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first off this is a miserable way to communicate data/logs/records. I dont know much about court its not something i have much experience with. It scares the hell out of me that family court seems to be backward on the burden of proof and like the 72 hr hold has little in the way of standards of evidence.

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ByJohn Wuethrich

hopeless hurt and confusion | timeline below

i keep trying to pass out, ive gotten a few brief moments of sleep but when I woke up to the power flickering terror set in.

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ByJohn Wuethrich

Diet et All.

Quite a bit I make claims about what diet plays a roll in as it applies to everyday life. Having always been into science of all kinds and having an NP mother I have to remind myself from time to time that not everybody is aware of what peer reviewed medical journals and or science publications in general indicates diet is likely to influence. The news is under no obligation to report this and much of it does get a passing mention but just that. Infact due to corps holding corps and at some level big phrama having a stake in say any given news corp, the news if following biz ethics may not want to report or underline these findings. Not being actively enrolled anywhere with journal access Ill default to google scholar but this isn’t meant to be conclusive its just an attempt to lead anyone who cares about my saga or their own in the direction of health and long life, while putting some authority behind my claims.

diet and immune function

as it relates to exposure to mold toxins as well:

diet and epigenetic changes (how diet flips genetic predispositions and in this particular query heritability of said changes) (thanks to a girl named Haley who introduced me to the concept of epigenetics at all. I believe she has her PhD by now but i haven’t spoken with her in quite some time)

diet and glucose regulation (type 2 diabities was the thought)

diet and cognitive function,24&q=diet+and+cognitive+function

Diet and emotional regulation:

Diet and Cold Tolerance:

Diet and Death from any cause (morbidity)

ByJohn Wuethrich

3-27-2020 – Lies to an officer not having any of it. (thank you)

The last week more often than not my parents have used the belief that there are ofps passed and their ability to drive 45min to the cell apartment they picked for me (the only time this has happened ever) to prevent me from even using the rental car they furnished to get supplies.

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ByJohn Wuethrich

INSANITY 3/25/2019

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ByJohn Wuethrich

Mold Lessons Quickly

Mold and Somethings that can bite are also on a scale that makes them easy to miss with out a microscope. This post “Mold lessons quickly” is intended to help others find what may be info relevant to their infestation/growth issues and protection of their health, sanity and assets.

I started with the idea of lets put Things I wish I had known when my issues with mold and mites began as the theme. Intending to just compile a list of resources.

I am by no means a pro or expert and this is by no means complete. if you are reading this and have suggestions feel free to drop them in the comments and as time allows ill add or create a section and add.

This is not intended as medical advice or to be acted on. Its at most something to think about. In my case I ended up dependent on my parents and moving back in only to find the issue was likely from their house.

I then/still am learning that if you happen to be male and between the ages of 16-59 you have very little rights or protection if the demographics of those that wish to harm you are otherwise. esp if that can be stacked/hidden with cultural expectations and or perceptions/images illuded to

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ByJohn Wuethrich

The Uncovered Group

if what started as vawl were the basis (in mn) for the protected person laws (and as far as i can see that’s the case) then expanding them to include men over 59 (don’t quote me) (and children) seems to leave one group of the excluded unable to be protected people. I think i noted that may cover if one decides (or is born that way. Logicly speaking unlikely 100% of time I doubt energy GLBT person is as I’ve read enough and had enough friends to know otherwise) unless they declare themselves gay lesbian or trans.

worse yet the protections aren’t based on any previous standard of law. In reading the packets served by sheriff I to my horror find that the language is “a threat is anything that makes the PROTECTED PARTY feel threatened” the main issue other than the aggressive language ignoring not guilty till proven otherwise…

the main issue is the feels. or in internet “teh feels”. While ones feelings are important we’ve known for a long time they aren’t good basis for legal actions and especially on the criminal side of legal. yes i know this is civil but if it passes the consequences quickly become otherwise. why don’t i state that as might?

i cant control their feelings.

