At home Apartments, Park Place Estates, Cheri Johnson et all

ByJohn Wuethrich

At home Apartments, Park Place Estates, Cheri Johnson et all

Disclaimer:  what you are about to read (minus the official communications) is my personal opinion and or personal account/review of my experience with this company. I have no doubt (from what ive seen so far) this will likely trigger a C&D letter. 

Park Place Estates, St Cloud MN 56301

About 7 months ago the staff at Park Place Estates began entering a garage I rent with the apt. The issue was they entered repeatedly with no attempt to notify.  At lease signing I had discused the intended use of the garage space. I had just escaped a major mold issue and intended  to use the garage to clean up my stuff.

Their excesses for entering were smelling bleach (which only was used once) and then Ozone (which they admit they use in smoker units aka inside the actual building but me using it in the garage was cause to enter sans notification) 

How Bad Was The Violation of Rights?

Not only was there no notification but one time I was sitting in the car (in the double stall garage I rent both halves of) taking a break, I looked up and watched the garage lock spin. I had a box in front of the door as this was still early in the move/time here (anyone remember those puzzles where you slide squares with one square missing in a grid?) and I yelled “STOP”. this was a day after Cheri had asked me via phone to not use the ozone machine and i had unplugged it as per request. 

well maintenance dude didnt seem to give a fuck about the lack of notification, tenant rights or me yelling stop as he spun lock.

He busts in blowing the box against the wall runs to my shelving (on the side opposite the door) where the ozone machine sat unplugged ( with his cellphone in hand) and appeared to take a bunch of pictures of it(unplugged) while i sat in my car yelling “GET THE FUCK OUT!”

in my opinion a great tag line would be:

at home apartments, so at home random strangers err… maintenance/staff walk in seemingly as they wish

Flash forward:

now an odor they wont identify is claimed to be a bother from my unit. 

the first letter i get says over several months complaints. yet i got the letter like a week ago and as this place for what ever reason holds both us mail(too big for box) and private packages at the front office. I have seen several staff members and Cheri herself in person over these “several months” picking up my packages. never a mention of it.

but its pretty ridiculous because they wont say what the odor is, they have already shown willingness to bust through the door for use of cleaning products. They use ozone in the units but in the garage they consider it worth violating rights if they suspect someone else might be using it. In a email with Joel Torborg I asked “Do you evacuate the building every time you ozone an actual unit?” and that seemed to sink in. 

Another thing that comes to mind:

how can one assess progress on an undefined non nondescript and or un known odor?

to assess progress it would seem to me one would need a point of reference to compare it to. The wording to me suggests an earlier entry. The letters I have provided pictures of were hand delivered to the door yet the wording doesnt seem to indicate it was smelled then/by staff members. 

why would entry be required to do so?

if it is as they say shouldn’t a sniff by the door accomplish this? 

if you wanted me gone (post lease) that fine, thats how biz agreements/contracts/leases work. 

I see this as terrrorization and harassment when as other online reviews state I’ll probably be out end of lease anyway. Because they have forcibly entered with no notification in the past for cleaning smells, wont describe the current offending odor(see call audio/youtube above), would seem rather damned if i do damned if i don’t. 

In my opinion if you are looking to rent in St. Cloud MN: 

AVOID THIS PLACE LIKE THE PLAGUE and by extension torborg owned/managed properties… possibly just the city itself. 

The other odd thing is that’s not my contact email. I gave mine while signing the lease, somehow my parents ended up on file. On top of that I’ve had email communications with my proper email with the management yet still several other attempts to contact have listed my parents email. 

this snafu has also kept me out of the online portal for the duration of living here. the company in my opinion makes a big deal out of how innovative it is. I’m not sure if they stream the cameras at the entryways but if they do its also offered my parents a way to track entering and exiting. 

I firmly believe if you are looking for a great cell to hold someone hostage in consider @ home apartments and park place estates! where they seemingly will even assist in curating the feeling of no rights or privacy! 

incase you arnt great with deducing context: this was during the garage fiasco. note how the threat here is

“we will change the lock with your stuff in it”

from the “Regional Property Manager”

At home Apartments, Park Place Estates, Cheri Johnson et all 2

Park Place Estates, St Cloud Minnesota where the management knows what ctrl+b does but appears to me to have no definition of decency. also note for what ever reason they cant even spell John correctly once. 

It would be different if on the phone yesterday she was willing to answer what the odor was or describe it in the slightest. the last 2 days before this i was stranded with out a car, ive pretty much had my time consumed under threat of losing everything i own for the last year(not at home related). I fear it may ultimately cost my life..

this lump on my neck looks pretty damn healthy. 

At home Apartments, Park Place Estates, Cheri Johnson et all 3

Im sure between trying to appease the unreasonable for an unspecified smell and finding a new place and dealing with my dead friends remains…. I’ll certainly have time to seek medical attention.

In reality, ive spent the last 3 years bleeding or being pushed around (mainly by other parties) because my parents made mistakes with finishing their house in 2001.I havent been able to eat/ cook right, manage my time as i see fit, access property i own, cook nutritious meals, exercise or anything that contributes to longevity. I signed this lease under threat of being on the street with my parents keeping 16 years worth of my assets. I’d say there is a 50 percent shot im dead in 6 months. Not that its all the fault of this rental company but they haven’t been a positive addition to the issues and where you live/how much of a hassle that is, contributes a lot.

Later I’ll post more communications. When I started cracking the garage door to eliminate offending cleaning smells, it was promptly met with a letter about how much of a security risk that was. Big Brain time…. its not if i happen to be in the garage.  

maybe if i accomplish anything in life: it will be that this post will at least teach Cheri the appropriate amount of BOLD to use in a business letter/correspondence  

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