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Improving WiFi Speed in Apartments and Suburban Homes

This time there really is one simple trick to improving wifi throughput and latency (what most call speed). No im not leading you on! ill get into the how in a moment. there are a few additional steps to further improve your wifi experience but first lets look at the factors that can make wifi suck in urban and suburban housing.

Did you manually configure your wifi ap when you set it up? tell the wizard:

“fuck off i got this?

Do you know exactly how the physical layer of wifi operates? when I say layer are you thinking ogre or osi model? if you thought green and animated… you should probably keep reading. 

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ByJohn Wuethrich

An Odor Unknown. 1050 CFM of Air Through Carbon and HEPA yet an odor?

At home Apartments, Park Place Estates, Cheri Johnson et allThe reason im so surprised and concerned about this unidentifiable odor is I usually run 2 or 3 HEPA filters including an air mover I converted into one. Active Charcoal Filters are known to take away odor. 

I feel It would be awesome if At Home Apartments could work on descriptive adjectives. I feel a lot less of my time would be wasted in anxious vain. 

I think I could seriously benefit from an impartial witness. 

Something as subjective as a STRONG ODOR when filtration and particle count suggests otherwise, is worrisome to me. 

At least the camera on the door helps keep things legit 

for my next trick ill screenshot amazon invoices for vacuum filters over the last 12 mo. 

An Odor Unknown. 1050 CFM of Air Through Carbon and HEPA yet an odor? 10
An Odor Unknown. 1050 CFM of Air Through Carbon and HEPA yet an odor? 11
note i took the trouble to have it do a stupid server trick... date...(click to zoom) also say hello to dehumidifier 2
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ByJohn Wuethrich

At home Apartments, Park Place Estates, Cheri Johnson et all

Disclaimer:  what you are about to read (minus the official communications) is my personal opinion and or personal account/review of my experience with this company. I have no doubt (from what ive seen so far) this will likely trigger a C&D letter. 

Park Place Estates, St Cloud MN 56301

About 7 months ago the staff at Park Place Estates began entering a garage I rent with the apt. The issue was they entered repeatedly with no attempt to notify.  At lease signing I had discused the intended use of the garage space. I had just escaped a major mold issue and intended  to use the garage to clean up my stuff.

Their excesses for entering were smelling bleach (which only was used once) and then Ozone (which they admit they use in smoker units aka inside the actual building but me using it in the garage was cause to enter sans notification) 

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ByJohn Wuethrich

Car key transponder/rfid fried by proximity to inverter welder?

I havent Confirmed beyond reasonable doubt that the harborfreight titanium 125 is the reason my ford fusion 2007 was rejecting the only key I had at the time. Rejecting as in not accepting What is usually called a chip or a transponder.

The actual name for the chip is a DST tag and its made by Texas instruments. It operates at 134mhz and outside the car world would be refered to as an RFID tag/chip rather than a transponder


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ByJohn Wuethrich

Vacuum Pull Down Uv Lithography Rig

Vacuum Pull Down Uv Lithography Rig 13
Vacuum Pull Down Uv Lithography Rig 14
In the Gap Above the pvc a celing can light bracket allowed positioning forward back up and down
4.1w uv led
ByJohn Wuethrich

Raspberry Pi NFC

In 2015 I was working on an idea with linux and nfc. heres a bit of messing around with a reader that was less than trivial at the time to get working.

ByJohn Wuethrich

Paul Wuethrich A Socieopath?

That's hot

My neck as I jump endless hoops in an empty apt to hopefully get the pleasure of cleaning their mold off my stuff. 

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