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China Missile Tech It's basically the Russian hypercapitating t orpedo but they intend it through the air.

CD Resistance Spot Welder

This post is for anyone interested in owning or building a CD welder. I wanted a reliable Resistive spot welder for lithium ion pack construction and or repair. I didn't want to spend 3k or buy from china. I decided to design and fabricate my own. Bellow is my first crack at a Mosfet Switched capacitive discharge mcu controlled spot welder. This post is a work in progress. If you've stumbled across in hoping to build your own cd welder feel free to ask questions in the comments section.  I'll provide any help I can.  My CD Spot Welder  Here's pics of the first working version from 2018

XT - 30 Motorcycle Phone Charger

This post might help anyone looking for a slim line solution to 5v or USB ports on a motorcycle. Not a huge achivment by any means. But made life better for a client.  A perspective client approached me with an issue. His solution for charging his phone via USB on his bike was taking up too much room under the seat 

Hot Knife From Ecig Coil Wire

 Resistive wire (ecig coil wire) hot knife DIY

Shark Apex Vacuum Repair

  A few months into owning what's otherwise been the best vacuum I've ever had, I noticed it would stop sucking/turn off. Slapping the case seemed to fix it. I thought I might have got a lemon of a motor. Turns out the fix was simple. One of the wires had come me off the motor.

PCB Designs

 Some of the projects I was working on

This is Huge! New OpenPower SOC

  (Img Source: Libre-SOC) At a 180nm node I'm not sure how one could describe it as anything but. Still as an achievement it's monumental.  The process node/feature size isn't small either lol. I'm guessing that comes down to machine time/plant availability and cost. 

PCB Fabrication from CAD to Reality

Have you ever wondered what goes into making a printed circuit board? This post will show you semi how-to/diy fabrication for single or dual layer circuit boards (PCBs). That is board fab using a UV photo sensitive dry film (acid resist) and a copper chloride etchant.

My Bench

 This was my workspace in 2016

A Wallet Friendly Hepa Filter

In the market for a single room HEPA filter or air purifier? Here's a versatile DIY solution using an air mover modified to accept an HVAC/furnace filter. With the solution you never have to pay for the proprietary HEPA filter again. There are cheaper ways to make a single room or high volume hepa air filter. This combo provides reliability cheap replacement filters and higher airflow for about the cost of a medium room dedicated air filtration unit.

Saving/Restoring Electronic Devices From Liquid Damage

 the most important thing you can do is shut it off!

RFID / HID / NFC Projects

Inductive Power Transfer 

Wood Lamp / High Power UV LED Flashlight


Windows Why? (Lessons Not Learned Shall Be Repeated)

Hey microsoft: what did we learn about the start screen in win 8? Is it possible maybe you could have left it as a user configurable option and kept everyone happy? Whelp hope that wasn't the overarching issue cause now it's going to be centered by force  We are on the verge of be arbitrarily and forcibly centered. Windows 11 intends to center the start menu.

PCB Etch Tank

Makings of a Mood Hoop (Gyro Esp32 & RGB LED)


Lawn Tractor Snow Plow Electric Upgrade

Do you have a lawn tractor you use to plow snow? Ever wondered if you could make a manual snow plow attachment into a push button? A friend of mine had a riding lawn mower and snow plow blade attachment. Every winter he used the riding lawn mower to plow the driveway. The plow was a kit that bolted on the front of the lawn tractor and it had a mechanicaly actuated adjustable snow plow blade. The issue and this project came about when the arm to adjust the snow plow blade broke. I had just bought a mig welder. I had also watched linear actuators capable of handling 300lbs of force drop to $25 on ebay.  Here's what I came up with for converting a riding lawn mower snow plow into an electricity adjusted lawn tractor plow. Repair  The lawn tractor snow plow kit had seen better days. The fork that attaches it had bent /deflected and spread. I used a map gas torch and a bench vise to squeeze the tongs back and then welded some L channel angle iron on the sides. Less Play I also tack weld

Clear Linux KVM Hypervisor

 In 2019 I built this server to fill a few rolls for what was supposed to be a growing business and development of some products as a service  This isn't so much a how to as a rough idea of what can be done on the cheep with 2nd hand hardware and Intel's linux distro know as Clear linux fulfilling the role of KVM -QEMU host. At some point I'll probably talk more about clear containers as well this isn't meant to go that indepth

Chronicles of Hell and Heil

UV Lithography For Circuit Board Creation

In this multi part series on diy circuit board manufacturing/fabrication I'm going to cover my diy, vacuum pull down UV LED exposure box. If you are looking for a description of the entire fab process click here UV Exposure Rig The photos bellow are of the  uv lithography exposure box I cobbled together. It also features vacuum pull down.  The source: A 4.1w High luminous efficiency 365nm UV LED. Sourced from digi key mid 2016. Model  LZ1-00UV00

Hello World

 The server that hosts the full version of this site is not reachable at the moment so here's a blogger instead