Hello, Im John.

If you were here a few weeks ago you might notice quite a bit is missing. There are ocassionaly those times one should go to bed or take a break for a bit and one doesnt… I think my first time using the Bash shell was 2003, I am un happy to report but kinda surprised it took this long… rm -rf /symboliclinktodelete/ does not end well. I actually managed to pull quite a bit out of google web cache but I still have to get a script togeather to parse and reinsert.

probably first new post will be about that. as I had the idea and googled to see if anyone else had an implementation already. back in 2009 I had a linux course and the professor was huge into things like crawling the web with the command line. Probably my favorite professor of all time at NDSU. Also a man with a phd in CS and Masters in IS but wanted his classes/students to call him by his first name. All around great guy I learned a lot from. anyway though…

I found 2 people had posted solutions neither worked for even hitting google web cache. one was just so old I couldnt get all the python dependencies for cent 8. other was only maybe 2 years old but i couldnt get it to not result in a ban/throttle by googles servers. .

also getting the list of urls via that method was a nogo either but i figured my own way to get those.

so i will probably post the solution i came up with.

in the mean time, if anyone happens to be here in need of such. swap wget with curl, put sleep in the while (not eof) loop. to get the urls use search console and a shell script can easily prepend or apend what ever to the flat file lines. feed tht solution into the bash script with the curl inside the read line and curl it.. i did a bit more work to swap slashes for — and cut like 38 characters off the front for file names. not revolutionary but i couldnt find another example taht came close to working /eve poped off with out google slamming the ban/throttle hammer or at all. so maybe it will interest someone

Second Pressing Matter:

Someone who i was losely associated with was contactetd by my dad and then mom and dad over the period of the last two years and eventually caved to their “hes sick in the head” and then “if you offer his web client the same service for less you can probably take him”

The 1605 Goettens Way, St Cloud, MN 56301, St Cloud, MN 56303, USA Vengeance Technologies Listing IS mine but NOT under my control.

The former planned biz partner reset my gsuite password for quite a few things. As his account was paid via yours truely its probably a fedral violation but who am i kidding my parents are holding me down starving me and leting 18 year olds or anyone who wants take a swing at my life health….. while they sadisticly create hell i couldnt have ever imagined.

first things first the website that links to and person behind it is not me or related to me business or otherwise. I havent spoken with him in about a year and nothing was official even at that point.

Im deeply concerned when he appears to have launched “Tobbie John Business” not sure if John is me but combined with hijacking my listing… theres some valid concern over liability or someone attempting to dump a bunch on someone else.

no not exagerating. try 12 months in a empty apt because other town police decide you just dont live at your other place. Despite “im your landlord now until you can afford every cent of moving out” seems to me to be a length of time on a contract? a judge would have to say for sure though. While there from june 2018 to aug 2018 not a month when by where it wasnt demanded i help with a computer problem or told to do maintenance. when i point out, the drives in “your” (it was mine by spare parts re assembled and upgraded over years)(or the livingroom media center stereo/surround style case built for them yours truly years ago no charge)(but hey free labor and all my things by just telling police i never worked. and all my things bought on credit…. while starving me and threatening to destroy them ifi i dont jump hoop after hoop while mgpd says “its not illegal to claim to own someone”

is there a lawyer in the house?

im thinking of contacting the fed gov via DOJ because i belive some very serious violations have occured… like life endagering and that or start from street destroyed credit going to have rotting jaw , blowing out what might be black mold from actually moldy house. clyde rabbit in the freezer. im in empty apt they picked and about to be on street meanwhile 20 days to lease end they file ofps an hr and a half way. then come up every day after for a week and 2x try to call in welfare checks with scpd.

