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ByJohn Wuethrich

Why MN Law Needs to Change

work in progress. putting it out there to show sound mind. as im shitting myself to death 3 years into 0 health forced by people who claim to own me.

parents are as likely as anyone else to have personality disorders

personality disorders may include things like no conscience or weakly felt.

the enforcement arm of the law is as likely as your average person to act on the cultural assumption that parents want whats best and or know their child or adult child better.


  • hospital gets tax payer funds for mental holds per head per night?
  • can psychologists at any of theses institutions or even general practice doctors get rx kickbacks?
  • can a weapon or substance found during pat down on submission to mental hold turn into a criminal charge?
    • i was told by the officer that he has the power to decide but he decided before he met me I was going in regardless. Ie my dad contacts the cops and after 15 min of me calmly trying to explain what was going on the situation devolved to “YOU CAN STEP OUT OF THE CAR OR I CAN DRAG YOU OUT
    • this was after my parents removed the car from the hotel lot they were putting me up in. aka to inspire the threat used. the threat was conditional to removing the car the threat was hrs expired but the 1st words out of the officer who i hadent met befores mouth were im going in regardless.
    • aka one citizen talks to the police over suposid concern for well being and this turns into a non optional pat search on volintary submission. this seems odd
    • Im under the understanding fed funding can go up or down on drug busts, this would create an incentive to use this “peace officer” mission as excuse to involentarily search with very little probable cause. aka incentive with very little to lose and erosion of the standards of justice

standard of evidence is non existent the law is losely written it targets those already at risk and there seems no oversight, the people that stand to benifit are exempt from even facing these holds.

  • MN negotiated the ability to pull people out of at least fargo ND and take them in on medical holds. In that document it apears to state that police and medical professionals are exempt from holds.
    • regardless of truth value of any of my incentive questions, they are forcing something they needent fear themselves and this is an ethical issue.
  • lack of oversight and no one is concerned
    • after i submitted voluntarily I was taken to maplegrove hospital. the next day i would be transfered to riverside. Both sets of parametics commented that I was acting fine. I made small talk and talked about my life asked about theirs.
    • 3 hrs into the hold at mg i had to ask for the slip that made it official. I figured buerocracies love paperwork. I would later read in state statue I was supposed to have been given said form with in an hr
    • the doctor i asked for it I first asked “have i been anything but calm and cogent?” cogent has an interesting definition i dont think she knew. she context read from the first word. but responded “youve been fine but we are keeping you anyway” as she walked into the back of ward room i heard her under the door tell a college “he uses big words”
    • State statue says specific reasons must be noted on the intake form “threats to dad, paranoid behavior”… uh?
      • so an out of context txt message print off shown to a cop, and a conditional expired threat prevoked by stranding me at a hotel sans food… with 9 months of gaslighting proven bugs and mold issues at their house and my last apt acutally 16 total… while i had the mold pros emails and docs from extermination and vets ruling there was likely a mite at my parents house causing bites on my rabbits… All relevant professionals indicating i have a reason to be concerned, that should frame any threat or even convo in a very different light but no one cared. whats paranoid and whats delusional when people are forcing harm you can prove and not acting in their own intrests while forcing this harm on you as well?
    • Cogent:
      • adjective
        1. (of an argument or case) clear, logical, and convincing
    • lasting repercussions and risks
      • EHR, EMR usually read before a doctor shakes ones hand
      • Fusion centers – false reports maybe already maybe soon, likely at somepoint follow a citizen anywhere in the us
      • Police Departments Fear Liability even when credible evidence is offered that party abusing the law is an unreliable whitness.
      • Police must respond to every call

we can do better

concepts like “poison of power” have been commandeered by the feminists. They are valid concepts. Its absolutely insane that the legislation gets written and or applied only to protect one gender or subgroup of the population.

law and order was more than a tv show. It was the concept that good law creates justice and reduces resent and vilgilanty justice or revenge.  Good law maintains order.

when cultural expectations like parents want the best for their children clash with laws like this it can put parties that dont in a postion to use this system as a weapon of destruction.

medical sci knows basic things about humans. Diet and Exercise effects things like emotional regulation, mood in general, concentration. Im in a postion where 16 years of things i worked to earned are being destroyed and kept from me under threat of do this do that or we give them away. This includes all of my kitchen. One thing the hospital stay confirmed is im at risk of stroke. 3 years of fast food and kqick trip, breathing mold and bit by bugs while 2 people that claim to own me threaten to further use medical holds to harm me… seems the system has to find something wrong or force harm until it does. this isnt jutice this isnt helping people  this is enforced slavery


Diet and or lack there of is even shown to effect cold tolerance

Which is relativant to how cruel and unusual as punishment for their mistakes and often enforced by law enforcement officer is. Which also made it incredibly impractical to dry out the car as I attempted to clean it because the humidifiers don’t like to work under 45 degrees.


