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Smok Nord 4 Unboxing and Review

 Today I'm going to review the Smok Nord 4 ecig.

I can't really do tech projects at the moment as the state and psychotic parents have separated me from the tools that comprise my bench.

 So here we go 

Smok Nord 4 with box

What's in the Nord 4 Box?

Nords box contents laid out
The Smok Nord 4 comes with:
  • 2 tanks
  • 0.14 ohm mesh coil
  • 0.4ohm coil
  • The vape body
  •  USB c charging cable
  • Warranty card
  • Manual 
  • Desiccant package 
Absent is a charge block/wall adapter but at the same time most people probably have a spare these days.

Nord 4 box

Tanks and Coils

Nord 4 coil and tank on top of box
The Nord 4 comes with 2 tanks and two coils. One optimized for salt nicotine the other traditional nicotine.

This is the low ohm mesh coil 

Filling the Smok Nord's tank is accomplished by pulling up on the red rubber tab/stopper.

Filling the tank

E juice being loaded into a smoke Nord 4 tank

Nord 4s stock tanks side by side

The tank is held to the body by 4 ultra strong neodymium magnets. 

The Smok Nord's design is kind of neat because the way the body cups the tank means that any leaks end up inside that cup instead of in your pocket or on your hands.

A view of the recess the tank sits in

The Nord also features control of how much air is in the draw/air flow

Power button and air flow dial

Nords air flow dial
Spinning the plastic circle on either side opens or closes the air port.

The Screen

The Nord 4's Bright white OLED screen displays power setting, coil resistance, voltage, battery capacity. It also displays a software version number upon turning on or off. I suspect it might be capable of software update via the USB c port.

Charging The Nord 4

Nords USB c charge port

The Nord 4 charges via a built in USB C port.

Nord 4 plugged in

If a button is pressed while it is plugged in the screen will briefly display battery percentage and time till full charge 

Nords display showing remaing charging time

On Off and Lock

Turning the Nord 4 on:
5 clicks of the button

Locking the smok Nord is
Three clicks in rapid succession.

Another 5 clicks will turn the smok Nord 4 off.

Vaping Power 

Vaping Power is adjusted via these two buttons

Action Shots

This was with the higher resistance coil. The smok Nord 4 is no slouch.

Possible Drawbacks

The Nord 4's only down side is the battery doesn't appear to be user replaceable. The life/longevity of the product is likely limited to how long the battery survives.

Lithium ion batteries or lithium polymer batteries are generally rated for retaining 80% of their capacity through 200 complete charges and discharges.

In other words 200 charge and discharge you've only lost 20% of your total capacity.

 We know that the deeper you discharge or the closer to zero you run it the more damage you do to the battery every time.

Best advice here: is don't use it bellow 30 percent battery and it should last a year or so depending on use patterns .

Edit: You probably won't want the use it past 40% discharge anyway. I say this because I've noticed the quality and quantity of the vape falls off quickly bellow that mark.

The only annoyance I have with it is it would be nice if there was a vibrate or beep when locking and unlocking. It's also possible to lock it and then turn it off.

It's also got a slight delay after the 3 clicks to unlock.

So a lot of times I need to actually watch the screen before I start vaping. It's pretty minor complaint though.

Final Thoughts 

It's a pretty slick little device. It has a nice but not overbearing weight to it. It feels good to hold in your hand and it produces a quality vape at all power levels I've tried.

The way the tank attaches recessed into the mod inspires confidence it's not going to leak in your pocket

I've had a proper mod before but for simplicity and ease of use this system hands down rocks.


It's been 2 weeks since I've had a cig. In MN a pack is roughly 11 dollars. The $77 spent for this and 30ml of fluid starts saving money after the first week. I think the fluid was 18 usd.

I consumed 15 mL in the first week, so assuming that holds steady, my nicotine habit now cost roughly $9 a week instead of about $60 to $80.


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