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ByJohn Wuethrich


So without the context even on what blow meant the car had issues and blowing the car up was the engine or the engine going bad or out or seized but on March 6th when this was beginning I said I do not have the time I don’t think with the level of or lack of nutrition iPad where I know my health is that because I used to be an athlete I know my body I know my mind it’s been two years of make sure nothing can be in the same place or there’s not enough places flat to do what you need to do or even set clean clothes. 9 months with them old car and the thing is even once we’re past a few months we get into things like conditioning even without external labels or input that you can or can’t do something if someone controls the budget and the time and or they are requesting and demanding the car is done faster not providing the budget we started it to a problem here then if they’re on top of it saying you never could few between place will ignoring that your listing what you need but the budget still is Out Of Reach and you’re going hungry because it’s not enough for any of it and your listing the cheaper ways to do it

Start the sound crazy here huh?

Sure grammar and punctuation could clean it up a little but the root of the problem starts to appear to be if one person is holding another’s assets and or damaging them but in general those assets should be protected or even checks in their name should be protected …

Well what if these people are parents and we’re assuming that no one’s perfect but most of the time parents make wise financial decisions and in the interest of their children or stability or Independence .

It’s batshit stupid to think that is always the case not everyone feels empathy sympathy or conscience. Worst yet the ways some people get damaged in their mind slights to ego justify physical harm. Especially if no one even suspect / they think they can get away with itn

ByJohn Wuethrich

death soon 4 me

BP stress micromanaging probably plus Derby full rage mode for two years parents. I’m not allowed to feel anything and they just enforce that by judge who has never met me and a hell of a short timeline to organize anything cuz it was served on a Friday. I just came to the realization not only are they setting the timeline for moving out in 15 days which I 10 days ago as I was going through seven days without a car I told them this is unlikely to work with this amount of time remaining I am exhausted I had nine months of your mold car I’m blowing out black ship you’re still making it so I have to contact you for every step 9 months with your mold car knowing that that was a bad way to fix it to force me to under threat of getting rid of my stuff deaf ears or get it done faster starving for 30 days the longest periods being to four day in a row. No kitchen food shelf just supplies not plates and if I’m going to buy paper plates it don’t make any sense it don’t make any sense you can agree to put someone up in a hotel for like a 2 in 2 weeks window originally of all returned after that even set up stuff in the room I was going back to because then they had decided there’s not going to be an apartment I have to work there I don’t deny the violent parts that my dad flipped together without any context well actually he provided context subtly in the beginning when he alludes to somehow he would know if I have to be on meds which he did open my mail and take over my health care so maybe he does but only because of check fraud mail fraud Going Back 2 years and the police ignoring it because they started with the story of we gave him everything and no one has given me a chance to show otherwise but they act on their story I am basically the 27 year old male Turpin child only the difference is I was making $25 an hour at 16.

When I first moved back in my mom explicitly stated I’m your landlord they wanted the basement computer upgraded so they didn’t lose photos my dad wanted the Wi-Fi upstairs to reach better I did a power over ethernet extender and another access point upstairs and my mom another indicator she’s just as psychotic is at some point she disconnected part of it and told him it was me or he assumed it was me but I got blamed for it well after I was in the apartment they forced me into and then he drives up a random box on a random night with a random sample of stuff no regard to what I’ve needed at all and one of the few times it happened after demanding services and taking all their stuff I have to eat proofread and finish this klusterfuk later goddamn the system y it puts the lotion on its skin and don’t talk bad to me again 406 the police due to ocp and teach you holds you again that was a really bad what’s up at a rhyme with way too much syllable or it gets the hose again

Call this word salad I’ll call you a fruit salad I’m transcribing this I’m hungry I’m scared out of my mind because of this fucking wacky system I’m not saying my words were right or, but anything out of context is way different tell someone getting raped not to scream anything violent or start telling them there’s going to be consequences if they do we would all say that is wrong there shouldn’t be a huge understanding Gap that people sometimes do bad things sometimes lie about doing bad things and keep doing bad things to other people. There’s going to be an understanding Jap that if the police ignore several instances of basic things like if money was in your name and it’s not your decision what happens to it then what then how are you responsible for if you can’t eat or if you can’t move this is fucking crazy they were opening my check my mail they signed over my health care this year mail I don’t even know what they’ve done oh my God fuck this