i also have watched mom and dad refuse to leave the room, refuse to let me mourn with Clyde in peace, refused to stop poking me after losing a pet of 12 years or so. then turn from provoking to literally saying “im tired of this lets call the police” then report that the “feel threatened” yeah its their house. its also the reason the situation happened in their failure to care for it or admit what was found and that’s all beside the point of “tired of this” turns into “feeling threatened”

as far as i know, standards of culpability in the past have been “average rational adult” on the civil side, and jury of multiple citizen/peers on the criminal side. im not a law expert but its pretty clear / probably not a good thing if concepts like even when no intent to harm or lie is present, emotions themselves aren’t always reliable. its not hard to deduce that the reasons we had other standards were people in the past understood one persons subjective measure is not just cause to enact restrictions on another (at least if that’s the only requirement/cause/claim)

I also state to my horror because I’ve been hearing for 2 years things like

“im going to make you suffer for taking my time with my husband”

“i own you”

“i don’t own you but i bought you” (when i said he said…note the answer doesn’t address what was said, just repeats it and modifies it) they play mind rape on extreme levels, like after i change a flat i hear for 2 weeks i don’t know how to change a tire so i must be stuck at my apartment… changed it the first day. drove on spare to tire place, heard that multiple times then denies he said it later. I mentioned that the only hard part (never had a flat before) was finding the jack point with out the owners manual. 9 months later right after denying that’s ever said i fianly get a non moldy car… a month after that he separately delivers the owners manual. yes there’s a chance this wasn’t intended. i don’t have the time or sanity to type every example. i didn’t jump to conclusions. layers? tells me its too expensive for you to drive down to maple grove, the budget was set with out the mold car, i redid the estimate for “if i can even do it here”, “this is the most expensive and dangerous”, “”here’s what i need”, “here’s why its if”the budget was never met, when i earned 2k they cut the budget they gave to make sure i didn’t meet. all while ignoring u cant peace meal a remediation because u are dealing with something u either ddry out completely or the problem grows back . gov sites say after water is present mold growth becoming problematic is certain if not dried out in 48 hrs. so any interruption is bad, but whats insane is they were holding and still are most of my stuff including all kitchen utensiles/stuff. … how do you ever expect that to work when dehumidifiers only work 45degrees and higher, you aren’t meeting the budge, its winter and the fucking thing is needed for every meal?! which was also it own hazard because especially the sun roof lip liked to hold onto anything sprayed and on turning corners went for my head. high risk of stuff you don’t want in your eye….. for 9 months while im saying “THIS IS NOT OK” while im going hungry and every month having to prove where the money went, sending said proof, never acknowledged they got it…. repeat. intermittently they throw in that i must be spending it all on drugs… they know otherwise because every month they needed to see where the money went. they would give a random amount and having said too expensive to drive down (for me) start further complicating my ability to even track what they give by driving up cash after an arbitrary deposit.

they had their house remediated by a pro like Nov 2018. im still dealing with not having my things. knowoing the high value stuff went from their garage to their moldy basement then back to garage on remediation… ill fix his wagon, or grow him stuff some mold. even sans mold growth most of my high value things are damaged by humidity. I’ve several times spent 40 USD plus on something like lbs of desiciant beads and or non toxic versions , just to not be allowed near the stuff. then i get my mom employing a form of gaslighting they both like… explain to me like im a toddler, how does moisture damage things or one control moisture. so i jump that insane game and before hanging up and blocking my number “ok ill put a humidifier in the garage”. marlene wuethrich cnp with children’s St Paul. masters in nursing…. no that’s not an honest mistake and it wasn’t the first time either needed a dehumidifers function detailed. here’s a pic i get sent day i get out of mental ward indicating they knew before… whats worse is the dehumidifier present? while i was trying to figure out wtf why am i bleeding at the last apt. I BOUGHT THE DAMN THING. there it is being used after their remediation like 14 months ago.

The Uncovered Group 2
The Uncovered Group 3
inside wall, highschool bedroom at parents house

Back on track

I now after a year in empty apt, with 15 days left to find a place and get stuff off floor in bins. with Clyde rabbit in the freezer, have to go to court tomorrow because they both filed for orders of protection over stuff said while being made to go hungry and or while they ignore every basic need after having created the need by taking away my stuff.