The apt they picked is empty. The nasty plan as it was: they decide when I get any of my stuff back and I have to clean their mold off of it

They put it in basement knowing mold and pulled it out to 3rd garage stall on remediation

Rest of my stuff is in storage garage I just today a year later got txted the address to

Threats all between of clean their moldy car or my stuff is given away or recycled.

Threats to hurry the storage garage is going away

Held respirator I owned from making circuit boards for first 3 or 4 months

Apt tried to evict over cleaning their car here

Hungry 30 days in past year

Put free time into homeline to fight eviction

Contacted state bar over the situation they told me start by reporting to relevant police that parents are unreliae witnesses

Was told by relevant police after driving 45min that the department may be liable if they admit my parents are unreliable Witnesses I have recorded phone calls of them admitting that the DV report and the report leading to the mental hold false

I predicted a budget for if I could even clean the car here. That was never met in full and during the shortfalls I would go hungry two times for up to four days 2x 3 days in a row.

My parents literally claim to Own Me. 9 or 10 months in I suggest to Children’s Hospital Saint Paul I might not like that my mom drove a moldy car in to work at the NICU everyday for 9 years. That car was gone and scrapped immediately but with it was the garage remote then despite going hungry a day and it taking like $36 the first time I misplaced the key. Despite having asked for a second key from the start of getting this vehicle it took 5 hours or four of trying to talk to them getting hung up on her going in circles just the tip the fucking spare when the chip died stranding me at a gas station. It took 30 hours till it was in my hand. Then I had the cab back to the gas station. My dad is sick to the level where he would only say that it was being left in front of a large door which in fact was the other apartment complex in front of the garage door.


The washing machine broke


I broke a window during one of the times I was being starved and told I was owned.


I communicated from the start that this was not an ideal place to try to even clean that car because all of the advice says that you should not remediate mold and then walk into your living space without a change of clothes that wasn’t in The Moldy area. As a compensation this resulted in having to vacuum all the time or risk the living space being contaminated more


As all the organizational furniture all the basic things that one would say are pretty much required for adult life have been held from me all things I had because I hadn’t lived there since 2006. Well all that being guy means to vacuum everything that I do have that has to be shifted around on the floor or picked up off the floor making this entirely impractical and unsustainable


What I’m getting at is this entire year even if I wanted to seek employment it’s unlikely I would have been able to find it because I happened I’m in 30 day old clothing. My sleep is interrupted by the fact that the bedrooms cold as fuck. I can’t guarantee I can make time commitments first with the car that gives me a nosebleed every time I go near it then with the inability to store clean clothes then with the inability to clean clothes.


What working on the car Tyvek is expensive is not supposed to wear it more than once and even get meals without a kitchen it requires getting in the car so I’m doing laundry like two or three times are constantly for that entire. None of us are sustainable any rational adult could see that some of the things they kept or tools that could have helped.


What’s an insult to injury I’m 3 days hungry my dad is wanted me to repeat the word slave when I say you make me feel like a slave and he does what’s that no just the last word. Changed up knowing I’m 3 days hungry I drive down there and the officer that night starts by telling me I live quite the life off of them. It’s just my dad said he didn’t say he owns me.


The system is fucking sick. They texted me pictures of the remediation as I got out of the mental hospital


If you can control most of someone’s time there are threats to destroy all of their property well saying you own someone well saying anything you want and the cops won’t even Mark that you might lie this is fucking sick this turns the police into weapons or those without conscience that would use them as such this enables actual slavery


There’s also an issue of selective enforcement.

I’m old enough to remember the anthrax scare. I don’t know this for sure but I’m pretty sure I envelope of black mold set to an elected official would land me behind bars. Yet in an encounter with an officer the same one that insisted that I live quite the life. Point Blank he tells me he doesn’t care about the mold. I told him they forced me to clean this under Threat all of my stuff is destroyed. When I showed him a picture he responded he didn’t see that and then to put the phone down.

