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Technologies, kinda ambiguous? I wont claim to be 100 ft deep on every tech topic but I’ve run the range from rc cars in early 2000s while learning computers with a 8086 a neighbor grabbed when work upgraded. to building multi socket Xeon servers, learning PCB CAD when I had an itch to make an idea reality, building the tools to do uv lithography and cupric chloride etch, mixing cupric (ill never claim chemistry is my strong side but I did get this right with out getting hurt :D) literary built as close to an industry standard circuit board etch process as one could in an apt just to rapid fab my own ideas.

A moment on qualifications:

At some point I might contact past clients out of curtosy and or put something cv ish up

I have most of a CS degree but got hung on calculus with out a calculator. I had an internship with the ndsu business department when I switched to MIS. which was handy because my boss(well one of like 3) was my student adviser. This helped me get to some deeper cs and mis courses sans the math prereqs. Someday i might do a post on math dyslexia. I haven’t had this professionally confirmed but about 7 years ago i came across it (I hadnt been aware it was a thing). In children it presents usualy as trouble with analog clocks and knots/shoe tieing. On reading that I was transported back to missed rescess sessions in 1st or 2nd grade where something like once a week i met with mrs brecky(if i recall correctly) and we played with clocks that had gears or just handles and reading the time off the hands, also… u guesssed it. today its knott so much of something i notice, unless I randomly find myself taking a calc exam sans calculator)

by age 22 I had assembled something like 30 desktop and workstation pcs for residential and small business clients. I’ve ran citrix xen, ms hyper-v and this page you are currently reading is hosted on a kvm-qemu intel xeon e5 box sitting on my floor connected to a dsl modem. I implemented hyper-v professionally while I had the internship and imaged 11 dell Pentium 4 optiplex boxes playing server to make a virtual MS Dynamics GP10 (CRM) teaching environment for a certain university of green and gold. 

(Some references to “we”, maybe I intend to file an llc and talk to it like a person, maybe I haven’t always been solo and look to the future 😀 )

Small and medium business:

  • Information Technology consulting/management
    • If you are an information based business or use Technology to Produce Goods, There is likely something you wish was more….more… or less. ie faster, better, bigger, smaller, quicker etc.  Examples:
      • Accounting/Law/Tax Firms wishing to go paperless or reduce printed paper in your workflow?
      • Engraving/printing CNC (ing?) Company Stuck using windows 98se boxes for software or hardware compatibility reasons?
  • Custom Workstation P.C.s Tailored to your Organizations Goals
  • Web Site / Web Presence and Search Engine Optimization(seo)
    • no idea what web presence is? coming soon(in tech articles).
    • for any business looking to have a site that earns a bit more than before or is new to the web or has a glorified business card not generating leads let alone revenue.
    • do you treat your site like a business card when you run into a new potential client? How often does it hand itself out of you arnt offering it?



Home/consumer/enthusiast services:

  • Custom gaming rigs or workstations for the young engineer (or aspiring of any age)
  • iPad, iPhone Repair. Broken Screen? Buttons Sticky? Can you read this through the cracks?
  • Android Phone/Smart Device and Tablet Repair
  • PC and Mac Upgrades, Repair and Consulting
  • Silent media center Pcs, in for factors that blend with av gear and or function like one would expect. 0 fans, looks like a receiver and throw in hdmi cec compatibility so for simple tasks the buttons on the TV remote control the pc as if it were something made for your living room.
  • Audio Video Consulting. Looking for a home theater? Have one but some issues are spoiling the fun? Before you feed the monster your entire wallet…. give us a shout

St Cloud MN PCB Fabrication Service

*(work in progress)
  • this is still a work in progress. Its not going to be for production runs. Its more do you need that prototype today?
  • ive done 8 thou on 2oz with an exposure rig and etch tank I built. this also was a double sided board and I had a decent scheme figured out for alignment.
  • at the moment im looking for a rental space where i can do more fab things and the cupric, tank and exposure unit are in storage.

Maker/hacker/artist space

  • giving people opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise had, Be it learning a skill or practicing one to bring an idea to fruition.




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