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PCB Designs

 Some of the projects I was working on

The above board is the first one "sent out" for.
Sent out as in, I made the design and sent it to a 3rd party for manufacture.

Minus the intended programing  connector here's the final product. 

Ic test board/eval board

If you are interested in pcb fabrication/ making PCBs check out this post

Spot welder/CD welder

Click the link to read more about dry film uv lithography 

Modular electric manufacturing process controller

This was the evolution of my cd welder board. I intend it to be a multi purpose weld and cutting process controller with modular design.

I intend to try laying it out as a 4 layer board as well.

That would give two options. The first would be roughly the same dimensions but much easier to work with component sizes. The second would be a board about a third the size. Some of the routing on this was a gigantic pain in the ass with two layers.

Actually the size to be further reduced on two layers by moving some of the power components to a separate board.

Cosmos cat outside

Part of one of my hid projects


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CD Resistance Spot Welder

This post is for anyone interested in owning or building a CD welder. I wanted a reliable Resistive spot welder for lithium ion pack construction and or repair. I didn't want to spend 3k or buy from china. I decided to design and fabricate my own. Bellow is my first crack at a Mosfet Switched capacitive discharge mcu controlled spot welder. This post is a work in progress. If you've stumbled across in hoping to build your own cd welder feel free to ask questions in the comments section.  I'll provide any help I can.  My CD Spot Welder  Here's pics of the first working version from 2018