Im very grateful that the officer that responded both times seems to be one of the ones with a brain and who takes the vested powers seriously. one of the upstanding.

but yeah as far as my parents and mgpd and “i own you” and now im going to be in ruin after 30 days hungry last year and everything i worked for just poof gone. no notice i just dont live there anymore after moving back in at 29 turning 30.

the fbi also states their scope includes public officials not acting in accordence with law, not sure but im probably going to email or call them as well.

one catch twenty – fuck you that strikes me is … if i hadent been stranded imideately before the ofp for 6 days and having to move out (pre covid world ) the end of that month (from apt in st cloud parents picked…and for having to clean their mold car here)

well the catch twenty two is they have documents i would need to defend some of their claims.

when soemone move all their stuff in where someone claims to be their landlord… then all the sudden police enforced “you dont live here” with 0 writen or otherwise notice.

lot of logical issues occur here. Includeing when words with 0 context that anyone can type and claim said “hey look what paul is saying right now”


good thing she didnt verbally threaten the captor . I can bet if one person is held hostage…. that Buffalo Bill is more apt to get to the court of police station or even be able to mail in the petition to the court. why wasnt she smart enough to pitch a fucking mail box in her cell?

why cant i magnage my finances when checks from letters adressed to me and made out to me get opened and decided where they go…

god i just fuck up so much with these things i cant control or even verbally lose my temper over.

if they say i never worked and they have all the records to show otherwise… welll fuck why am i on this planned. i cant own anything, i cant likely escape these psychos… they drove up for a week after ofps…more later on that…

www.paulmarwuethrich.com is set up in a way that with 0 input and a cost of around 12 a year prepayable it will be up for several years should i die on the street or of covid. my bp in aug 2018 was 180 over i looked away on the medical hold, two days in after talking to my dad on the landline provided for patients. harming me for life for their mistakes and denying it to me covering it up to others is a game to both of them.

this site and specificly the home page will likely revert to more or less what it was and soon but this site is hosted on a server on the floor of less than livable living solution and its an ode to their agree or contribute to something to look good and make it worthless as well. started the build (with more method/plan/reason than i care to go into right now) in one of the hotels.

clearly if im on the street any story or service told here goes away.

the other domain is registered with google and instead of pointing it at hosting i pointed it at google blogger. aka 12 bucks a year and stays up even if all my things are incinerated with my body. though i wouldnt think i would have to justify that expenditure to anyone… id hope most would see the value to cost is pretty reasonable to say the least.

biz law at scsu taught if you even accept services from someone known to preform them then an invoice for average market rate is your dubty to pay. im thinking here the service with 100 to 150 an hr average market rate probably covered the 10×10 room with mold in the pipe access. again not a judge but…

my mom had a lung cancer operation in aug 2018 and a few days before is following me around their moldy house screaming im delusional. I told my dad “hey might it not be best for her recovery if im not here for a week or two?” there was no intent to move out. I had moved back in jan 2018… ie hadent been there more than 6 mo continuously since 2006. if one added up all the time ive spent back there since 2006 its likely less than a year. perhaps more tell tail of what this is about. probably got a key to the house in 2000. either end of 6th grade or start of 7th. had either that or the garage code till aug 2018.

yet no notice what so ever… probably around sept 2018 “you just dont live here anymore” but all my assets and two live rabbits at the time still did.

they have bonnies ashes and clyde is in my freezer. this is really messed up. they pretended to lose her remains to terrorize.

Then they were allowed to take their car from the hotel lot…aka where i was staying and actually between 5 total but the lot the day it happened… used the resulting threats to get a mental hold. 5:30pm on a wed I had worked on a webserver for a biz in st cloud all day. Come down and find hey no car. said some stuff i posted over on www.paulmarwuethrich.com

basicly conditional on returning the car… then again conditional on the cab driver who i would otherwise hire being ok with me first requesting hardware store, then walking out with an 8lb sledge hammer wed at maybe 6pm and saying stop 2 “yo holmes to belair” aka ill uber to ace buy a sledge hammer and hammer your house” It was suposed to be a bit far fetched but allow steam to be blown off. well some how 3 or 4 hrs later the mn 72 hr hold law was applied (i think…execution doesnt match either type of hold) .

surprise mental ward. officer who blocked me in with squad as i returned from gas station… first words “I have the power to deciee if you go in tonight but i decided before i met you, youre going in” during the me thinking if i calmly explain part i mentioned how its a bit odd he can take the car to create the condtional (then expired by several hrs) threat

“doesnt matter its his car”

so aparently in mn if you are a parent, ….. you can invite an adult child back in, use mgpd to keep them from all the assets you now control of theirs. strand them at the interm where they live solution and get a mental hold executed regardless of “imediate threat to self property or others.”

with no value statement on property or even whos…. technicaly anyone in mn can be taken on a mental hold for threatening to snap their own number 2 pencil.

