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OpnSense Routed Static block PPPoE

Configuring OpenSense to Route a /29 Block on CenturyLink vdsl2 PPPOE

how to configure opnsense to route static ips and provide a private subnet.


  • vdsl modem capable of pppoe
  • 2x nics
  • OpenSense
  • ethernet switch

more coming soon


Working With Plexiglass

Cutting Bending & Bonding Acrylic

working with plexi glass seems to have a reputation more myth than fact. I’ve found with the properly equipt table saw or compound miter saw and other easy to construct or cheap to buy tools acrylic is a breeze.

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Why The US Loses WW3

Population, Supply chains, Infrastructure and logistics.

We can’t win a fair fight. Us pop is somewhere around 330million(I swear I last read 360) China is 1.7b. Usually our technological advantage is touted as how we maintain the upper-hand. Or the pop disadvantage is only alluded to in ways that don’t explicitly State it’s an issue.

In military news on my Google feed or elsewhere its put something like “the US takes heavy losses if personal are actually killed or the US can not afford to lose service members. Which judging by the ones I’ve known and rheir shared experiences didn’t fully click because it seems we’ve been anything but how we should be to them and that

starts with the services they join.

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WordPress Recovery With Google Cache and Bash

Woops where’s the WordPress? wp accidental deletion? here’s a guide to Geting Word Press content back from Google Page Cache.

this wp dB recovery has worked but published version is a work in progress. it’s up in the hopes of helps save someone wp recovery time and or heartake.

I’ve yet to try to reimport anything saved with my WordPress content recovery script. I did manage to pull down quite a few of the cached pages before it started timing out. I’d recommend uping the 20s wait(on the last step)

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This Sums Up The Situation

At the moment its pretty grim

The part about the April 2020 5th is also why I don’t dare do any repairs or work at the moment Consulting wise. If anything in my possession can be stolen and the police will do nothing about it.. go so far as threatening emergency medical hold instead of allowing a report updated with confession to having two of three items that constitute a felony amount stolen there’s no escaping this I might as well be dead


Floor Dryer to HEPA air Mover

Centrifugal fan mod to hepa floorbdryeeb

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Intel Clearlinux KVM Host

AKA The Server Running This Site

this theme isn’t very well optimized for mobile so it might be less impressive on a smart device but this site is actually hosted off a server connected to my dsl modem. CenturyLink 80/40 vdsl2 with a /29 block of public ipv4 addresses. The modem is in transparent bridge mode

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Registering a LLC In MN

Instructions and Making Sure it Actually Provides Protection

  • Create an Online Account with the MN Secretary of state
    ack dumb list plug in. I’ll make that a link shortly

  • Pick A Name

    Minnesota Secretary of State website should have a search for names that are already in use. You can we use names as long as it’s not in the same industry

    the rule for same industry simar is could the average rational adult confuse the two. if any doubt in your mind exists its probably best to brainstorm a new name

  • Register with the state in Minnesota the fee is something like 150

  • Assign a registered agent or pay for it as a service. registered agent is essentially who’s there to sign for official notices like say your company should get served. Think of it as a point of contact it can be a PO box but it might be better to have a company manage this for you

  • Run an announcement for two consecutive issues in a local legal newspaper

  • If your soon to be LLC is more than a party of one (person)

    divide up duties responsibilities and pay out percentages in writing. having it notarized wouldn’t be a bad idea

  • Make a inventory of assets. Include serial numbers and values, if personal property is being transfered type up a sheet with what is and its value. This should come in handy for insurance as well

  • Llc protection fails if the division of entities isn’t readily apparent. Aka if that crew cab truck is used every time you both take the kids and pick them up from soccer practice you might have a problem

Right now a lot of my posts on are from author vengeancetech which doesn’t help with the division of entities. the same time I haven’t registered an llc yet.

With police turning a blind eye or preventing reports of felony level theft while allowing attempted murder via physical assault and continuing via poisioning its less likely I will ever file an LLC then be a murder victim recorded as a suicide. A week ago trying to file a police report with the Hennepin County the Hennepin County dispatch i instead received a call back from local police who wanted to put me an emergency medical hold. Murder soda at its finest


Plexiglass Aerated Vertical Etch Tank

a verticle bubble pcb etch tank for a cupric chloride etch

I wanted the ability to rapid fab PCBs with out days to weeks of turn around. part of this was delay associated with learning pcb design as I went and part was cost per oops. i built this from a pile of Plexi a roommate had once left behind. Plexi will tolerate cupric chloride.

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