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ByJohn Wuethrich

A Bit More On MN 72 Hr Holds

MN 72 hr holds need better legislation. Any legislation that allows putting a citizen in medical custody by police force with no standard of evidence while it ignores all standards of justice traditionally followed in this country is not likely to create the help and compassion these statutes claim to be about. Worse yet with out those concepts it may become a tool for “citizen a” to terrorize “citizen b” while the medical organizations, doctors and potentially police (department level) may have incentive to act outside of the best interests of the citizen involved.

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ByJohn Wuethrich

At home Apartments, Park Place Estates, Cheri Johnson et all

Disclaimer:  what you are about to read (minus the official communications) is my personal opinion and or personal account/review of my experience with this company. I have no doubt (from what ive seen so far) this will likely trigger a C&D letter. 

Park Place Estates, St Cloud MN 56301

About 7 months ago the staff at Park Place Estates began entering a garage I rent with the apt. The issue was they entered repeatedly with no attempt to notify.  At lease signing I had discused the intended use of the garage space. I had just escaped a major mold issue and intended  to use the garage to clean up my stuff.

Their excesses for entering were smelling bleach (which only was used once) and then Ozone (which they admit they use in smoker units aka inside the actual building but me using it in the garage was cause to enter sans notification) 

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ByJohn Wuethrich

Paul Wuethrich A Socieopath?

That's hot

My neck as I jump endless hoops in an empty apt to hopefully get the pleasure of cleaning their mold off my stuff.

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ByJohn Wuethrich

Paul Wuethrich Pretends to Lose Ashes of Bonnie Rabbit

I didnt lightly jump to the conclusion that my dad is a sociopath. this is one of many events including being told things like “I own you”.  a lot of cluster b disorders have overlap so not being a doc I wont say I know this for sure but of the thousands of people Ive met ive eventually asked 3 if they knew what bpd was. (suspecting they are but its an awkward thing to directly ask) ive been right 3/3 times. that doesn’t make me perfect or at the level of someone with a phd in either drug pushing or psychiatry…er i mean psychologist…. but when I study something I have an interest in (psych always has been) I tend to absorb it pretty well.

Bonnie‘s ashes were sent from the vet in US mail Addressed to me. like 14 months ago I got a picture of the open package. this happened far later. To this day her ashes are one of several things I still cant touch.

ByJohn Wuethrich

Marlene Wuethrich there’s no bugs.

Almost everything you see below happened at Paul and Marlene’s house and after the extermination of the apt. The company made me catch a bug on sticky paper and then only sprayed roach hormonal kill.  A key point though… Pros dont spray unless there are bugs (ethics lmao….ethics and the one pictured below is a sadly humorous juxtaposition but regardless…) I’ve mixed in some of the mold pics from their house as well. If i dig I can find countless recordings of “THERES NO MOLD CAUSE IM YOUR MOTHER AND SAY SO!”

Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 1

The box in discussion was built in January. the waspish looking pic -> no bugs->

Note how the topic goes from there are no bugs to there are bugs in the garage. The convo happened maybe may when I finally found where she had hid it.  5 months before there house had been found to have a major mold issue. I had lost my apt due to related issues.

Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 2
Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 3
Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 4
Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 5
Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 6
Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 7
Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 8
Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 9
Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 10
Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 11
Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 12
Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 13
Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 14
Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 15

Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 16
Funny how several google reviews indicates this exterminator/sub contractor for last apt is nosy. but im sure my lanyard needed some more endicrion disruptors.

if i scroll back on my google photos i can probably find the “between the layers” i speak of in the video. I have almost every phone call and some convos recorded between audio pocket recorder and phone, sometimes laptop. The problem is the pain of reliving it while posting. Furthered by the fact that due to whats a later admited falsafied police report i end up infront of a shrink… I lead with I have the mold pro and apt exterminators comunications on my gmail. I had recordings and pics as well but was aware of matchbox syndrom and how over diagnosed delusional paracitosis is so i purposuly stuck to “pro has confirmed i can show you what they said” at the time i forgot I had the vet for my rabbits who had found legions which only resolved with flea tick and mite med, but she could never find mites…there for she concluded environmental mite at parents.

even though I had this evidence not “hey i have samples or pics” I end up having those emails with relevant pros refused by “patients arnt allowed phones on the ward” “paranoid skitzo for delusions of mold and bugs”

here is a pcb i had made right before the 8mo of apt hell/bleeding and not sure why. at their house i had washed it with distilled water, isopropal alcohol (standard electronics cleaning ) and even (knowingly not great for it ) diluted bleach. My mother entered the room that was suposed to be mine, i then found it in the basement 2 winter months later.

Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 17

this was through the eye piece of a stereo zoom microscope intended for use soldering parts too small to reliably ensure pins are soldered. with the naked eye that was a white spec.  this was probably 60 to 80x mag though its been a year and a half so i couldnt tell you for sure. I can say I have a 2x barlow lens purchased to help the “what the hell is going on” and the 0.5x to increase working distance for soldering. the internal zoom dial goes from 1 to 4x and I own 10x and 20x eye pieces. total zoom = Eye Piece [10] or [20] * Internal [1,4] * barlow [10] or [20] (set notation)  so if one wished they can determine the min and max it could have been taken at , i think i have another one where a passive component pad is visible, I could also check my cad file and have a reference size but…

if anyone reading can chime in on specifically what bug that is… I was pretty sure sand fly but i am no expert here. i do know they tossed all the luggage from the trip to puerto rico  in maybe 09? and cosmos cat developed a bald spot from licking and pulling slightly after return. yes bugs are in all houses but whats a little flying thing doing in their basement in maybe april. also when property is being covered in noticeable debris and home owner not only ignoring mold but trying to get you medicated rather than fix it…. fucking abhorrent

Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 18Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 19Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 20Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 21Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 22Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 23Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 24

micro usb was worse…well charging phone wise. phone very often just complained about mositure in cable. its usualy too dead to use flash for photo at that point, but when i finaly remembered and had the battery upon seeing “mositure detected”, i snapped this.

2 summers ago on switching to the s8 and cable above… 2 usb cables smoked as i pulled them off the bottom of a phone complaining about moisture in charge port. Micro was worse at how often it happened but when you consider the could ignite the battery I guess usb c is arguably worse, I hesitate to call it that though cause at this point ill take the exploding battery im sick of this hostage situation.

Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 25Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 26Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 27Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 28Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 29

this is like a fucking horror movie or pshy thriller except its my real life and now police tell me even noting my parents are unreliable witnesses “presents a liability to the department” yeah fucking thanks. there have been 3 officers i consider upstanding and most neutral. then theres also 3 that….
example :

“you are living quite the life off them, I dont care about the mold, your dad told me he never said he thinks he owns you ” he walks away for a moment and on return i have a pic of it on my phone.

me: this is the car i was forced to clean….

Marlene Wuethrich there's no bugs. 30

“PUT THE PHONE DOWN” then something along the lines of i didn’t see that.

I think i have it recorded and if i upload i will post a link here.

while he was commanding put the phone down we were talking through a half rolled down car window(ie its not as if i could make a s9 into an effective threat to his person, even face to face…throwing a phone at anyone would be a pretty ineffective weapon. I note this because that leaves forcing compliance and stoping an answer he didnt want to hear after insisting i was some sort of mooch low life.

I followed the command as he repeated it again. when you cut someone off mid sentence it takes a min to process, esp when for me anyway ive been 3 years between filthy, bleeding and starving/emotionaly involved physicaly harmed and trying to convey details to someone who really doesnt want them anyway. the take away though is arbitrary command to make someone comply after insisting on the quaility of my life and commenting on my morals by extension. this same officer responded to “sir if slaverly was legal are you arguing that it wouldnt cost money to feed that slave?”

“IM NOT GOING TO ENTERTAIN THAT CONVO” and this was after he insisted the money given created “quite the life”

most people in what ever occupation do it for pay. its a personal belief of mine but when you are entrusted to make decisions on someone elses life or freedom, neutral isnt even enough. but id take that over the 3 bad ones. When I say netural i mean no out of the way attempt to recognize people might lie but still acted professionaly and refrained from using badge to comunicate personal judgement and or apeared to recognize i was attempting to show respect and gave it back. I know you never know who you are going to run into in that line of work. I make sure my hands are visible as they aproach, if im going to reach for something I verbaly indicate like “grabbing a cig”

because my parents think the police are their personal tool to abuse, its been literally stated that the ongoing incident is part of their brief. im not sure how serious the officer was but another indicated on a different run in “i haven’t met you yet” which makes me draw the conclusion that it probably is discussed daily. which then leads me to wonder how often my parents are reporting things im not present for or had nothing to do with. over the last year ive probably only driven to maple grove 12 times (to of my head) police reports that state i was there when officer arrived would probably yeild a conclusive number. Im not sure of the inner workings or what it takes to be a part of the daily brief but based on logic id say probably more reports than I make trips from 45 min away.