Bonnie Rabbit

ByJohn Wuethrich

Bonnie Rabbit

Bonnie Rabbit 2 I dont have as many pics of her readily available. My old server where most of it was backed up is in pieces on the floor and parts needed are being held hostage by my parents (along with her removed from us mail addressed to me ashes.) I was basicly working till I passed out before mold hell hit. Often it was face down on the floor because I would stop to hang out with bonnie and clyde. One day after passing out in such a fashion I woke 6 hrs later with a odd weight on my back. As i stood up a white and black blur crossed my shoulder and lept to the floor. Miss Bonnie was quite pissed her pillow decided to move. Bonnie was such a sweet heart. Every time Id go to pet her she would rub her chin on my finger, i guess i was hers not the other way around. Ill write more later.
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Bonnie Rabbit 6
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Bonnie Rabbit 10

One area where the normaly more timid but loving and lovable bonnie was far more apt was hard floors. Rabbits lack pads under their nails like cats and dogs have. This equals almost no traction and the need for them to modify how they hold their wait if trying to traverse wood, tile, cement or linoleum floors. 

Bonnie Rabbit 11

When Bonnie was at the vet the last time (with out Clyde) the first thing the vet says is she will need syringe feeding (3 months in my parents care) (my dad stopped giving the antibiotics half way, they had banned me from the house keeping Bonnie and Clyde) she jumped free when we tried to do a blood draw, hit the table, started to seize and the vet tech not thinking held her rigid. It wasnt her fault it all happened so quick. I agreed to cpr and the vet found Bonnie likely had a tumor. She came back and reported something was resisting the compression and a lot of technical details that were a blur and still are. thing is that didnt kill Bonnie. she was scared. She hadent been to the vet alone in over a decade… There is a lot more shadiness at play I will post later.

actually it was so nasty that there is only one thing that made me believe my parents didnt stuff something in her chest cavity/otherwise poison her. …well maybe they did either way but what I know is:

Bonnie and Clyde sometimes got in dominance scuffs but never very serious. The hardest I’ve ever seen Clyde bite was about 6 months before she died. He bit and wouldn’t let go. He bit down hard right where the tumor was and wouldn’t let go. 

I miss you Bonnie, you deserved better, I love you and you will always be in my heart. 

Bonnie Rabbit 12

Bonnie was also quick to come to me if she sensed i was upset.  she was often playfully machivious as well. her favorite trick was stealing what ever page I was taking notes/writing on if on the couch or floor attempting to study 😀 she would then run a short distance playfully jerking her head holding the page in her mouth.  I miss her dearly.

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