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Windows Why? (Lessons Not Learned Shall Be Repeated)

Hey microsoft: what did we learn about the start screen in win 8? Is it possible maybe you could have left it as a user configurable option and kept everyone happy? Whelp hope that wasn't the overarching issue cause now it's going to be centered by force 

We are on the verge of be arbitrarily and forcibly centered.

Windows 11 intends to center the start menu.

My question to ms is what happened to giving users options?

Also android and ios do single screen touch and single ap most tasks really well. 

They are still toys as far as productivity or production work is concerned.

Differentiation and Niche

Shouldn't windows be differentiating itself by offering a more user configurable work space and work flow?

There are ways to accomplish this. But if you run MS expect to pay for it. I like to help people accomplish goals not just rant. So here's a solution. It costs and it's far from rock solid.

Customizing windows with 3rd party aps.

Also illustrating the option and customization I'm talking about 

There are programs like stardock that. I should say companies like stardock that offer a range of windows customization software that can fix this.

I've used their fences product for about a decade and dabled with object dock. My experience is the more of them you run the glitchier they get. That said I still find some of them must have on a day-to-day basis.

Fences enables user defined and labeled groups of icons on a windows desktop.

Object dock gives you the osx feel.

Start menu 10 perhaps ironically gives you a more classic 95-win7 start menu.

Images were sourced from stardocks site.

I'm still starting to more and more feel it's just time to bite the bullet and make linux the daily driver. Windows can always be run from busybox kvm etc. 

Why have some corp choose how you organize your work and or play environment? 

Of course I say I might go linux .but this is if the state of mn ever decides I can work again and assuming no one wants to steal the next computer I build or buy. My parents have this nasty habit of felony level thefts and the police don't seem to give a damn.

Priorities list is currently finish civil commitment and leave this state or die trying.


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