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ByJohn Wuethrich

Kohler Tractor gets Re-Engineered Motorized Snow Plow Blade

Semi How To Guide for Motorizing a lift/lower on a 48in Snow Blade

Lawn Tractor Snow Plow Blade upgraded to raise and lower by motor

The lawn tractor plow repair and lift lower motorization is complete (for now). At some point I might make a proper howto and or motorize blade right left. Some searching helped me find the type of plow I was working on. Though Im about to link it by brand I would bet its actually a generic white label companies slap their name on. The color on this old one is wrong, everything else is/was identical. 

Heres the plow kit at lows:


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ByJohn Wuethrich

Lawn Tractor Update: Linear Actuator Wired

the lawn tractor linear actuator controlled snow plow is coming along .

A dual pole dual throw switch utilized to connect or reverse connect the lawn tractors battery to the linear actuator and drive it up or down respectively. 

I still need to properly attach the piston to the arm. 

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ByJohn Wuethrich

Clearlinux KVM Host Nvidia graphics(PCI-E) pass-through

40 inch beaver (ubuntu 18.04)

here you see a 40 inch beaver in 4k (phrases not to google at work or at all(40in)) It wasnt perfectly straigt forward but I eventually managed to get Intel’s ClearLinux (playing hypervisor/kvm host) to let Ubuntu 18.04 take an nvidia 1650 with out the ACS override patch. 

This article is a work in progress but im going to try to put some roughly formatted things that worked for me before i worry about making it pretty

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ByJohn Wuethrich

Lithium Ion Pack Spot Welder

This is a write up on an early but working design for a CD Spot Welder. Its fet switched and electrically isolated with intent of actually being able to control all electric fab processes. The weld energy comes from a bank of Maxwell super capacitors. 

I needed a large quality lithium ion pack. Part of that is high quality cells properly joined (a bms being the other liability/safety component). China cells or packs featuring cells with fire right in the name seemed like too much truth in advertising and american made either comes with limitations like requiring complicated battery auth with bms or $. So I decided on assemble your own from sourced cells. This isnt meant to be a post on pack construction though. I will probably publish one at some point because a lot of the YouTube community and especially ebike community scares me speechless when it comes to litium ion pack construction.

Lithium Ion Pack Spot Welder 3
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