I’ve tried with what time I’ve had to head this off. The apt they picked has been absolutely nuts. i told them before signing the lease what the intended use for the garage was (original plan was i get the priviliage of cleaning and disinfecting my stuff from their mold and their decision where it went while at their house before and after remediation.) yet the apt starts busting into garage and wants to evict garage. I manage with help of homeline to not only stop that but reach an out of lease penalty free , guaranteed neutral reference. well my parents holding all i could sell to afford getting out decide to just stop answering or acknowledging this issue when they do.

so time i had during that and driving to get every meal and bleeding due to this (car bellow) was limited. then the periods of hunger 2x 4 days and 2x 3days being the longest don’t help anything either. it throws off body rhythm and everything else one needs to be effective or efficient let alone healthy. but i still managed to call the mn bar association hotline. there I was given the advice, you need to communicate your parents are unreliable witnesses. seemed to make a lot of sense. cause in my constructs, its obvious people sometimes lie, (this is a set of things people do not a comment on likelyhood at any moment or how i see the world) so clearly the police would have to know this… and when the adviser told me the language to use it seemed like finaly i might be safe for a moment. I knew i had also managed recordings that may or may not constitute absolute proof the police reports were fraudulent (im not a lawyer or a judge so i won’t claim to know for sure) but the cops didn’t want to hear it at all. I was told (as accurately as memory allows but it was traumatic so..)

I thought i had this in the bag and peace or less terror might be approaching.

Lies and Liabilities

The meeting started with one officer. shortly after another walks in and i hear “im hear so you can be assured you aren’t getting the opinion of just one cop”… maybe… but the 2 on 1 game has been pretty common a theme in this so far. I don’t want/dont care either was female. I used to consider myself a male feminist. I truly believe either sex is capable of anything as far as thought goes and even in physical strength i don’t think its black and white enough to say women cant be a firefighter or anything for that matter because life is more shades of gray. the strongest woman vs the strongest man, sans injected hormones, she’s probably going to lose the arm wresling contest or lifting, w/e but a female body builder vs male accountant? on average with non athletes maybe 10 to 30 percent strength difference? some instances where two spouses of opposite gender might see a stronger female cant be ruled out either… unless you are writing the laws (apparently) so with two female officer present i then discover.

the “cop(s) didn’t want to hear it at all. I was told (as accurately as memory allows but it was traumatic so..)

“if we put unreliable witness on record the department might be liable”

i assume for the earlier actions. I was then also told it doesn’t matter if they opened mail addressed to me because it went to their house. it doesn’t matter they removed a check from that mail, endorsed my name without my permission or knowledge and i knew it was time to leave hearing “and its not illegal to say you own someone”


i should look it up but I’ve heard sometimes funding from federal sources(refered to as “Grants”) is based on how many reported crimes of a said category are “busted” Ive seen several times that this is true of drug busts, im pretty sure I’ve seen it mentioned with some states fishing to catch sex offenders while also modifying the laws to lower the standards to find one guilty.

the other issue that’s related is budgets are likely controlled largely by public opinion and or pressures on law makers. If one is willing to expand by either selective enforcement, refusal to add evidence to the record and or lowering previously set standards to get numbers and report numbers for funding from fed sources and approval of community…. it logicly follows that not all crimes or criminals are as easy to catch and some of the bigger more abhorent crimes might not get the investigations or presuites because the low hanging fruit is likely to produce more numbers.

when i saw this the theory was over sex offenders. in some states they have changed the requirements of what constitutes the crime to allow officers posing as teens to not only contact adults online but the they target males and the laws are so poorly written there are instances where fake teen repeatedly reinaties contact when the adult tried to break it off or went silent for long periods.

now the issue isn’t black and white… no adults of either gender should be trying to get with teens. at the same time teens aren’t kids and the statutes originally knew that forcing sex with a prebubesent was different than a teen or fake teen seeking communication with an adult regardless of the nature… but as to context above… If targeting a group after changing the requirements makes the department money and reports win public favor the problem becomes they are likely to focus on that and then who’s concerned at all about the hard to prove report that a female is doing things to a toddler? that’s not to say i wouldn’t be delt with but if the mo/daily task set, resources and procedure is bending/morphing to image based policing logic dictates that gaps form and victims are created, either by inattention or perhaps explicit failure to … see above. image based policing might not be all bad but compared the standards in the past seems to carry a lot of risk to people.