3 hrs in im asking the nurse or doc “is there a form that makes this official? have i been anything other than calm and cogent?”

“you’ve been fine but were keeping you anyway, ill be right back with that form”

if you can force someone to a hotel with out a reasonable budget or even use police to enforce it… strand them there, hold all asets they might sell or used to earn/everything theres ever…. well we’ve allready crossed lines trafficking and illegal imprisonment in some states. just by locking up valuables. the driving away in a car not mine and or have to drive away is an odd twist. esp sans restraining order. you moved here from 45min away and now you have nothing.

so i ask if i can report it stolen at one point and hear “no you gave it to them by leaving it there when you moved out” or something alone those non existent lines.

some of mgpd does try really hard and some officers are upstanding. about 5 come to mind in that category. most at least return respect given. pretty average in any job some care some meh and some…. well in that field… do you get off controlling people? Mr always knows best? bullied in hs? like wtf. about 3 have been along those lines but the overall actions are still what they are. ive gone hungry 30 days last year. clyde should not be dead. my stuff is still being destroyed. They got their house remediation while a doctor was telling me “(redacted) for delusions of mold and bugs” after I said “sir i have the email with the mold pro and docs from extermination on my Gmail on my phone” only to hear “patients aren’t allowed phones on the ward”

literally got sent a pic of the remediated basement as i got out early on sat. doc himself said “you’ll be here till tuesday earliest” . maybe all the pointing out i was doing of hipaa violations? maybe the patient landline and leaving messages for 5 med law offices? (sat) maybe the 0 criminal or mental health record and age 30 combined?

I called state bar afterwords, no one wants to touch those cases…well that doesnt help my EHRs any im now blowing out black stringy stuff. State bar told me to tell relevant PD parents are unreliable witnesses so around july 2019 ive been forced to clean mold car since they picked an apt and used “sign this lease or be homeless and say good bye to your things” …

then suprise…snow blows through car vents in jan 2019.

but i drove down to tell mgpd this i had recordings the major reports were done as retaliation for petty non criminal stuff like punching a car door after my dad shoved me across the room. “You know why im so much better than you John?”

im petting bonnie and clyde not looking to compete with anyone and this is while mold house is 6mo old or more since problem confirmed.

“because i just dont lose my cool” . it occured he doesnt care about anything but objects or maybe thats the case. I noted a wicker brush on table picked it up and slapped table. sure as hell 2 seconds after “i dont lose my cool” (while im scared as hell for my rabbits myself and my parents over their non handling of huge black mold issue) …sure as hell hes now shoving me across the room. so i punched his passanger side door on the way out. mature? no. battery inspired and took it out on a object instead of retaliation or trying to fight a person… yep. could i maybe have omitted it? yeah. im not perfect.

I have been more the adult here than either of them. Im the only one of that group who hasnt laid hands on the other in anger. they both have then report me as “threatening” or my mom …shoving her across the room. when she was trying to push me over railing and in too close to go right or left. my bet is that was pretty much intended because 40 years in med field she probably had a friend to ask if she didnt outright know “what is the criteria for an emergency hold?” and 30 years no records didnt match.

at least i hope… otherwise i might as well walk out of this state. cause im at least as held hostage if not more than the 27 year old male of the Turpin family in california. he was let out for community college if i understand right. could have ran quite a few times. the reality is thats not very realistic when its start at absolute 0. its insane i have to make this argument. but more insane that on driving down to mg maybe a year into “you just dont live there anymore” then clean mold car or lose everything.

parents still are opening and holding my mail.

had opened a usps adressed to me letter with enclosed check. money in my name…mail fraud and check fraud to control where it goes/what i have.

yet one officer becomes 2 “im here just so you are sure you arnt geting the word of just one cop” and “they can open any mail that goes to their address”, sooo bill gates bank statement shows up at my apt and? ahhh.

more so its express ticket to mental ward not feeding or clothing yourself but how can this be a thing when one can be seperated from EVERYTHING THEY HAD while check and mail fraud is ignored?

