Plexiglass Aerated Vertical Etch Tank


Plexiglass Aerated Vertical Etch Tank

a verticle bubble pcb etch tank for a cupric chloride etch

I wanted the ability to rapid fab PCBs with out days to weeks of turn around. part of this was delay associated with learning pcb design as I went and part was cost per oops. i built this from a pile of Plexi a roommate had once left behind. Plexi will tolerate cupric chloride.

Cupric is a good etchant because it’s reusable and topping it up is as simple as bubbling air through it.

The air bubbles are also usefull for breaking the boundary layer that forms as the etchant eats the copper. I had come up with a swirl by placing the air hose in the corner but ended up going tries and true. had disaster not struck I might have reconfigured.

a spray Etch was on my mind as well but police are pretty much ensuring I lose everything for having someone poision me… long story

this ddidn’t stay like this long. I quickly built a heavy wood then plastic lined box around it. idea being a tornado needs to take the balcony to Kansas before cupric spills.

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