Lawn Tractor Snow Plow Conversion


Lawn Tractor Snow Plow Conversion

A former client of mine who basically pays his rent as a groundskeeper had a Kohler pro lawn tractor and manually/mechanically adjusted snow plow blade

Around the time winter was getting started 2019 to 2020 I had noted that dc linear actuators had fallen to record low prices on eBay and as it happened the mechanical linkage broke.

I had also picked up a norther tool Klutch brand 140 amp MIG welder as v1 went on clearance in preparation for the release of v2. Having taught me with YouTube and a friend 90amp Lincoln wirefeed Flux core 8 years before I had also watched prices on 140a machines during that period. Usually 400 to 600usd. Figured if anything I could double my money getting rid of it. Didn’t figure police would refuse evidence on a report filed the day it was stolen. I got recorded admission but instead of allowing the report updated police switched the topic to being concerned about my mental state.. aka let’s use the threat of detainment in med facility to not allow a report investigation or charges etc. I wish I was kidding …I digress

The Plan

A lot of this was done in haste and hind site is 2020, that said it worked.

The other gotca is how poor the design of the plowkit was to begin with. Several years of use had left the fork that holds the plow arm warped and deflected in several directions.

In an effort to maximize life span of the actuator and improve over all performance of the plow the first step was heating the fork with a map gas torch and bending both sides back.

Some rudimentary strengthen was added but could have been a lot better. I’ll add photos later. I’m typing this from the biz side of my android phone and the pictures are on the personal side.

To add motorized control the mount for the plow assembly was unbolted and moved up. I noticed the flat bar behind the lower half had deflected in towards tractor and decided to double that up with another piece of flat bar of equal thickness. Moving the bottom bar up facilitated extending the plow arm under the chassie.

A mount was made for the linear actuator allowing it to be bolted up under the chassie frame between the muffler and front of the frame it was basicly a square shaped U that allowed bolting through two points on the sides

An omission error that if you attempt this I suggest you do not forget was that I had intended to add heat reflective tape to the actuator. The owner used this with tractor in reverse to grade the driveway well into the summer and eventually the heat melted the actuator. Winter time I don’t see this happening but its still a good idea.

this was a steel u bracket and flat tube
testing the freshly wires dpdt rocker switch. We went with one we found rather than bought. Ideally a larger switch

The Result

I didn’t decide switch placement on the dash. Not sure if its visible in this clip. Worth noting the battery was pretty low here too. This tractor had some other electrical issues. One such is after the magneto was replaced we could only get it to start with the non spark output disconnected. I’d bet there is a short to ground but small engines and their electrical systems are not something I have a ton of experiance with.

Computers IS coding and smart devices are my fortay with some self taught and or friend absorbed ee/ce knowledge. Fa b this was maybe not the best way to accomplish the goal…hard to say it didn’t cost much more than 40usd in total with 26usd of that being the 2inch 12v dc linear actuator from eBay so its hard to argue it wasn’t a cost effective solution.

When I either pull the recovered articles(deleted db in error but recovered some from Google cache) or update this from my laptop ill link to the plow kit. Iirc it was a 330usd plow kit.

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