Daily Archive March 17, 2020

ByJohn Wuethrich

Nutrition Imune function parents that file ocp after 2 years forcing mal nutrition on adult son claiming these never cared for self and court that gives me papers on 13th for date on 18th in midst of pandemic


could find better im freaked out scared for my life. my parents will say abosilute ly anything ive tried to tell the police

i have recordings indicating the dv report was backwards

i have recordings indicating the report for mental hold was used as a punishment after my dad shoved me during an argument, on way out i punched his car door. he denied seeing me bleed just as he now says they kicked me out of their house to hotel

my mom had a surgery i got a business vps (server configuration to meet standards for accepting creditcards/because it was found biz owners old host was fraud) so i said to my dad “would help her recover and this job has liability”

while at their house they were demanding services i have p[reformed for pay and can prove (with time they have my resocnrds and most everything mine earned or given use it to force what i can and cant do, move the goal posts)

what im trying to get at is service for rent likely constitudes tenancy. i left for a week or 2 they decide to ban me kieep all my stuff. im exhausted last year had systolic bp of 180 on mental hold rigged by false report after using land line to contact my dad. day i get out of there he sends me a pic of what doc wont look at expert advice and decides is in my head. my moms an np i respected her a lot when i was young. also had to do her power points when she taught at at kates in early 2000s she’s not good with tech. i picked up a lot of the medical worlds lingo. i had college psych at ndsu and have studied a lot on my own. so between policenot caring or caring about their liability for earlier actions, that doc not caring about expert testimony on my phone instead “patients aren’t allowed phones on ward”

where is the incentive to relive and file evidence? how a bout when you get starved in empty apt drive down and because of things said by parents and refusal to even indicate they might might might lie let alone false report charges.

the result is me on public road after my dad wants me to repeat slave knowing im 3 days hungry 8 ish months in empty apt. everything empty my fault cause i didn’t call them they go in circles not to allow antythign to be discussed hang up block threaten deny threatening till im screaming and think im gonna die cops are telling me that night “you live wuiqte the life off then”

if im keeping my cool through that…isn’t there the posibliyt im in the extream opposite situation from their 2 on one reports filed while i had no car ate quick trip for 7 days while theyitgnored they still have most of my assets. reason i have to move is moldy car i was forced to clean here, have to be out end of month or eviction.

2006 to 2017 only involved 6 continuous and not much more than may be 12 total in 11 years (holidays and stuff) months at their house the rest was dorm.

they have had me malnurished running at moving targets claiming to own me for 2 years because they screwed up finishing their basement in 01 it spread to my last apt. i can prove this or present good evidence but im scared out of nmy mind it doesn’t matter. partly because food control cognition, attention emotional regulation and no one fairs well when someone says all your stuff is mine unless you… and cops don’t care or let you prove otherwise. ignore mail check fraud ignore all signs something might be wrong

ithey took over my health care this year i asked for packet to be forwarded 2 months before and 2 after it should have arrived like last week they instead send cards.

ive been saying i need a desk place to file important documents things my kitchen stuff place to store clean clothes a printer or my printer.

i had 3 desks i built one bought in 06 or 07. i had a printer given by a cpa office i did it support for since 2004. i put a card up on dun bro bulitle board. had that client till 26, worked mc donnalds target, nat cam telemarketing before even eating highschool while taking care of several small biz, including freeway motors in Rodgers (RIP John C,) and A small family run estate Law Office in maple grove, cpa office was 3 or 4 people and did no profits.

i was making 25 an hr at 16. i was working what my parents called a real job. i was doing enough hrs for the private contractor tax firm at the it gigs. on top of that mash was limiting how many before and after school activities i could take

college one year i have 16 credit hrs wich if perfect is 32 hrs with 1 hr out of class per week. 30 hrs paid internship

more i wont list. i need tot try to sleep but i wont make the hr and a half drive and my body is falling apart from the people that claim to “own me making me run tighter circles and the anxiety of knowing 2007 to 2017 nothing to prevent renting again. 10 years never missing a credit payment

because they lied to cops and or social norms influencing maybe inter department politics they apparently could all but shoot me and not fear anything but words said in extream fear and despiration and often the only thing my parents respond to “threats” almost like…oooohhh something i can use for power now. not like i was threatening the remains of his late rabbit.