Cuz the thing is I know my mom was poisoning the family against me before this really heated up I don’t know Albany Police reports they filed against me or when it started. Worse yet they’re in their house with all of their stuff and my stuff I don’t have a proper place to lay out more than just my laptop or what I’m eating on a table at once if I want food I have to get in the car to get it even though I can cook I can’t without a kitchen without stuff in it and everytime I just say kitchen my dad says well it had a stove one when I picked it for it has a sink so I say yeah Dad you cook in the sink and then the topic just changes or no response I wanted my bike last summer and then again when the car broke down and then you say no if you’re so out of shape why do you need your bike

who’s liable gauruenteer or renter on move out me then them right?

well the two people that claim to Own Me forced me into this lease 7 days before filing their ocps they knew I was without a car and my guess is because no one called me back at the court those past because I wasn’t there I’ve been starved and run around in circles bleeding for 3 years by people claiming to Own Me. Now tools I need to less than the damage are the amount of money from the damage deposit are in a car they have or they know everything about where it’s at when it’s done when the rental goes back I don’t have enough to move and eat like every part of this they have structured so there is no chance for me to get ahead or away from this I’m still in the relatively empty apartment which is the good thing the garage is not which is the bad thing because the original plan was whenever they graced me with my stuff that’s corroding in their garage I then have to clean their mold off of it and repair it from the moisture damage they made sure they encountered. And I just came to the realization now they are setting not only the timeline and how stressed I am when a year ago year-and-a-half in the mental ward after talking to them my blood pressure was 180 over something I’ve seen Stars just talking to him before. He has 16 years of my earnings and assets and everything that was ever considered mine on top of that Aster some of it’s in my garage but the point is 9 months with the moldy car under threat that it goes away ignoring Clyde was sick ignoring tide last ability to walk and what that led to and well threatening or pretending to lose bunny rabbits ashes and he can’t deliver even or acknowledge that I keep asking for their favorite toy so I might mourn the loss of my pets

Something neurologically protective or comfort him between running circles because I own you and now you can’t even lose your temper cuz I can have you thrown in jail for it when 99% of that plea or that petition what’s bullshit 100% was without context. An example really easy is they invited me down for Christmas. Then they stopped answering. I got there and knew better than going on the property especially finding the garage door open like the carport door on the attached. So I sit out there trying to call them that doesn’t work I rolled down the window facing the open garage door which by the time it traveled probably a football field and then through a steel core door could not have been very much because I didn’t even have the music on full I also targeted it and there’s this thing I know because I’m not crazy as they say I have worked and I’m actually good at what I do it’s called the inverse Square law. If you double the distance from a signal usually this is e m but I’m 90% sure it applies to sound as well I’ll look it up right after I hit post. If you double the distance from The Source you cut in this case the volume to 1/4 of what it was. I made sure it only went out in the direction of the open garage door double garage door there was still a stuck shut steel core door in between or aluminum either way it’s not a shity door it’s probably no longer modern code but it’s not a shity door. In fact I’m pretty sure it’s not modern code but that’s not the point here. I bet the upgrade is a smoke detectors. I happened across that in St Cloud fire code for unrelated reason but I’m not trying to go off on him on crazy threats point is no one’s perfect and he has been given and she has been given carte Blanc to try to use the legal system to rob me blind and enforce I own you and force I can do anything and say anything to you and now I can have you arrested well destroying everything of yours while making sure you either take this fucking slavery or the street. And then the ultimate nastiness is I’m not supposed to say if I might want to die but I’m pretty sure with no action from my own hands it’s not far off with what they’re doing to me and how long they’ve been doing it. What the packet on the order for protection says I’m a text him I’m not sure if that was his choice or part of the form but the email clearly was his choice that email somehow ended up on my lease and he was telling me he doesn’t know what a text is can you email it did you email it is that on the computer email it!!!