They gained control of everything of mine and kick me out of the house when I voluntarily leave to a hotel. I wasn’t told that I would be banned from the house but that’s immediately what happened. Then police are telling me that I gave them my things so it’s not theft. Regardless though the damage another’s property either $1,000 or more at once or damage that adds up to it over smaller individual items if I recall correctly is the MN law where property damage becomes a felony.

Then there’s things like my mom flat out said I screwed up I live here now she’s my landlord. She’ll deny I’m sure. But while living there I was expected to drop everything if they had a computer question or concern there were Services exchanged for rent. I remember from scsu business law that you’re entitled to fair market compensation if you have a past history of performing a service.

I would wager that a good way to prove that would be the multiple times clients over the years at small businesses have had to report pain and independent contractor for IT services because we crossed the line or that’s required payment or reporting wise.

That’s my stipulation but the fact is here when someone can deprive another of everything necessary for basic adult life decide where they live threatened everything they’ve ever owned regardless of at the moment if you can prove whose it is or not this is not a good situation.

There’s a lot of historical evidence if one tends to look that when police encounters happen the party with less Financial Resources tends to fare worse.


From my perspective though a lot of this harm would have been and still could be prevented if the police in that City would even note that they might be false or unreliable Witnesses let alone false report charges. At the end of the day if you show a bully they can get away with something and it’s something as serious as using the police as a weapon you’re going to have a bad result as far as Justice is concerned.


In that same meeting with the police I was told that it’s okay that my parents opened my mail without my knowledge or permission open the mail in my name then endorse the check in my name. I was told it’s okay because it went to their address. I’ve lived in apartment since 2006 this doesn’t single line up with anything I’ve read or heard before again I’m not a lawyer but male or touching someone else is even growing up the message was you don’t do that

This year despite me asking for my health care packet for renewal they wouldn’t even acknowledge I was asking. The year before they held it then tried to prevent a form giving them power to act as me saying I screwed up even though I was banned from the house and hotels when it came. This year they just open the fucking thing filled it out with my name and God knows what sent it in. This is yet another thing by in for my time as I can’t cook or eat right or control anything in my life under threat it’s destroyed by people who literally claim claim to own me


They’ve pretended to lose my rabbits ashes. Don’t make it all about money and I see them as a wallet somewhat frequently I request my rabbits favorite toy to help me mourn This falls on deaf ears like everything else. I’ve had I had them since 2007. Most rabbits don’t see the age of seven they died respectively in 2018 and 19 they were at least a year and a year-and-a-half-old when I got them. Every vet they to was amazed at how calm relaxed and chill my rabbits were.

Between 2006 and 2017 I spent six months at my parents house was the longest continuous. Conventional wisdom says a person’s animals reflect who they are.

Why MN Law Needs to Change 1

This was a pet friendly hotel. Why that’s relevant is rabbits are prey animals and it smelled like predator. Clyde would go anywhere and feel safer if I was there. Bonnie was more temperamental but still trusted me to that level. I just knew if she was around kids she would start breathing faster and she was done for a while. Clyde was so deeply asleep that he fell off the bed shortly after this picture was taken.  in a place he was unfamiliar with, a place that smells like predators, but I was there. He was at the hotel because after Bonnie died my dad threatened to put him in the washing. On a lighter note I had returned to work on a web server for small business and heard a thud across the room. I look over and Clyde’s no longer on the bed so I run over and he’s sitting on the floor like what I meant to do that. I miss you both so much.

Why MN Law Needs to Change 2


Why MN Law Needs to Change 3Why MN Law Needs to Change 4Why MN Law Needs to Change 5Why MN Law Needs to Change 6

Cosmos on his last day. He died the next day in my lap waiting for the vet to bring the shot to put him down. I told him to let go and he did.


I’ve worked more often than not 2 jobs or more since age 16. Work is an opportunity cost. You give up your time for compensation financially. You give up your time with your loved ones.


Some of the stuff my parents keep and or destroy also destroyed friendships and kept me from keeping my adult contract my word my obligation my credibility to my friends and or it clients


Before this started I was working a job at the mall and small phone repair shop 60 100 a week.

At age 16 I got my license about 3 months after I turned. I had scored a CPA office to do it support for I later had a law firm as well before even leaving High School. That was in addition to like Target McDonald’s National Camera Exchange and a mortgage refinance operation where I telemarketing at $11 an hour on commission. The it support I started in 04 at that CPA office without even my license my mom had to drive me the first time but I was making 25 an hour. I was pretty sure that my mom driving me was going to cost me any future visits there but I had that client until I was 26 years old.

