to the psychopaths and pds

About every other day since the hearinf fir the 2 ocps, my parents who filed them have been in my parkint lot. Why is this significant ? I havent invited them once. They live 45 min away.

My dad pulled into the gas station a crossed the street 10 min ago

They mentally and physically beat the shit out of me.

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