Working With Plexiglass


Working With Plexiglass

Cutting Bending & Bonding Acrylic

working with plexi glass seems to have a reputation more myth than fact. I’ve found with the properly equipt table saw or compound miter saw and other easy to construct or cheap to buy tools acrylic is a breeze.

I mainly used my Ryobi 10in compound miter saw to make cuts. many people online indicate this doesn’t work. many also are using abrasive masonry blades.


here’s the blade I found that produced exelent cuts.

the masonry blades tend to melt the plastic more than cut. using the blade above or its 12in 80t cousin should give great edges with out the hassle or non flat edges resultant from scroreing and snapping. there isn’t much required other than don’t try to force it. unless you really bare down though it will probably give an acceptable cut either way.

I also tried this in a friend’s table saw. despite the slower rotation rate it still gave a great cut.


methylene chloride paint stripper

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