A version of the verbal repeat game where let’s make him double the effort just cuz I say so (him as me)

But then I email it and the address bounces and for a minute I thought I type owed but the next day the apartment wants to bitch I think it was about dehumidifier hose sticking out the garage door which might have been somewhat valid cuz they do plow hella close to the doors but this place says also wanted to grab over the door being open 6 inches while I’m in the garage they wanted nothing plugged into the outlets and then I see that neighbors have like built-in cabinets which is not supposed to be okay all kinds of lights and power tools so I don’t know if something was said beforehand or what but nothing about this is good

back on track they try to send me a communication like a note in front of the door and all the sudden it’s got my parents contact email the one my dad wanted me to email to and it’s printed in red saying this address is bad can you update your contact info

Meanwhile my dad still and for like six to eight months has been playing I don’t know what a text is . Even after a night of saying text only then the next day he does back to I don’t know what a text is was that on the computer. This is such fucking nastiness and if he’s reading this he’s probably jacking off to it why do I draw that conclusion well before the real recent real violent but not intended threats which if he had been required to show you on his phone or forensic software you’d see if you read any more than just the line you wanted to read at some point there I loop back when I come down and I’m going I don’t want to hurt you for a whole year I told you I need a desk I need a place to store clean closed I need my kitchen stuff because this nutrition or lack thereof is killing me then you starve me 30 days on top of it but these are issues that are obvious and a year later just playing these games instead of even allowing them took all this stuff from me

ByJohn Wuethrich

I can’t make it

this says it all but it never should have got here. So many basic Productions have been violated or ignored because they’re my parents and or what I would assume is the belief by those doing it that they want what’s best for me. I need to be able to conceptualize them are walk for a while especially when they’re saying they own me holding all of my assets starving me and then pointing to the number of dollars they’ve spent will making sure I can’t work because it’s never moving goal with ever-present threat to destruction of all of my things disposal of all of my things are pretending to lose Bonnie ashes Clyde in my freezer

I have not been a free man in a sense that the remains of pets I’ve had over a decade have been threatened. Well at their house I did not get kicked out I asked my dad to go to a hotel because my mom had a surgery and I had just picked up work for a company in St Cloud because there webserver was found to have a fraudulent post appearing to be a mid-sized company in Chicago he was actually one guy in Milan Italy. I didn’t want to work for this client had really good clients and he is not one. That said one of the people who’s been very good to me paid for a project that my mom have been throwing away and hiding parts for even though I approved it work before I even ended up back in her house or their house her house really she tells me your dad’s money is my money your stuff is my stuff. She flat-out tells me I’m not the leader of my life then she’ll deny that they both say they do what they want when they want they only reveal this when they have full power which now that they realize that the cops won’t so much slap them on the wrist like figuratively speaking I get starved clean out mold from their car still doing it with it in the apartment I have to be out of the apartment in 15 days I got three nosebleeds a day for 9 months with that car wanted to transfer the title before snow blows through like January last year right before the lease starts I signed that lease under duress under threat of homelessness under threat of losing Clyde rabbit who was still alive at the time time. After I’ve tried I talked to the bar I called the bar this place they picked tried to evict me for cleaning the mold car in the garage even though I checked it out with them ahead of time I can present evidence in the form of recorded phone calls and documents of all this but not when I get OC please out of Friday the 13th or 18th after two years three years of starved for their mistakes and run around run George it doesn’t matter they’ll change it I hear I owe you from them worse than saying what they want to get what they want is they count on the fact that no one expects parents and especially successful parents financially speaking to behave like this. It took me forever to find myself it’s been corroded and he wrote it and under attack along with how long I expect to live the three years now I realized I was behind about 5 years ago I put the pedal to the metal and they just fucked it up take it all away because they made a mistake and their egos cannot support admitting that they have to find something wrong with me but when the cops won’t support or even look into mail fraud check fraud say who may own me holding all of my assets threatening my rabbits threatening the remains of them telling me to clean the mold car against doctor’s advice they said they’re telling me I haven’t been to a doctor I can prove otherwise but not in this is that even what this is about cuz when I read the laws I’ve had business lot that doesn’t make me a lawyer but that gives me a little bit of a edge to look at what to expect and I don’t like what I see because I’ve tried to report the actual basic and sometimes federal crimes committed but if you have decisions I have to have my own income but because they’re allowed to say they own me hold my stuff hostage ignore what was probably a tendency because they demanded Services I performed for cash perform for pay have tax records of Performing before well my mom explicitly said you live here now I’m your landlord but then I leave does she has a surgery on days before she’s following me around to the hotel I go to the hotel and then they banned me from the house they didn’t kick me out it was intended I come back in two weeks they haven’t dealt with the mold even though it have been proven 8 months before they started filing false police reports instead the whole time it was if you don’t like it leave knowing that they’re keeping my things and threatening to keep my rabbits I’ve had those guys they were like kids to me this time for him is going to leave me I can’t I can link I can even find Journal articles that can show the statistics for what was done when you had three years of absolute malnutrition statistically relevant I’ve known that and read before from legit sources after 25 the body doesn’t repair as well you can someone absolute stress to the max no nutrition even without Corona or call David you’re going to shorten your life I link to another article immunodeficiency mineral nutrient deficiency causes immunodeficiency these are not foreign Concepts. I can cook damn well I taught myself most of it I learned from friends at NDSU I was friends with a bunch of Indians from India that were engineering students I know how to cook native Curie not some American approximation but that’s just one of many dishes I can cook it’s also full of heart out of a good for fighting any infection full of good for cognition it was something I made once a week I can’t do that without my kitchen and I shouldn’t have to explain that I should have rights to any property or that tenancy should be protected or what the hell they can make any claim do anything to me while they’re literally telling me they can do anything because I deserve it cuz I’m disrespectful starving me and wanted me to repeat the word slave holding all of my assets I got people asking are you working did we ask the 27 year old Turpin boy is he working I know that’s California I know state laws differ but from my reading that article he was let out to go to Community College I worked 62 100 hours a week between two jobs while I was at NDSU I was doing $16 with anybody in the judicial sent or anybody in the torch sense reading this if you were call College a credit hour per week in class if you’re perfect absolutely perfect requires at least one out of class I was doing that while working 30 internship hours paid a week and hearing now that I’ve never worked I don’t want to describe everywhere I worked I shouldn’t have to no one’s listening when I’ve tried anyway this is like making someone confront a rapist because they will tell me anything they tried to break me down and convince me I have never done anything while they’re starving me the only I’ve said several times and text or on the phone the only other place someone would experience this is a prison camp like a prisoner of war