i cant do this its like i imangie facing a rapist would be i cant do it on this schheudule but they control most all my things. lease ends and non renewsal bnoted due to cleaning car…lease ends end of month, served 13th

im going to end up two ocps and an eviction destroyed credit because my parents own me? why do i try? i have no rights to anything because they say so and despite contacting bar, trying to bavocate for myself …. nota

mean while this apt starts busting into garage no notification, they come at me for even dehumidifier hose under garage door. before signing lease under massive duress i communicated what garage was intended for .

my parents nuts plan then was i have to clean their mold off my stuff.

right before lease starts snow blows through car. my dad once offers title i accept never gives it. starts pretending he doesn’t know snow is water. they’ve had house remediated at this point still denying it all to me. i have the mold pro confirming he was paid to do this.

another day i say dad i can check the hotel cctv “idiot its my car check what ever camera you want”

the cops ea few months earlier even excused him and likely my mom (takes two to pick up a car and drive away_ removing car i had permission to use from a diff hotel lot stranidng me at hotel.

im saying hey i cant get food and he just keeps pressing u want to hurt me.every things bout my rabbits are gone/with you and sick(vet could confirm) ignored craziness of threat hinging on cab i never called taking me to hardware store at 530 to 630 pm from hotel lot then to 7pm demo where i would hamer stucko if car wasn’t back so i could eat…

no context involved just can ewe get him to say what we need for a hold.

they also 2 dtimes before but not really in 10- years before that removed keys 1 while i had to be up to my previous lease, they invite me down take my keys ignore i have adult obligations to lease.

30th b birthday (April 14th 2018) im stuck at their house. a week before my dad is coming to me for emotional support while my moms calling me crazy, ive reworked my ass off taken almost 0 breaks for 5 years they are destroying everything earned, good credit of 10 years, opening mail etc etc.

as nicely as i could “dad i cant support you in this situation im isolated an torn down every day” by both then its denied. less my dad at first then he wont admit antyhgihng that looks bad and somehow that eventually justifies him on the phone last year “are you gonna cry about it? commonn John you know you love me SAY IT”

somehow me wanting the past to be acknowledged becomes reason to hurt me more. they hold everything hostage i tried to bgo the right channels. this is insane.

ill even try steressing what are you doing to me. you keep me from everything i earned or was given /mine and keep me from any habit i need as an adult, tell me i never had them deny infantalized to the extream. tire went flat first day in forced me into apt in town they picked. first flat.

ive taught myself to weld picked up woodworking from a number of sources including my dad early on. metal was all self taught or friend taught. i taught my self circuit board cad then built UV lithography exposure rig and cupric chloride etch tank to rapid fab printed circuit boards for contract under my dads agreement … nothing suggests i cant change a tire

for 2 weeks i hear i don’t know how i must be stuck at apt

i mention food and diet affects everything including what and when u die gave cancer as an example. my dad changed topic with we aren’t talking about cancer.

at one point states health is going to doc and demanding pills

yet when vet game both my rabbits rx antibiotics and im told im banned from house after leaving for hotel, i eventual am told “they looked ok so i stopped” by dad who promised to give it to them.

never in my life has my mom not reminded either of us how bad that is for resistance… when it comes to my animals keeping them and banning me.

this is absolutely corrosive physically harmful and terrifying. i cant do this in time frame. they might be npd aspd maybe just a bit more screwed up than average but i didn’t come to conclusion something’s wrong lightly and it tried at every turn to get help. yet all she or he now has to do is feel threatened if i miss court tomoreoow.

feel threatened while i die of a heartatck on the street.

i had no criminal or mental health issues on record or otherwise no indication of violence before 2018

[;ease tell me this isn’t as messed up as some of what im reading about these laws.

to find i alwayer… well served fridayu the 13th… oh wow they are one for symbols (just realized) law offices on weekends?