That’s a lot of time I gave up. I spent a year in absolute empty desolate isolated dangerous conditions will hearing things like I am owned like property and I am a slave. This is sick shit

I’m going to be homeless very shortly before my dad plays games like he doesn’t know what a text is and then text me well they use the police to make me fear more mental holds directly threatened to try to get me mental holds if I don’t do what they say on top of threatening to get rid of my things. This is sick this is demented

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These last two are of a car that probably transferred it to my last apartment. After knowing the mold was true after the mental hold I repeatedly was threatened with getting this car back. It’s a car I gladly would have tried to clean in the six months I was stuck there but every time I went near it I was screamed at saying I’m abnormal I’m weird I’m delusional I’m going to be in the mental institute by my nurse practitioner mom who know full well the mold Pro already diagnosed the problem in their basement.Why MN Law Needs to Change 17Why MN Law Needs to Change 18

Why MN Law Needs to Change 19

inside wall, highschool bedroom at parents house

Why MN Law Needs to Change 20Why MN Law Needs to Change 21Why MN Law Needs to Change 22

Why MN Law Needs to Change 23

With the one paycheck I got this year I bought this air handler a dehumidifier and a professional mold fogger and then the $30 per gallon solution that went in it. It was just a carpet dryer a floor dryer. I took the original Grill off and made this from plexiglass


Why MN Law Needs to Change 24Why MN Law Needs to Change 25Why MN Law Needs to Change 26

One of the repeated lies I hear from my dad is it’s my fault because I won’t go to the doctor. The one who is my primary he picked out two years ago. That doctor told me what you need to do is remove yourself from the mold. If my parents are acknowledged that at all they’ll say everywhere is moldy that makes no sense. Yes mold is everywhere what he meant was abnormal exposure to abnormally moldy places. The internet or more specifically accounts of other people who have had problems alliance with what he said it’s basically you have to let the body calm the hell down. My parents have set this up so after getting me diagnosed for it in my head for a very real problem that could very well grow in someone’s head but not the way it was diagnosed. They’ve set this up so they can continuously give me this problem from their house back if that’s not using a biological agent to harm or cause Terror to someone I don’t know what is


The other major issue anyone experiences this faces is habbit. LP at Maple Grove Senior High and several site resources all suggests that it takes 20 days or more to make or break any habit. Speaking personally by entire life every habit I had has been uprooted for 3 years. I’ve been forced to do time-consuming dangerous things that leave me absolutely exhausted and then unable to eat I used to be able to cook for myself I know what balance I’m getting depressed to the point where there’s no hope. I don’t need a fucking pill or a doctor or police intervention to fix this that’s what started this shit. Terrible fucking execution terrible legislation when someone says they own someone that should raise a red flag regardless of gender age or anyting.


Look up traits of narcissistic parents traits of sociopathic parents. Narcissistic abuse of children. It’s well known that this happens if it’s this one hundred percent. The higher function of someone with those conditions the less likely they are detected. It’s also common that they will sabotage even their adult children. My mom admits to trying to kill me when she was pushing me over the fucking railing or attempting to

ByJohn Wuethrich

At home Apartments, Park Place Estates, Cheri Johnson et all

Disclaimer:  what you are about to read (minus the official communications) is my personal opinion and or personal account/review of my experience with this company. I have no doubt (from what ive seen so far) this will likely trigger a C&D letter. 

Park Place Estates, St Cloud MN 56301

About 7 months ago the staff at Park Place Estates began entering a garage I rent with the apt. The issue was they entered repeatedly with no attempt to notify.  At lease signing I had discused the intended use of the garage space. I had just escaped a major mold issue and intended  to use the garage to clean up my stuff.

Their excesses for entering were smelling bleach (which only was used once) and then Ozone (which they admit they use in smoker units aka inside the actual building but me using it in the garage was cause to enter sans notification) 

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ByJohn Wuethrich

How To Form A MN LLC in Roughly 4 Steps

A brief how to when it comes to Minnesota and LLCs (Limited Liability Corporations).   I’m writing this mainly to show that I had the ability and knowledge. If it helps anyone else thats great! Disclaimer: I am going to mix in some of what I recall from college business law course; but I’m not a lawyer and these words are not intended to be taken as legal advice.

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