I can't make it 1
Blue are the things I’ve done but only in response to having all my things are my pets lives threatened and only minimally at least before hearing from the cops that they won’t do anything while I’m hearing I own you the cops told me it’s not illegal to open my mail if it was addressed to me but went to their address cuz it’s their house it’s not check fraud there was one very good officer who told me it probably is I’ll help you but then I’d be decided where I lived they then sit there lions and I want it look when I was looking at didn’t have any estimate from them but I wasn’t allowed in the house so they’re racking up the hotel bills and pointing to it for reason that I’m ungrateful a reasons that apparently they can tell the cops that they own me or not so but they told me they on me they Point your number to the tops they point to a different number to me or knowing the recorded they pulling out of their ass and Dillard’s Daniel I keep saying desk I need a desk I had four I built three of them I need a place to file things but then I’ll go the extra step up they don’t meet the estimate for forcing The Moldy car that was in there moldy house they have remediated a year ago snow blew through and they go the extra step of they don’t make the estimate and then we’ll drive up some more in cash Amapola random big number out which might be true one or two of the months but it was never true upfront it was like hungry estimate wasn’t meant had to prove her every dollar then get it in cash so even if I’m trying to track it myself I can’t because I have three folding tables from Walmart everything else went into shelves in the garage because the original messed up landlord whenever they grace me with my things that they moved into their garage or on a storage garage they pick and only 11 months in that I get the address whenever they graced me with my things I’m supposed to clean their mold and fix their moisture damage they decided come to them

