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UV Lithography Exposure Box

A DIY Vacuum Pull Down UV lithography Exposure Device. Which has so far achieved nine thou likely could go much lower

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Lawn Tractor Snow Plow Conversion

A former client of mine who basically pays his rent as a groundskeeper had a Kohler pro lawn tractor and manually/mechanically adjusted snow plow blade

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I just came across a python based linux process monitor and gave it a go on clear linux. to early to report much of an opinion on it but it installed quickly with out hassle and looks neat.

Its supposed to be relatively low on resource utilization as well.

BPYTOP on the server hosting the guest that served this site.

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Welcome to Vengeance Technologies. Actually at the moment its less of a business than a portfolio and tech blog. Eventually we hope to provide a range of services from electronics repair to pcb or even general fabrication with tech support and I.T. consulting in the middle.

Hopefully VT will become your go to for :

  • PC and Mac repair and computer upgrades
  • iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet repair
  • Custom PC Workstations
  • Business or Home Network Design
  • Gaming PC builds,
  • PCB Fabrication
  • General Electronics Repair

This site is partially operational, the busiess it was supposed to represent is still a work in progress as is this author maintaining a heart beat, has info on that

OpnSense Routed Static block PPPoE

Configuring OpenSense to Route a /29 Block on CenturyLink vdsl2 PPPOE how to configure opnsense to route static ips and provide a private subnet. Prereqs vRead More

Working With Plexiglass

Cutting Bending & Bonding Acrylic working with plexi glass seems to have a reputation more myth than fact. I’ve found with the properly equipt taRead More

About Vengeance Technologies

Vengeance technologies will hopefully be a lot of things but its been off to a rough start and is still delayed. Much like this page …

Why The US Loses WW3

Population, Supply chains, Infrastructure and logistics. We can’t win a fair fight. Us pop is somewhere around 330million(I swear I last read 360) ChRead More

Youtube Channel

Vengeance Technologies’s YouTube channel. not to be confused with the minecraft gamers channel of similar name.


Software News and Reviews

Hitfill Express will be first new review. maybe only, I have to see what i actually got back from my automated crawl of google cache


Tech Blog

Computer Hardware, Workstations, Network Gear, MCUs, Programing, Hypervisors, Quads, actual Eyepods, iPods, iPhones, iPads, Smart Devices.

If it lights up, plugs in or even takes gas it might be covered here.

This section will also include software reviews and either problems ive solved as such or as a howto/diy.


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