If the cops can selectively acknowledge crimes or documenting details there are still other routes but it requires a lot of time and money which is not something every individual has.

The other problem with the concept of protected demographics.

look at the terpin family. one of group whom the media referees to as children was a 27 year old male.

I briefly noticed (but haven’t looked into ) California had legislation tiled “abuse of dependent adults” , judging by the name that seems like a pretty good idea in a modern world. im not sure if the title is misleading and language is targeted to demographics but without targeting it would seem to offer everyone the protections some lack in Minnesota.

Even after telling the police in maple grove that my mail is being opened and my sigiture is being forged even on a check from my mail (one that i know of) even after the well im fucked conclusion of that meeting I described above… while hearing things like “i own you” from my parents im hearing some of the officers “deflect from tough spots with “why cant you manage your own finances” this is terrifying. there’s been no proof or even ability for me to show it as far as that path is concerned. only the word of my parents has created this.

I never even intended to move out of my parents when i went to the hotel. I left because a few days before my mom had a surgery she’s screaming im delusional and following me around. I suggested to my dad maybe a stay at a hotel helps her recover.

when I got to the hotel 16 mo of bleeding ended. 3 days of eye corner happened after i went back to clone one laptop drive to a larger new laptop drive (my workstation pc in their basement had software i paid for long ago for cloning)

when i ended up moving back in with them after 10 years of aptarments and or dorm with my parents being permantn address and having key and or garage code…. my mom explicitly stated im your landlord now. the gaslighting over their mold issue was getting extream. but more importantly they demanded computer support and had me preform upgrades on their computers. both of which i built (media center pc and desktop in the basement) the desktop had drives storing over a decade of family memories. drives approaching 10 years old themselves. I replaced them with two new drives in raid 0. the os is on a solid state drive for speed raid 0 allows either spinning disk/normal drive to fail with out the failure wiping out the memories (its one part to protecting against data loss… corruption and or viruses that delete and or encrypt, power surges wiping out both.. complex issue) I was also told to improve wifi coverage upstairs and implemented a ethernet over powerline extender and a wifi repeater set to ap mode so the internet came over powerline and fed the upstairs access point a wired connection. a few more config options made it mostly transparent.

one of the ways i know my mom is as messed up as my dad is she took one of the parts to that system. I’ve seen her poisoning family, they call friends and tell them all sorts of things; but my dad later mentioned “you took the plugin thing from the wall” i had not and the stuff i had was extremely limited so it was easy for me to search and confirm i hadn’t mistakenly done it either. like 2 months ago i get a random assortment of some of my things dropped off and on opening a box… yeah there it is. this is a form of triangulation. ie you create distrust or chaos between other people to get your way. i digress

what i was trying to get at is between what my mom said about being my landlord and requesting services from someone with a history of preforming them for pay. probably constitutes a legal tenancy.

yet when i left for the hotel they decide to ban me and i get a few officers telling me i cant go in cause i don’t live there.

if you put two parties claiming to own another in control of all their assets and don’t want to even look into reports of mail and check fraud (control of more of their assets and commanding their time)

my parents picked an apt claiming i wouldn’t look. in reality i had a phone that wouldn’t take a charge half the time. had looked at quite a few places and send pictures every time that lie is repeated to this day. but another game is never acknowledge anything and or layer the false claims as ways to avoid letting anything else be discussed. do so while ignoring

“hey for time keeping/commitment keeping, liability/self-protection/adult function/taxes etc i need a desk(had 4), my kitchen stuff(i cook very well and understand things like controlling bp with food), a place to store documents, a printer (i own like 3) “

I’ve said this on the phone, I’ve said it in person, I’ve texted it I’ve emailed it… def ears/never acknowledged. the budget not being met and several times going hungry kinda conditions one not to want to go buy xyz knowing if i buy dishes i might not have anything to put on them. and making lists/storing them well, as is i eat on my bed or have to take laptop off of one of 3 walmart folding tables. 2 appear to be growing stuff after i set things recovered on them.

all of that goes on def ears. or i hear it deflected to you don’t have to be in empty apt, u just had to go tot hat store and write down hat you wanted for a couch and call us. name of store not repeated… some stuff in storage garage, i couldn’t get the address for it for 11 mo, got it last month…have to be out in 15 days. uh… even worse a month before move in they acknowledged the garage they picked requires more than one person to move then used that to poison a relationship.

trhey will sit there talking about what i say while im extremely scared for my life and while they control every aspect of what i have physically, how many tasks are on my plate what i can eat, what they will even acknowledge what constitutes health for me.

my dad has said “going to the doctor is all that health is” while sitting in his house eating home cooked meals and im either going hungry or limited to quick trip in periods I’ve been with out car.

