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ByJohn Wuethrich

Bonnie Rabbit

Bonnie Rabbit 2 I dont have as many pics of her readily available. My old server where most of it was backed up is in pieces on the floor and parts needed are being held hostage by my parents (along with her removed from us mail addressed to me ashes.) I was basicly working till I passed out before mold hell hit. Often it was face down on the floor because I would stop to hang out with bonnie and clyde. One day after passing out in such a fashion I woke 6 hrs later with a odd weight on my back. As i stood up a white and black blur crossed my shoulder and lept to the floor. Miss Bonnie was quite pissed her pillow decided to move. Bonnie was such a sweet heart. Every time Id go to pet her she would rub her chin on my finger, i guess i was hers not the other way around. Ill write more later.
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ByJohn Wuethrich

Clyde Rabbit

Clyde Rabbit 3
Clyde Rabbit 4
Rip Clyde.
Clyde Rabbit 5
Clyde Rabbit 6
A late friend of mine. Bonnie and Clyde came into my life in 2007 or 8. I never intended to own rabbits but I loved them dearly. I miss them every day. I lost Bonnie Nov 2018 and Clyde May 2019. My psychopathic parents have Bonnies ashes and have pretended to lose them to terrorize. I cant go there to write the rest of this right now.

2 hotels, 4 houses, 7 apartments Id argue Clyde was one of the most well traveled pet rabbits to ever have been. One hotel he visited I mistakenly fell asleep and had to sneak him out in the morning. When I woke He was on the floor looking up at me, nota a thing in the room touched/chewed. I hatched the plan of going to the grocery store near by and grabbing a reusable tote. way back in 07 or 08 I used to bring him and Bonnie to the 3rd floor neighbors in paper grocery bags so I figured he would tolerate the tote even in the car. What I didnt figure is broad sunny day going 80 down the freeway (Clyde on the passenger seat in tote) Clyde Wiggled out of the tote and rested his head on the center arm rest. 

he was amazingly bright. We could play tag/2 way chase. If i Turned and ran after chasing him he would bound along after me. In his first cage he had figured out that if one of the double latch system was undone he could let himself out. He would bite the bar above the door and then press it with his feet until it sprung outwards and he was free. in the decade plus I had him and Bonnie, maybe 3x did i forget food and water before going to sleep. not once did I not wake up to Clyde rabbit hopping on top of me or gently nibbling my finger then following me until him and Bonnie had what they needed. Im relatively sure he was aware Bonnie Had a tumor as well. 

When Bonnie died my parents had been in control for a few months while they banned me from their house (with elderly B & C still there) The day my mom decided Bonnie needed the vet was the first time in over 10 years Bonnie went with out Clyde. I got picked up from the hotel. Bonnie Died of fright to put it mildly. I held her until the vet closed. i think it was a friday. I knew clyde had to say goodbye. The pics where hes next to her were the following monday. 

when i brought him into the room he didnt seem to get it at first. it had been a 45min drive to the vet and I had to use the restroom. I came back into the room they were and found a single tuft of fur missing from Bonnie (laying next to her) he then took the position you see in the photos and didnt leave her side for 3 hrs.

When I rented A house in fargo with enclosed back yard.
same house, clyde does stairs
-7 he had wet his travel cage before we left hotel. My dad had fucked around till well past checkout wtih geting car back and lied about having it fixed. then took off and I didnt have a towl even to dry clyde in a moldy car with only one set of keys and no remote start

So I held him until he was warm and not as wet. Despite being 5min away neither Pail (Paul…hes yellow) or Marlene Wuethrich would answer the phone. I got arbies and ate it then suffered a nose bleed all while he sat in my lap. I had figured my best bet not being able to leave car on (no second key or remote start) not being able to leave 13 year old wet clyde in -7f car… go to pets smart and bring him in inside in my coat. As we pulled into that lot clyde again got on the center console. We sat warming up a little more and a mom and her daughter returned from shopping to the suv next to us. I looked up to see the random woman mouth “OH A BUNNY!” and grab her daughter. Clyde sat there with an ear turned at them looking positively majestic. Middle of the day/broad daylight petsmart parking lot in Maple Grove center arm rest of a car two strange humans staring at him. In petssmart he even took intrest in the birds as we walked by.

If you havent had or been around rabbits this probably doesnt hit home how it should. They are prey animals and normally this would be absolutely terrifying. Clyde wasnt shaking or showing any signs of fear. Clyde was an incredible rabbit. Bonnie was in her own ways as well and I will post on her soon. Bonnie could tollerate a lot with both me and clyde present but I would often see her hyperventilate say around my cousins kids/just never felt as safe. I hope that wasnt anything I did or didnt do to/for her. I never ment her to be second fiddle.

together even the vet and vet techs at the last place they called doc… had commented that they had never seen rabbits so calm. 

Clyde Rabbit 7
Clyde Rabbit 8
Clyde Rabbit 9
Clyde Rabbit 10
He was so asleep he rolled off the bed shortly after I took this.
Clyde Rabbit 11