Lawn Tractor Snowplow repair & upgrade

ByJohn Wuethrich

Lawn Tractor Snowplow repair & upgrade

Lawn Tractor Snowplow repair & upgrade 1

I needed a space to use my welder. Im mainly in need of a new electronics work bench and server rack. Last year i picked up a Northern Tool Klutch 140si on clearance for a hella deal. I found a guy with a pole barn who also needed some help with his lawn tractor plow on its last legs so for that and improving the workbench in barn scenario I should get to produce the bench I need for my shop later and what ever else inbetween. 

heres the story of the lawn tractor/snow plow upgrade and revamp:

There was every sign the thing was ready to break in multiple places. So part of this was bending back deflections, then seeing if we cant keep it from happening again. Still a work in progress. Rather than mechanical linkage we opted to try cheap linear actuators from ebay. 

wip and i will upload photos from phone as i go. you will probably see a bunch of pics before anything describing them.

I cant take credit for all the welding you will see but some of it is mine (probably look for the worst beads lol) I have been the man with the plan/ direction/ director for all parts of this (even when a far more skilled welder is making the magic happen).

Lawn Tractor Snowplow repair & upgrade 2
Lawn Tractor Snowplow repair & upgrade 3

The Fork had deflected out in both directions. MAP gas (plus spark :D) and hammer were used to correct it as much as possible. I had some left over sheet that I decided to add to the inside. Its now attached better than the tacks visable here. side to side play is almost down to 0 for now. I expect those pieces wear and may add silicone lube. Im considering joining the fork under the pivot point as well. 

Lawn Tractor Snowplow repair & upgrade 4
Lawn Tractor Snowplow repair & upgrade 5

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Is this ongoing or did you complete the project? If so, Id love to see how it ends. Keep it coming!


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