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Shark Apex Vacuum Repair


A few months into owning what's otherwise been the best vacuum I've ever had, I noticed it would stop sucking/turn off. Slapping the case seemed to fix it. I thought I might have got a lemon of a motor. Turns out the fix was simple. One of the wires had come me off the motor.
Here's the vacuum repair in pictures. The hardest part was getting it back together.

Well that's not right!

Makeshift bench to the rescue.

Crip is probably the way the go(connections that experience vibration are generally recommended to be made with crimps as they're less britel). But as it was a crimp connection that had failed, I went solder and heat shrink tube. Plus solder and heat shrink tube is what I had on hand

One thing I've learned over the years is, no matter how much you think you fixed it, test it before you fully reassemble it.


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