Harbor Freight Titanium 90a Flux core Tear Down


Harbor Freight Titanium 90a Flux core Tear Down

the 90 AMP Harbor Freight titanium flux core wire feed welder.

the 90 AMP titanium unit for light occasional use might last a long time . It’s definitely not going to last long past when it’s fan dies. if you use it to its duty cycle daily multiple times a day I don’t see it lasting very long.

the reason I say that is the component I’ve labeled number three. It is a electrolytic bulk filter capacitor. Such capacitors are rated for hours at a given temperature. You can think of them like a paint can filled with in electrolytic solution that either evaporates or leaks out but once it’s gone so is the magic.

the metal on either side of it is a heat sink for switching component that makes the inverter welder. To me it looks like it was possibly designed to only last a set amount of time period usually you wouldn’t want that in between two big heat producers

there’s also not a lot of line filtering. Expect things like LED lights to flicker quite a bit.

that said it’s a great unit to use.

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