The Server Hosting This Site

ByJohn Wuethrich

The Server Hosting This Site

This was the oddest build I’ve ever undertaken. While jumping hotels I picked up the motherboard and cpu from different ebay vendors, had to test it so I end up booting plugged into a hotel flat screen with bare mobo on the desk. 

Ive spent more screen real-estate explaining this in other posts so i figured Id give the E5 v3 xeon system a post of its own I could link to if it comes up again


The Server Hosting This Site 1


GIGABYTE MD70-HB0 (c612 chipset)

mine is datto branded and when I gained possession it also apeared I wasnt the first non corp owner (3rd hand) I say this because it looks like a todler thought thermal paste could finger print faster pci-e slots…. or like a miner was new to hardware

What kinda sucks here is the Nic is hung off socket 1… aka unless both cpu slots are populated you need to add an nic.

what doesnt suck is iommu on this board. 


Intel E5 2660 V3

  • 10 Cores 
  • 20v cores if ht enabled (damn u melt down)
  • aes-ni
  • QPI speed : 9.6GT/S
  • L1  : 640 KB
  • L2 : 2.50 MB
  • L3  : 25 MB
  • 22nm litho

The Server Hosting This Site 2

  • gpu nvidia 1050ti 4gb model
  • ram: 2x 16gb registered ecc dims of ddr4
  • nic: intel x540 dual port 10gb copper
  • storage:
    • samsung 970 nvme evo 256gb
    • 500gb rust drive
    • samsung 950 pro sata ssd (host os)

Host OS:

    • intel clear linux


  • kvm


  • Centurylink 80/40 vdsl2
  • action tech c3000a modem in bridge mode
  • static ipv4 block of cidr /29

config notes:

  • iommu enabled to allow vf networking and graphics pass through
  • sr-iov adapter pools for each physical function in kvm

Guest Machines Hosted:

  • Virtual Router/Firewall
    • I burn one address in my block but this enables actual routing to the public static block and a private nated subnet
    • 3 vfs are passed from the nic, 2 from one physical port 1 from the other.
  • CentOS web host
    • litespeed webserver enterprise free edition
  • Cent SQL host
    • Im considering dropping this out to run on the clear linux host but for now it is how it is
  • Ubuntu CCTV PVR (shinobi)
    • This guest gets the nvidia card to offload h.264 encode and decode from camera streams
  • Freepbx

Considerations For Similar Builds

The Memory Controller on the lga-2011 xeons would benifit from having more than two dimms. There are tones of sources that will tell you why. This config was the right price point at the time. I didnt intend to be stuck with it on my floor and no ability to work for a year

I just realize I might not even be using two channels the way I installed them. If you found a google link that was down the first time and now you are reading this… 😀

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