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first off this is a miserable way to communicate data/logs/records. I dont know much about court its not something i have much experience with. It scares tRead More

hopeless hurt and confusion | timeline below

i keep trying to pass out, ive gotten a few brief moments of sleep but when I woke up to the power flickering terror set in. …

Diet et All.

Quite a bit I make claims about what diet plays a roll in as it applies to everyday life. Having always been into science of all kinds and having an NP motRead More

3-27-2020 – Lies to an officer not having any of it. (thank you)

The last week more often than not my parents have used the belief that there are ofps passed and their ability to drive 45min to the cell apartment they piRead More

March 23rd 2020 – Now We Need The Rental

Also More calls from my mother than 2006-2017 in one day – could it be we understand women are more protected than men and want to take advantage of Read More

Mental Holds & Profit Margins

Ive yet to find anything to point to indicating payments or how the states agreements with hospitals works. for now this is a hypothetical analysis of mn 7Read More

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