3 years mal nurished in total . about 30 days hungry last year. times the amount given didn’t meet estimate and i in good faith kept going i end up hungry, i notified before here’s where my account is often with a screen shot. no response. one time 2 days in he answers and says ill cover it tomorrow… they seem to explicitly not confirm the “I CANT EAT ” aspect. or my mom once sadisticly says i should go to food shelf… for what ingrediance i cant cook because you took my kitchen and are forcing this shit?”

im not so sure the 27 year old turpin male would have gotten anything but the street and or mental ward in in.

i have 15 days left till im supposed to be out of this apt. no brainer after mentioned above that they weren’t going to allow month to month or renew. i spent 7 days this month no car due to a break down.

day after i got a rental and repeating all of that “desk , printer” in context of search for apt “explicitly stating “this timeline is nuts my health is failing idk if i can do it and you are still making it require contacting you, Clyde is still in the freezer” only to hear “i got you a rental” and all the ootehr defelction… im not worried about a week or a month, my time diet assets, ability to have outside social connections, problems and sanity have been under attack /controled for 3 years due to a mistake they made finishing their house when i was 14

but day after rental i get a intercom buzz… mubled inaduble when ask who’s there. never buzzed him in… knock knock on apt door. it wasn’t a who’s there joke…

it was class country sherif to serve me to OCP summonses from mom and dad, on the 13th, with the court on the 18th. yeah great now im looking at eviction when im not out on time after 2 years i consider outright audition by “protected people”

it puts the lotion on its skin, or the officer will haul his ass from homeless shelter to jail again.

my parents have both said the equilventlts of “we can say or do anything we want but how dare you be disrespectful” or outright ” this is deserved because you were disrespectful” you claim to fucking own me and want to talk disrespect?! one day my dad went from “get over it, are you gonna cry about it, to common John you know you love me, SAY IT”

do you know the horror when that is your experience and 16 years of what you worked for let alone what was given or considered yours is on the line, when you are probably facing eviction from the cell you were forced into and almost every moment controlled basics ignored till you are scared screaming,…cops don’t care…

then you read a packet that says “threat is defined as anything that makes the PROTECTED PARTY feel threatened”

two ocp and an eviction. diet so bad i could end up blasting my guts into the toilet or lose the one car key in a sea of clothes and not make 915 am court an hr and a half or more away. i need to start calling law offices but i also need to drive to get lunch. my sleep is all over… the weekend existing between those days made it unreasonable even if the move out and lack of car weren’t a thing.

more unreasonable is food affects mood, energy levels concentration and cognition in general. diet is also known to play a huge factor in what makes you sick/immune function and what age you are likely to get what disease… ultimately what kills you. 3 years of poor to no is statistically relevant/ likely a factor in how long i live. Now im not only looking at homelessness but the inability to rent. most rental companies do a back ground check, two ocp orders… nope. plus a previous eviction? good thing employers also frequently….. and credit score…

i have never been evicted and before this started had no dv/indication of violence or mental health issues.

but im sure words said while im scared for my life and how that allegedly makes them feel…

if its not illegal to say you own someone why look into it? eating couldn’t have anything to do with controlling money in ones name? surely mail and check fraud wouldn’t be relevant?

idk why i try.

how likely am i to fight this from the street? why should i have to? or more so, tenancy or legal evictions don’t matter, check fraud doesn’t matter, destruction of my property doesn’t matter, holding my property/assets doesn’t matter, pretending to lose the remains of a pet doesn’t matter, claiming to own me doesn’t matter, enforcing it doesn’t matter, my mom trying to push me over a railing and reporting it other way around doesn’t matter, slaming a car door on me when i asked her to back off according to one officer “is not assault or battery” /doesnt matter.