As a kid Grand Forks was flooding I was begging my mom to help send bag. In Junior High I read about actually Mike Anderson told me about a charity bike ride for multiple sclerosis and the friend of the family had it so I started doing that. By the end 4 years in a row maybe three but not only did I raise a lot of money trying to help people help me learn myself and feel better about myself but the physical exercise in the ability to contribute. Last year I did it there was probably 15 year-old me on a mountain bike with street tires pulling 25 miles an hour on flat land and I have joined up with a team that practiced and did it well it was a charity so it’s not really competitive but it is for how much you raise then they take the speed seriously. So there’s 15 year-old me and I think shorts and a t-shirt but I had clip pedals hauling ass and every once in a while I’d be in the front of the Draft line which I’m sure looked hilarious with the team of road bikes behind me as we blew by everybody. When Fargo experienced record floods even before school was called off at NDSU we were sandbagging . The second year that it was bad some friends of mine had a house on the bank of the river and I remember walking out in the front yard and the dike was that about where my neck started and it was the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen I’m standing there looking at water up to my neck in somebody’s front yard. Even when I wasn’t working the hardest that her to work there was only a short amount of time I ever slept and even within that time I’d argue it was necessary for trying to find myself. I discovered during that time that I probably have mathematic dyslexia. I think I was somewhat aware of what I believe is up with my parents but the problem with how busy your twenties are and the issues is it’s incredibly hard to hold on to that especially as an only child with no immediate family members close in age no cousins even that are less than I believe Katie is 7 years older than me. I remember describing to my dad once that I need to figure out what I want. What I think people Miss is one I don’t throw those terms around to fling shit and hope it sticks 2 my dad’s flat-out admitted he doesn’t have a conscience but only recently well year ago now. I’m not sure that the system has one either. We know that where you end up is usually dependent on where you start but what I wasn’t taught was that if I take any money from my parents ever make it to the side what hurts me what is help for me against what I’m sure my mom knows as a nurse practitioner all my sure well I read Journal articles to I’ve also had Elementary junior high High School and College health. 3 years the last 3 years I’ve often being in 30 day old clothes bleeding scrambling around for what turned out to be a mistake they made with their basement in 2001 when I was 14 and they finish the basement. The biggest problem with full-blown most supposed to be is as far as I understand none of them are very good at ever accepting fault. For instance maybe 3 months ago my dad randomly decides to drive up a bunch of stuff including an air filter that sucked up mold in their basement and I had no say in it I’ve had a list of things I needed since getting in here is there was a plan before that started the basics the absolute Basics my kitchen stuff a desk a printer a place to store important documents help for Clyde when he got sick can’t have it but we can pretend to lose Bonnie ashes and say we didn’t say it and then my mom mimics the exact same sequence of events not acknowledging that I was referring to the past but what I mean by that is slowly roll open the drawer where my 12 year old or more pet has her remains store store adapter dying in their care. My dad first

If someone’s not allowed to own property if the police won’t look into it while they’re being called property . Get the word of someone in a different demographic is all it takes and even if you can show decent evidence that they might be lying the police are worried about liability for their earlier actions well who deserves to walk away from anything that they work for. Where you end up usually depends on where you start what is that when 32 in April destroyed credit after 10 years of never missing a payment working more often than not more than one job started working actually at 15 for a union company that did software before leaving High School McDonald’s then Target the National Camera Exchange and I think target was in there again once Maple Grove once Plymouth but then I ended up telemarketing for a mortgage refinance company $12 an hour plus commission. In 9th grade I made a card in the darkroom Photography in print class oh, I put that up on a Dunn Brothers bulletin board and as I turn 16 right as I scored a small CPA office that does nonprofits and churches. I think I dropped my license three months into turning 16 or being eligible but I remember my mom had to drive me the first time and I was sure that would cost me any future visits ended up having that client until I was 26. I was working McDonald’s when I started and bumped to 25 an hour in like 2004 at age 16 will still working all the other jobs described and before leaving High School I had added a small law office and a car dealership to I had added a small law office and a car dealership to my business clients. Rest in peace John. I can’t even remember the number of single households that I work for doing it support but I know even before leaving High School I believe 1099 have to be filed what’s some of the small businesses for hours worked.

One summer I did three websites and tons of other it stuff on top of it but the websites alone did something like 7k in 3 months. I had records of this. at their house. When somebody has no rights to their property when the police will believe anything and reject evidence otherwise how can I ever defend myself. Why why work I can’t work right now I can’t even go to a doctor that I choose most of the time and then I get told I haven’t been to a doctor what’s the only way they could know still wanted to let them know because if my mom’s checking the electronic health records that doesn’t exclude if I haven’t been to a place or if I revoke the consent but somehow they know I haven’t been to a doctor even though they drove me to them well I was at their house and why is me owning property conditional on none of this is okay no one should have everything they’ve ever made in 16 years held over their head my parents who admit on recorded phone call several times they were using police reports as punishment not necessarily what happened just what they wanted to happen this is police enforce abduction because no one deserves Hopewell the police didn’t find it convenient so sorry everything you worked for over a decade and a half plus of your life well how about you start over from a homeless shelter how about we ignore things that generally constitute a tendency they can say whatever they want both you and keep all your stuff what the hell is this