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CNN has lost its mind

Where this comparison fails 

Moses system apears to have been the main or only route to that beach. 

It also wasn't aimed at reducing congestion. It was aimed at being a route to an elite place for the upet middle class and elite.

Design Choices 

The tunnels musk's company wants to build are the size they are due to cost minimization studies. They did a bunch of math and modeling to figure out how tunnel size related to tunnel cost. It had fuck all to do with excluding buses 

the writer seems to have neglected to realize it's a tunnel for electric cars for a similar reason.

Ie there's no suffocating and or noxious emissions from internal combustion engines. This significantly decreases the size of the required ventilation system. If you want to put a gas engine or heaven forbid a diesel bus let alone multiple of them... You all the sudden have a lot more cost and complexity in your air handling and ventilation systems. That or you have people dying of asphyxiation or getting carbon monoxide poisoning.

They could go even further with this. I'm not sure how well it would keep with carbon reduction but you could in theory turn off battery packs or run only cars with out them in the tunnel. They could inlay inductive Power loops into the floor. Which might further reduce ventilation requirements. I'm guessing their biggest issue for highest cost driver is the eventuality that a battery pack goes up in smoke in the tunnel.

I would bet they've done a lot of creative things or plan to with the automated driving aspects to further increase safety. What I see is they probably will implement some sort of say a car is on fire every car in front of it continues every car behind it reverses, because if you can with reasonable certainty insure only one car is on fire... This is all speculation though.

Back to why the comparisons fails 

They compare the five to $7 ticket to the elitism of a road built to exclude buses and possibly the only or one of very few routes to the beach. 

Without realizing that this is built so everyone who rides it takes away from a car on an already bumper to bumper route.

Ie everyone who pays for their ticket on the boring company express tunnel is making the normal route that much faster for everyone else. (By fact or one less, two less... 100 less cars on the existing car and bus route)

This feels shit in so called journalism mind numbing.

when you tear down ideas like this you literally become the reason none of us can have nice things. When what you're tearing down probably would have been nicer for all of us regardless of race or class


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