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ByJohn Wuethrich

Improving WiFi Speed in Apartments and Suburban Homes

This time there really is one simple trick to improving wifi throughput and latency (what most call speed). No im not leading you on! ill get into the how in a moment. there are a few additional steps to further improve your wifi experience but first lets look at the factors that can make wifi suck in urban and suburban housing.

Did you manually configure your wifi ap when you set it up? tell the wizard:

“fuck off i got this?

Do you know exactly how the physical layer of wifi operates? when I say layer are you thinking ogre or osi model? if you thought green and animated… you should probably keep reading.

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ByJohn Wuethrich

Routed Static Block With PPPoE & OPNsense

Centurylink PPPoE, Routed Static block & OPNsense

Routed Static Block With PPPoE & OPNsense 1
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If you are just getting started with Opnsense or first time with a static block This post is for you! When trying to figure this out a lot of form posts said it couldn’t be done this way and to use 1:1 NAT; so maybe even those around the block a few times will benefit.

This post is a somewhat how-to for setting up a static block with routing on opnsense over pppoe with a modem in transparent bridge mode.(vdsl2 & centurylink) This Assumes you want to end up with a NATed DHCP Private LAN and a DHCP Public ipv4 routed LAN. Buckle in!

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