Three Years Counting Mold Hell

ByJohn Wuethrich

Three Years Counting Mold Hell

Inside of moldy wall

Half of this I’m still not sure on. Ie specifically what bugs/mites. The black cat (Cosmos) lived at my parents and had been my buddy since 8th grade (01). In visiting during his final days I was sleeping next to him where ever he wanted. This often meant the basement floor.

cosmos cat

Since 2006 I’ve mostly lived with a roommate or own my own but in an apartment.

About 6 years ago moving from Fargo ND to St Cloud MN I spent 6 months back at my parents and got sick. I suspected mold in their basement. My mom tried to use it as a reason not to let me move out. I was clearly too sick in the head. Their house couldnt have mold!

I was so busy once I got to St. Cloud that by the time Cosmos got sick I completely forgot my CNP mom wanted me medicated for delusions then. 

this delusion was infact confirmed to be real by a mold pro. That didnt stop a Dr on a med hold rigged by parents with likely personality disorders from trying to force medicate me. I had the email from the mold pro but the doctor dismissed this with “patients arnt allowed phones on the ward” 

I have recorded confessions from both parents that the events leading up to the med hold were set up and police reports falsified.

the police tell me “we cant put that on record or we risk liability” along with “its ok that they opened your mail and cashed a check in your name from said mail, it went to their address (under my name(they were my permanent address since i moved to fargo in 06)

State Bar says no one wants to touch outcome of med hold cases. 

A doc on the hold last year that went against dsm criteria (as far as i can tell) … I knew what match box syndrome was because psych was once an interest of mine. Which is why at river side i stuck to only “I have the mold pros confirmation in my email”… not “i have pictures of samples blah blah” 

I literary got MMS/Txted the pictures of the remediated by pro basement (9 months late and while i was stuck in the mental ward) The day I got out. (the images below)

Three Years Counting Mold Hell 1
Three Years Counting Mold Hell 2

My HS room

The worst of it all. If you notice where the double outlet electrical box is; six years ago I messaged a friend it feels like stuff is flying out and attacking (from outlet box). I found the chat history recently

Three Years Counting Mold Hell 3
Three Years Counting Mold Hell 4

Same Corner

While they were in denial/two on one gas lighting and i needed a place to work. not sure if that black specifically was mold but the inner wall (insulation pics) came from the longer section on left.

Rewind, How I ended up back at my parents.

The apt company where i was didnt want to renew lease. This is a post in its own. in the previous 9 years of renting this had happened once. I’ve never been kicked out/Evicted of any apt. This company didnt want to treat the roaches and other bugs in the 3rd floor unit. as i said post of its own. I actually miss renting in North Dakota. 

so I end up stuck back at at my parents. As I moved out 2 things happened. Mold was found in one place in the apt. if you walked into my bathroom in that unit; stacked washer dryer to your right, double vanity on left.

I had been sleeping on parents basement carpet next to cosmos when this all started. Usually I would drive back to my apt in the morning and ditch my clothes infront of washer. Heres the cabinet under the vanity

Three Years Counting Mold Hell 5

During the WHY THE FUCK AM I BLEEDING phase, this was covered by extra floor laminate. 

Three Years Counting Mold Hell 6
Three Years Counting Mold Hell 7
Three Years Counting Mold Hell 8

The second thing that happened was parents had agreed to have house inspected for mold. Not only did the mold pro find an issue. he was able to say it was from wrong carpet pad laid when they finished the basement in 01.

i thought phew at least the Johns crazy talk is done… little did I know the house was lit with gas. 

A key detail, my mom wasnt present for the mold pros inspection. I was for every moment of it. She would later pretend to quote him directly in again insisting her shit doesnt stink. 

6 months of trying to convince me i fail everything, going through and throwing away my things. “Theres no mold cause im your mom and say so”

6 months in I kicked a trashcan exiting the dinner table. I also threw a soda. Imature i know but I can only take so much “we know you have a problem”.

all the sudden my mother is trying to push me over railing to basement. I had bare feet on wet tile(clearly of my doing but not an excuse for threat to life by her actions). I wasnt expecting contact let alone repeated shoves. when i felt a foot slip I took her by the wrists and slowly walked her to a corner (so i could duck around if she tried to swing on release) while doing so


they then report i got aggressive and decided to shove her across the room. my thought is my mom realized that 30 years no criminal or mental health record/issues… she wasn’t geting a 72 hr hold easily with out something like this. 

usually after “no mold cause i say so” came “youre delusional we can call crisis center” or “you need meds for your head…” ‘

about a week before that police report I caught her throwing away parts someone paid for for a HUGE hardware project. She threatened to push me down the stairs for pointing it out. 

Hotel Happens

7 or 8 months in. Still gaslighing mold and acting like ostrages… no action taken…

my mother had surgery for lung cancer.

no more than a week before she is following me around their house yelling “YOURE NOT NORMAL” and various other …

I suggested to my dad that she might recover better with out the stress of me possibly exiting the 10ft by 10ft room I had finally worked my way into upstairs.

Car Goes Missing

How the mental hold was rigged. Its important to note that 18 months or so of looking like this

Three Years Counting Mold Hell 9

cleared up with in the first week at the hotel.  At the end of that I needed to clone my laptop ssd to a larger ssd. 3hrs in their basement and back to bleeding eye corner the next day only to clear up again avoiding their house.