the concepts of lever and fulcrum don’t matter (when my back is to the railing)

words said while scared for my life… if threatening… can be used to further ensure there’s no life left to look forward to after years of being starved and told im owned. great…

ByJohn Wuethrich

Less Obvious Internet Censorship

Work in progress, about to be homeless

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ByJohn Wuethrich

In Soviate America SocieoPaths Own You

not only can the remaining middle class get their fix from their sons and daughters, they can exploit them as adults for labor, if you are in the medical world it appears there is no such thing as being held to any ethical standards. Regardless, if you want to do it right, first exactract as much manual labor as you can.

A tip from Paul Wuethrich: is for making it extra crazy is if you have mold to remediate; it seriously helps if you alternate between total denial and cretiquing how your son is using the vacuum, denying what the mold pro said, denying what the mold pro found and if there is any value had by using the space your property was made to clean make sure to take away what ever it is that provides that. Dont worry about 3rd party suits, if you keep your offspring a radish they are impossible to bleed until they die before your. then they make good fertilizer. Also make sure you only try this when they are overworked and start bleeding. if you can wave the possibility you might let them live up to the obligations to their friends or non incest employers and or contracted work it helps. timing is key though hit em when they are down hit em when they are exhausted, make sure they are mall nourished. make sure they have their own stuff to clean or labor on because of you before during and after …well i guess they are firtilers then. probably deserved it i told him I’m allowed to do anything say anything to him and the police to control .him.

pauls protip: push them to work harder during massive conclusions. if you can find a way to make them bleed and or go hungry it might help but attempting to attack the mind is key.

Marlene and Pauls joint tip: NEVER ADMIT ANYTHING alternate your modes of communication, make sure they hardly have a pot to piss in, remember as a parent you probably known your properties social security number and if you make sure no physical chains are involved all else goes. its of absolute importance you destroy their things to show dominance, what you don’t make sure its worthless and if you can destroy things others paid for in their care or their interpersonal relationships, you will have feed for life and that pesky thing will never out shine you

you must break the mind of your property. he or she must not be allowed to have anything to point to as a success. if they had it take it. if there are memories constantly remind them of your version of history and or switch it up. Remember in America today its only natural and encouraged that child teen or adult offspring serves their parents emotional and labor needs. lest ye forget it has no needs and no rights to emotion.

enforce this last point by first constantly ignoring it. if you do talk to it follow it around and scream that the lights doth be steady (a remote control selenide valve helps here). The longer you can do this and the more it hears only this or “get out” but be sure it knows its pets and property it was foolish enough to think it owned stay; better yet, throw some of it out and alternate between saying it stays and it will disappear. no its not ambiguous its the same thing.

Marlenes protip: Try to kill it for fun. Then report it the other way around. If it gets sick from what you gaslight, make sure it has to sleep in the worst room in the house. be sure to tell it first “if you come up stairs your delusions will mean no where is safe” then wait a week and push it into the moldiest room in the house.

In Soviate America SocieoPaths Own You 5

Remember, at all times tell it it is sick. Or cold shoulder, or deny the time line. don’t let it eat anything and if you do make sure its from a gas station.

if the medical side of your duo has done their job its also now got a diagnosis of some sort. make sure to laugh at it saying you know its not true but then use it when talking to police.

if you do taunt your it. its very effective to do so over say a payment card and then bring this up to the officer you are perswading after you have wanted it to repeat the word slave 3 days hungry. this has the effect that now that this thing has crawled to your castle you can have the armed guards ask it why it doesn’t have the card you were taunting about having earlier.

its only good psychology if people with guns rub it in. along those lines make sure you tell it you decide what hurts it, can say and do anything you want. call it a spoiled brat and disrespectful make it repeat the same thing as a game… then when it has 18 days to move and hasn’t been allowed to even think its changed its flat tire this year. …

this is when you then harp to the court about how it threatens you.

remember you told it you owned it but its probably best to deny that to the police. you wont have to do much if your it is male and you’ve already put the police in an awkward position.

