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ByJohn Wuethrich

Routed Static Block With PPPoE & OPNsense

Centurylink PPPoE, Routed Static block & OPNsense

Routed Static Block With PPPoE & OPNsense 1
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If you are just getting started with Opnsense or first time with a static block This post is for you! When trying to figure this out a lot of form posts said it couldn’t be done this way and to use 1:1 NAT; so maybe even those around the block a few times will benefit.

This post is a somewhat how-to for setting up a static block with routing on opnsense over pppoe with a modem in transparent bridge mode.(vdsl2 & centurylink) This Assumes you want to end up with a NATed DHCP Private LAN and a DHCP Public ipv4 routed LAN. Buckle in!

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