UV Lithography Exposure Box


UV Lithography Exposure Box

A DIY Vacuum Pull Down UV lithography Exposure Device. Which has so far achieved nine thou likely could go much lower

this was built as quick and cheaply as possible. The plans were in my head and it kind of came together on the fly. Probably not almost vacuum pulled on Uv Lithography exposure devices are built or designed.

the frame is all plexiglass the bottom is three layers thick

looking down inside the device the top layer or where the copper clad sits has holes drilled in it with weather stripping around it and on top of that sat a sheet of low iron glass.

that was by for the hardest element to source at least for a reasonable price.

a local glass repair store ended up having the best deal but he had to order it.

the tube on the side was the one trip to home Depot solution to sucking the air out it could have looked a lot better but that’s not what I was going for

at the top of the device in the cutout rails I hung a dumpster salvaged ceiling can light fixture and in the middle where the cord would go set a digital source 4.1 watt single emitter LED. I think this was 2016 the beginning of 2017 and it was the highest radial flux on the market it was a $35 LED.

it was thermal epoxied to a Intel core 2 quad heat sink with just the LED star sticking through the can light fixture opening.

All of the Plexi was cut with a compound miter saw and you might be saying plexi is expensive but I had a roommate too long ago worked for hardware store that cut it and he had been bringing home pieces that would have been tossed in the dumpster . I then hauled them around for probably half a decade or more before this use case arose.

harbor freight makes something like a 80 or 88 too th blade for circular saws and that produces nearly flawless cuts. The pledgey is chemically welded with methylene chloride AKA paint stripper.

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