30 days hungry last year and covid outbreak need to be out in 15 days

who wouldn’t freak?

at 18 i backpacked Europe for 45 days, at 19 or 20 took a 5 hr course and jumped out of an airplane with out someone on my back. when fargo had record floods i was there sandbaging. i came home and hear “we didn’t think you were like that” from parents who forgot i even in grade school tried to beg my mom to let us go volunteer in grandforks. i was seeing it on news they would have on (grade school). like 2013 i did stlf a bus trip volunteering from fargo nd to DC. I helped remediatee a house hit by sandy as one of those stops.

these people say no im not you are. i ask why, topic change. between “:you have to understand i do what i want when i want” yet they pick when things they agreed to and how hard and long ive worked put me crazy low on social support circle so they start lessoning it by calling people that they don’t know… my remaining friends. how does none of this matter and such a crazy time to prove it. ive been scared 2x in my life. i came home from mc donnalds one day in o4 (10th grade?) almost went down stairs caught my dad pointing cordless phone at tv like remote. aspirin while dulling 911 checking but not finding pulse on coated or list.. hear heart when head to chest. he’s talking has to have a pulse…scared out of mind cause ive listened to my mom done her nursing power points (made …shes not great with tech) had basic aid training had boyscout training… this isn’t quite anything, ambulance on the way , threw the cat (cosmos) in their bedroom expecting his attempt to escape, note to mom grab their phonebook and call a friends dad in the ambulance cause this seemed a bit much for a note to deliver. she didn’t make north for 3 hrs.

now they try to tell me ive never carred for myself while holding and destroying everything of mine physical or worked on for a future.

Nutrition Imune function parents that file ocp after 2 years forcing mal nutrition on adult son claiming these never cared for self and court that gives me papers on 13th for date on 18th in midst of pandemic 1
ByJohn Wuethrich

What is one supposed to do

not saying im always proud of my language. went from my dad saying “I dditn let you get the cert with the class because i wanted you around to months of working non stop harder than the year and a half before just for a slight angry phrase to cause my dad to say “now i don’t want you around anymore” picking and choosing how all my resources are spent while my mom tries to decide what is real after telling me she intents to make me suffer. false police reports start. im still trying to do work during this. I had a web server for a business in St cloud. I have testimony my parents contacted who was at the time a friend for a year before and eventually convicened him to try to tell owner he could do it for cheaper.

whatdo you do when you call the bar assoation they tell you tell the police parents are unreliable whiteneesese

cops refuse to put on record mail fraud check fraud “i own you” multiple recordings (single party content state) indicating reports muddying a clean record are in true if not backward or using lies to police as punishment

everyone in my family gets info from my mom. I know how many times i saw people in the last 5 years, extended family could count with out exhausting fingers on all hands. I was being told to work harder. everyone claims to know my problem but if you are seeing me once every year 3 times in 5. what do you know?

no one attempted to contact the project patreon

im dealing with parents who will lie about lying then tell the lie again .

“i do what i want when i want” John jhohn John you have to understand”

including compete between telling me to trust you uve never hurt me while you do

i cant do this you are killing me but there is apparently no law against holding a male captive in in yet police can selectively ignore any and everything making it hard to walk away from 16 years to homeless shelter because someone decided your stuff was there’s after their house spread mold. mold confirmed they decide 2 on on gaslinght .

when cops don’t respond what next? i keep sticking with words. yeah ive made some threats, they will tell me they are doing this but they haven’t done it yet. literlay play with tenses while denying

“i need a desk i need place for clean clothes wet” i don’t want to see them again. they say and do anything as they say they will. then deny it and say im sick. if i say its recorded so what.

