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ByJohn Wuethrich

NPD Parents, Sabotage and Abduction and Destruction


I’ve said before that I belive the higher functioning anyone with a cluster b personality disorder is the less likely they are detected. I want to do more here than just define the line between NPD parent and hostage taker but also get at why its so hard to break away. I hope to also establish a link between why higher functioning are more dangerous to their children. Im also going to share some of what ive been dealing with lately as it relates as a “how I know”.


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ByJohn Wuethrich

Will and testimate

I don’t have the time or resources to do this officially. I  fear for my life every day due to the actions of parents who let their house go moldy, took everything of mine, used lies to the police to make them weapons, have held me hostage for 3 years. lies to the police created an inaccurate EHR entry.

What I want if anything should happen to me is anything of value of mine to go to a foundation that helps kids and young adults whom are victims of abuse.

the only stipulation here is no gender bias promoted or preached by said org.

ByJohn Wuethrich

Paul Wuethrich Pretends to Lose Ashes of Bonnie Rabbit

audio of a call 7 ish months ago. thumnail is from mold hell at their house.

I didnt lightly jump to the conclusion that my dad is a sociopath. this is one of many events including being told things like “I own you”.  a lot of cluster b disorders have overlap so not being a doc I wont say I know this for sure but of the thousands of people Ive met ive eventually asked 3 if they knew what bpd was. (suspecting they are but its an awkward thing to directly ask) ive been right 3/3 times. that doesn’t make me perfect or at the level of someone with a phd in either drug pushing or psychiatry…er i mean psychologist…. but when I study something I have an interest in (psych always has been) I tend to absorb it pretty well. 

Bonnie‘s ashes were sent from the vet in US mail Addressed to me. like 14 months ago I got a picture of the open package. this happened far later. To this day her ashes are one of several things I still cant touch.