make sure you extract computer upgrades and still have the ashes of its pet. taunt it over the loss of the next pet. make sure it goes hungry about 30 days. do anything but allow it to think its ever owned anything. laugh at it to your partner in child rearing.

use her EHR access to claim you know it hasn’t been to a doc. use the budge to keep it from the doc it needs and right before its going to be on the street anyway

take its bike if you can.

serve it with a order for protection. Nothing reinfoces i don’t give a shit about you …it … like 18 days to move, 13 year old pet in the freezer, pretending to lose the others ashes and using a system that only recognizes certain threats to certain people to rub in that you’ve made sure it has nothing it has no one . you’ve even asked if its gonna cry then demanded it say it loves you…

now demonstrate you can do what ever you want and it will be in jail for daring offend you.

no no that bp of 180 over something when it talks to me, keeping its bike, making sure its blowing out black from my basement and 30 days starvation in a year of mostly quick trip diet and 3 since it had a kitchen… why would it think anyone cares if it has a heart attack? no one cared it was in the mental hold or getting everything it thought was its destroyed. even if it doesn’t now it can have an eviction when it cant get out and you can still keep its stuff.

I’d say that’s enough satire but itst just a sarcastic tone

if anyone wants an entirely me calm demo of why i end up screaming and why this is the sickest thing I couldn’t have imagined. he’s just playing confused. it becomes evident later when he sets the phone down as part of Silent treatment.

and i stand corrected from an earlier post where i suggested Minnesota would probably have the turpin kids in a mental ward. the girls would be free but i bet the adult male would be. then probably a restraining order after he got out. his mom would probably keep his community college degree.

ok that’s not a great comparison but no actually i stand by it .

this sis fucking sick. i went to the police after the false dv report and after the report that lead to the mental hold…. they point blank reminded me its not illegal to say you own someone after telling me there’s no charges against my parents even for mail and check fraoud and no way unreliable whiteness is going on record because the department might be liable for putting me in the mental ward.

so… bounced between parents that force labor underthreat everything of mine is gone and its about to be anyway possibly with my life… parents who claim to own me and use false police reports starve me want me to repeat slave. parents who actively sabotaged all work or the ability to work for the last 3 years and some of those projects go back 5 years.

now because no one cares that the people that own me and threaten my property, open my mail , commit check fraud starve me after doing so sign over my health care by forging my signature forced me to clean modly car for 9 mo. pretended to lose boonies ashes and after Clyde died

“why aren’t you moving faster on the car?”

dad really? you cant think of anything slowing me down this week ?

I can probably list 100 of your problems but I’m not gonna HOP AROUND.

Its really good to know the boomers are going to be around to iovate and keep this country on track. I had this mistake it was young who did that but what does property know?

surely not that my mom explicitly stating she’s my landlord and upgrading their computers and wifi then being on demand show me how to do anything on the computer for my dad… not like fair market wage…might constitute a tenancy.

even if it did I’m about to get an eviction and even my mom admiting the dv report was her trying to kill me cant generate a unreliable whiteness report. so yeah.

but i can also find out from a court set up mainly for protection of the np who stood over me in sink while i blew out mold saying I’m delusional nothings on my hand i need to be medicated… then handed me a bag of suplements i had lefte there eyars ago with stuff from my apt …i sometimes take 2 a day if i remember… but she hands me this bag on way to west health “make sure doc knows the full poicture. i wasnt thinking.

In Soviate America SocieoPaths Own You 10
THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THEREits in your head she said after pushing open bathroom door. funny how the first time they call the cops the cops are worried cause i opened an Amazon package on the shitter. aka knife in the bathroom… but yeah this isn’t a threat. nor is the bad med records fradulent reports created. or being homeless after 4 years of this and having starved or ate shit when i can cook like thei

she was trying really hard to get me that mental diagnosis. good to know she can actually try to push me over railing, sabotage my med resort. take all my stuff forego my sig open my mail… but no if i give in to hours of cold shoulder and taung…. yeah that the threat the words of someone who is about to turn 32 and has never … HHAS NEVER been violent.

mn the land where you can own people and this country is going down a dark road.

Seriously though:

And here is where I’m terrorized with my dad pretending to lose bonnies ashes.