Angle Iron Wood Stove Stand

ByJohn Wuethrich

Angle Iron Wood Stove Stand

Angle Iron Wood Stove Stand 1
55 gallon drum turned wood stove

The wire and angle iron wood stove stand was a team effort between me and one other person. My welder was in the garage at my apt. He did the welds on this one and in a momentary lapse of attention (we both missed it) the legs went on in the wrong direction but the result is mostly cosmetic.  It was stood on then jumped on (welds are solid). Infact every time I looked up (sans welding sounds) the angle iron was glowing red at the point welded but the opposite side.

The shelving in my garage uses these wire sections so I had them in mind for what I thought would cheaply take the weight. When I got to the store I eyed it up a bit and as an employee passed I asked “does this look about 55 gallon drum to you?” 😀

I figured with angle iron on the ends with a single wire and butted to the doubled up wire it would do just fine. If you have some angle iron laying around the wire part is all of 6 bucks at menards. 

Andrew used his flux core Harbor freight machine for the weld. it is really impressive for the price portability and power. if you want to check it out: Titanium Easy-Flux 125 Amp Welder.

The Stove was entirely his idea. Its still a work in progress but is pretty cool as is. There is infact a chimney which didnt make it in either photo. its being held out of the frame of the photo by straps to the rafters while the frame was built and the bottom of the 55 gal drum was emptied of existing ash. We might add a vacuum port for doing that in the future. More mass (and resultant thermal mass) needs to be added to the top but we are also looking into a returner for better efficiency 

Angle Iron Wood Stove Stand 2

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