when the cops wont put evidence on file while someone threatens everything you own unless u do what they say. everything uve been given. uses med system and knowledge there of after 8 months saying u r delusional and need to be medicated for mold and butgs proven by mold pro and exterminator…

none of that encourages one to keep it or organize it. i try but most calls are extremely painful. i can be starving end up hearing i own you.

served on the 13th after 7 days with out a car. they have access /possession of some of the records i would need.

i never as my dads report aleges tried or intended or was kicked out. the leaving for hotel was a temp thing with time i can probably argue a legal tenancy existed. ive been started and head im owned, knowing my stuff is being destroyed heard some very upstanding officers do what they can but im getting bum rushed and the laws from what i can see arnt set to include my demographic. I do however see its acknowledge d these aresoetimes usecd to harm.

kinda like when you alternate between i don’t know shat a text is , txt me ? ( my dad)

make sure im with out a car. learning it broke down is hanging up answeringmachine. next day wants to transfer title in puts uninformed 200 in bank to look like he did it while communicating only now he wants to give me title

i have to be out by end of month so hey now car can be yours so u get billed when its not removable from lot

then tries to ask why i would need a bike. ive been asking for my bike since last summer i said i can not remediate this moldy car i f ai must drive it for every meal. its a bad idea irf i cant change between working in it and living space. 9 mo forced under threat stuff is donated disappears.

there was a 27 year old male in the terpin family. we know how npd parents work. as an only child when everyone first assumes parents wouldn’t do that its especially hard to see through the fog they create. a few people ifrom my past, mainly ex girlfriends who got close have mentioned in passing or once or twice what they do to you is really messed up.

the problem is if im running full bore at a target like a diplonma or what ever goal, i cant/extreamly hard to keep in mind whats being manipulated because they will both deny any and everything

in the past it was subtle. their house had massive mold issue. cosmos cat was sick (2017) and died like March 2017 at 16.5 i was laying on their basement carpet. id drive to their house from St cloud. since maybe when we got cosmos (2001) ive had keys and or garage code for that house. everything they did was subtle like emotional heat or cut what they give me for aid before a mile stone or after committing to 16 credit hrs and 30 hr a week internship after com,mining to lease/fixed expenses, after communicating what internship paid and that it was required for degree… all the sudden between in class time and out (if im perfect) that’s 32 hrs of school work and 30 of internship and despite aquessing to my moms request and getting a job required for grad, she then cuts the aid she gives below had i not been working below making ends meet. but then im that busy and its run full speed a t a brick wall then they deny deny deny and eventually i gloss over it cause im still trying and doing things like product design teaching my self cad in free time for 3 year before projects ive described elsewhere for contract for 3rd parties.

i cant do this. they scare the hell out of me. they tried to get into my accounts through a computer left logged in. i saw it on google left fake trails (i built that computer) then am hearing my dad try to embarse me over what oporn he things im viewing. getting reports my mom and dad are calling people they don’t know (i do)

telling them im not to be trusted sick in the head. phrasing ive heard them use telling me im sick and telling cops. i ask why though and its either for disrespecting them or goes unanswered. or cause of things i say striped of context why.

you want disresepect try being 3 days hungry telling your parent you feel like a save and responded to with “what was that just that last word”?

my sleep is spinning my anxiety is through the rough i know how to cook but have been kept in empty apt that 9 mo of moldy car turned into not ok. they decide to grace me with my stuff while denying mold issue when ever they want what ever they want. tell me it costs to much to drive down there then one thing at a time delivered on a drive to St cloud

they pull any number out of a hate or their but knowing calls are recorded or to others. they made me make estimate for car cleaned under threat of destruction of all my things, didn’t meet it make me prove monthly where its going never acknowledge it repeat next month 9 months

couple that with cops that even putting unreliable whiteness on file “we might be liable” well ok i get everyone needs toeat but so do i.

if im not entitled to my mail not getting opened checks in my mail not being mine to decide to have let alone how used?