so then i brought up the unreliable witness, trying to also comunicate im trying to get the use the police as a weapon agaisnt john (via false reports) to stop … same reason i wanted to press charges for the check and mail fraud. if you give a bully cart blanch what do you expect they will do? yeah get worse. i was flat out told “the department might be liable if we put unreliable witness on file” so cant do that or false report report/charges… then the kicker when i said ive now heard my dad say he owns me several times

“its not illegal to say you own someone”. some point in there “why cant you manage your own finances?” thats pretty back handed considering what do i teleport things up my ass or do they come in the mail? parents with personality disorders do exactly these things and can be deatly to even their adult child. it shouldnt take any psych knowledge for “they say the own me” …

fuck it.

now they filed 2 ofps after this year of hell. would be homeless except for covid. 2 weeks ago my garage was went through…long story but the high value stuff i got back walked away… it was due to fact that in the building they picked the door opener is 30 years old and there arnt enough codes. then due tto fact that when they took mold car after 9mo of clean it or lose everything… garage door remote went with. first uniiversal had to be returned to eat. second i cycled several times, then the other night forgot to unplug the opener. covid fills the parkinglot. so park in firelane, remove keys, open building door, next key, open garage door (person door) , plug in opener, walk back by door and hit buton, walk out to car, start drive in…then 2 trips upstairs and fuck me. well neighbors remote tripped it.

worse yet cant even get the serail numbers on like my workstation computers motherboard… cause all that stuff… at my parents. mig welder and ryobi compound miter went to. I suspect if it wasnt a local, next is my dad then tobbie.

doesnt matter in a few days ill be homeless, destroyed credit, destroyed background check, with an eviction

i was 29, missed first ever min cred payment/paymetn at all as this started/ could have signed my own lease/passed background and credit check. 0 criminal or mental health record.

they have destroyed me on every level and starved me when i could ahve been cooking (i know how to care for myself and even cook indian curry from scratch, also do kale and garlic, some vegan dishes, stake, i understand healthy eating but nope…)

this is insane. worse yet clydes still in freezer. if the turpin family had been in mn, i would sorta bet all the kids would be getting medicated at riverside and told their parents dont owe them anything.

yeah… thats both my parents in a nut shell and state of mn doesnt give a F*** that they claim to own me but all the suden is mighty concerned about words my parents typed with quotes and zero context as to why what might have been said was maybe being said, In the last 2 years “looks like you need someone to take control” (i didnt the issue was then a month later proven to be from parents house) , “we’re the same person”, “i get what i want when i want”, “I decide what hurts you”, “you deserve it because you threatened me”, “youre a spoiled brat”, “you do it to yourself” ,”Im going to make you suffer for taking my time with my husband”, “you made it up because you couldnt complete the projects”(as shes throwing away parts to major projects interupted by their moldy house and then kept everything of mine for last 2 years (almost)(but i got 9 months of breathing mold after they paid to have their house remediated…actually still am like 14mo later. )”im your landlord now untill you can afford every cent of moving out”, “you’re delusional and need medication” ,”we can get you medicated”(mold was proven and i heard this for 9mo)”i need control because i want control”, “I own you”,”i own you”, “i dont own you but i bought you”, “ill do worse (than false police reports) if you dont stop”(im not the agresser im still in an empty apt about to be evicted. “

“Are you going down stairs?” “I would move away from the steps before I push you down them”

“YOU BASTARD I BROUGHT YOU INTO THIS WORLD I CAN TAKE YOU OUT OF IT” (as i walk us away from the railing she was repeatedly trying to push me over) “PAUL CALL THE POLICE”…. lovely state of legal status when female might as well say “MALE WONT LET ME KILL HIM GET ME THE POLICE”

“uve never worked so all your stuff is mine ” she drove me to my first biz it client in 2004 because i had just turned 16 and didnt have my liscense yet. geting off mc donalds 3 hrs early around that time also is likely the reason Paul Wuethrich is till alive (dissecting aortic anurism from above heart valve to split in groin). My mom made the hospital waiting room 3 hrs after my dad and i arrived via ambulance.

but the police department in maple grove as a whole bought that line (as far as i can piece together)


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