I wasnt just at one though. My dad was booking 3 or 4 days at a time and banned me from their home with my 2 rabbits and all my things there.

im an only whitness…er child… even with the car I had at the hotel, there were 4 others they could drive. Still the one I was using disappears from the hotel lot 

They found officer trys hard and showed a printed list of txts (so i gather)

no word on if cops used forensic software or just took parents at word that this was unaltered. I had to figure it out based on doc asking things I recalled txting…but not outright what his source was.

as far as i understand the state statue the officer who executed the hold was pushing the limit of the letter. Its only supposed to be for an intimidate threat. 

im jumping ahead too much… 

I head down stairs(hotel) to get first meal at 4pm. I had woken around 10am and worked on a clients web server remotely all day.

 Im hungry. Car is missing from hotel lot. $500 stereo microscope was in the back seat. Figuring this was their game, I asked my dad via txt “do you have it” 

and got something like “are you done threatening me”

hungry and tired of games and gaslighting i lost it. I tried to lose it with a sense of humor though. I thought any rational adult would see issues with what i typed next actually happening.

something like “Im hungry and now stranded… if its not back by the time uber gets here ill make my first stop ace hardware. Ill walk out with a sledge hammer and request your place, hammer through the stucko and hammer my brains out on the kitchen floor”

I sincerely doubt the cabbie would be ok with “yo holmes to bellair” (take me to middle class address at 4pm on a thursday with this sledge hammer”

I know from the 7 months before police responce to their address is almost never over 10min from call. I think its questionable I could have even made it through the stucko in that amount of time (and hungry)… Could I have actually hammered my brains out not just cracked my skull and passed out? im not sure, if anyone wants to try it at home and write in …

regardless the threat was conditional and the car came back 30min later. 

4 hrs later ive goten food, worked more on remote webserver and taken a nap. I head to the gas station for snacks, come back to hotel lot and get blocked in by squad car and ambulance. 

about the 2nd thing out of the officers mouth was “I have the power to decide.I Decided before I met you, youre going in tonight”

having never heard of medical holds and figuring due process blah blah, i figured, just calmly talk and im probably ok. about 15min into that “you can exit the vehical or i can drag you out”

not one to be a drag….

I remained friendly to all of the above even joked with ambulance staff and made small talk. 

3hrs into stay at mg hospital i figured there has to be a form…beurocracy loves making things official with forms 

if i understand right i shouldnt have had to ask for it. state statute says “with in an hr”

Three Years Counting Mold Hell 10
Three Years Counting Mold Hell 11
Three Years Counting Mold Hell 12
Rip Bonnie. She was rib thin by the time my neo natal np mom decided she needed the vet. the first time she went alone in 10 plus years...also the last.
Three Years Counting Mold Hell 13
Three Years Counting Mold Hell 14
Three Years Counting Mold Hell 15
Three Years Counting Mold Hell 16

Two or Three days Later I drove Clyde 45 min to the vet so we could say goodbye to our friend of the last decade plus. I had them freeze Bonnie. They are very social animals and dont do well when their friend goes missing with no closure.  He sat by her for hours until the vet closed. 

Three Years Counting Mold Hell 17

later encounter with officer from that night “there is no specific statute i used” 

…um yeah ….

“Why do you shove your mom around?”

… at this point I decided i was done talking and sat silent. 

That encounter was maybe a month later on the day Bonnie died.

 I might post the audio of my dads wicked games that day. I dont lightly say that they suffer personality disorders. I’ll probably do a post on it later.

I got the call at the hotel that Bonnie needed the vet, the biggest indicator was I told them if you have pinapple make sure she gets some. Im going to shower. I threw the phone down and 5min into the shower my dad realizes its still connected. he starts “HELLLOOOOOOO HELLO? HEYYYYYYY HELLO”
until i exit the bathroom soap in my eyes and all he wanted is to confirm yes…the call was not hung up. 

When he arives at the hotel with Bonnie (vet was 45min in my previous town) I ask 

“did she get pinnapple?”

“yes but we were out”


“did she get it or not”

“yes but we were out”

“that doesnt make any sense”

then an argument into how that had to make sense until it ended with “SHUT THE FUCK UP” from him.

I think i have the audio of this as well.

Whether or not they starved her… npd and aspd often wants you to know they do something to you even if they wont admit it. a more advanced version would be to associate a fucked up event with the hint they might of. 

this was my friend of the last decade being emergency rushed to the vet and hes playing games with 0 appropriate emotional response.  0 empathy.

Ill finish this later. 12 months post hold with parents claiming to own me im typing this from an empty apt (3 folding tables) no kitchen and 3 years of shit diet full on stress.

the worst is that same car was then given to me to exist at empty apt, pics of what was in head liner are in the scroll. I was forced to re mediate their car under threat of losing all my things. They still have most of them. 

for now if any lawyers are in the house…

AKA the car  Marlene Wuethrich drove to the NICU for 9 years. ​To be fair it was a lot better before jan 2019 right before moving to apt they forced me into…snow blew through the vents. I’ve been driving since maybe 03? never once seen this happen so I called my dad. he refused to acknowoledge it promptly changing the subject to how he came to the hotel to put things in my trunk. The closest he came to acknowlodging it was when I said 

“you would know exactly where the air filter is and would have added it there”

he responded:

“are you sure that model has one?”

I checked later that night, its normally behind the glove box. the glove box was already unhooked. apparently he forgot too.

Wood Lamp

This is whats responsible for the blueish images you see. 

It was my UV Lithography Exposure source. In learning about UV lithography I had happened across the med and forensics device known as a “wood lamp”. When I again suspected mold I quickly ripped this from my exposure box and adapted it to be portable.  

Three Years Counting Mold Hell 18
Three Years Counting Mold Hell 19

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