Intel Clearlinux KVM Host


Intel Clearlinux KVM Host

AKA The Server Running This Site

this theme isn’t very well optimized for mobile so it might be less impressive on a smart device but this site is actually hosted off a server connected to my dsl modem. CenturyLink 80/40 vdsl2 with a /29 block of public ipv4 addresses. The modem is in transparent bridge mode


This Clearlinux KVM Host consists of mostly 2nd or 3rd hand components. It was intended for a few things as of yet to be realized.

1x intel E5v3 (eBay)

Gigabyte md70 Dual socket motherboard datto branded (eBay)

48gb Registered ECC ddr4 3x dimms(Amazon)

Nvidia 1050ti (bought second hand from person I knew)

intel x540 dual port (eBay)

two NVMe drives, (Amazon and microcenter sourced)

sata SSD (Amazon years ago Samsung 850 pro)

500gb HDD (from a set top box)


The base os is Intel clear linux and it’s running kvm. Sr-iov is configured to allow reduced overhead utilizing vfs from the x540 and passthrough of the Nvidia graphics card to a Ubuntu guest which utilities it for video encode decode and transcode of CCTV streams.

The other guests are a router firewall box that provides actuall routing of the block, VPN connectivity and a private subnet for wifi. various servers including the distro implemented to host this site.

Usually I would have a UPS in the picture but police in this state are seemingly ok with helping someone who claims to own me both poision me and hold and destroy all of my personal property . I actually started assembling this at a hotel after 0 notice lock out eviction.

Oddest build I’ve ever done. The hotel flat panel TV was playing monitor

the people who claim to own me also threaten to put Clyde rabbit in the clothes washing machine

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