if they literally have no fear of reprimand while doing things that make it homeless shelter or “i owwn you”

as a young male am i owbned? if a “protected demographic or person” says all my stuff is there’s jump this hoop or lose it

go to cops right? i did they don’t care.

isn’t the definition of forced labor inclusive of threatens property and holds docs? when i looked it up it seemed to be. but no one wants to talk about it being applied here.

when i move back in (mold unproven they act like savior from apt then 180 when house is found by bpro to have issue) my mom says you screwed up im you landlord

proven otherwise then i ask my dad to leave for a hotel cause she’s following me around and i know stress is not good for recovery and just being there is stress cause ive tried not looking at her not talking to her but if i leave the 10foot by 10 foot room i had to talk my wayi into out of the basement

then its attack. i have prova able history of doing it support for pay for biz for ndsu. they demanded computer upgrades and network upgrades. for 10foot by 10foot room. i leave to hotel they decide im not coming back despite bonnie and Clyde rabbit there (my pets since 2007) all my stuff,

with time i can collect 2 years of recorded things and or find a lawyers but as it stands im about to be homeless wont make it out of here on time,, heard im owned starved 30 days last year anxious and scared out of my mind i know food effects immune function, emotional reugaltion and just about every factor of health. if somehene hadn’t taken my kitchen heres how i can cook

hers pub med. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9250133

its seriously like shining of the lambs only the guy saying it puts the lotion then files ocp and walks away with victims life.

ByJohn Wuethrich

Things I don’t Understan

First Something I forgot. in googling ocp and mn i found some text only visible on the google sinppit/ summary (before link is clicked) wheich said you might be able to call and request delay.

since they were found to have serious black mold problem, then denied it while starting false police reports 2 years have passed while do things like rent a hotel room when i say “dad maybe mom would recover better with out me here” cancer surgery.

long and short is they stayed at their house, paid to who’ve it fixed 8 to 9 months after and while still denying it. stuck me with modly car empty apt, kept ashes to one of my pets ignored and tried to invalidate/infantalize demanding i fix a car theirs in title or all my things disappear. cops ignore it but most important. they filed these ocps knowing i had 18 days to be out of this lease after a year in empty apt they picked. plan before snow blew thought car was i get the pleasure of cleaning my things of their mold when they grace me with them, they will replace things they chose to throw away. hire help to make sure i wasn’t in empty apt. this turned into you wont give us key to lease in town we forced you into under threat that repeats down this page or mental holds.

biggest point 2 years of things i cant organize in empty apt in time given. they are in their house with desks, tables notepads and anything of mine they want to threaten or ignore.

empty kitchen despite having high bp knowing how to cook knowing balance and what health is, forced to go hungry when car doesn’t get acknowledged as huge issue.

snow blew through it lright before lease started. my dad claimed not to understand how snow its water offered to transfer title once, never did, ignore all sanity ” don’t know i can do it here, its dangerous im not qualified”

they say they own me they hit so hard take so much and on levels people assume a parent wouldn’t do they pull any number out to win sympathy tell people including less i ve never worked, every time ive tried to suggest otherwise its unwanted. i called mn bar they said communicate “unreliable whiteness”

mg officers: “if we put that on record we might be liable”, “its not illegal to say you own someone” , they excused opening my mail because it went to their address but addressed to me, chec k fraud from my mail. how can i be responsible for even getting to court filed in a way to ensure i cant get out of this apt and now face eviction when i don’t have a place to move and two ocps hit/slapped on knowing i didn’t even have a car from March 6th to March 12th?

my mom around Jan 2018 “im going to make you suffer for taking my time with my husband”

actually first (factually second) people either don’t want to or refuse to encode this… i want a job, i jhad a job, them i had an agreement with my dad leading me to make a huge 3rd party contract /commitment. everything for that was shown to work. they took it with everything else i worked for or ever mine and some belonging to others entrusted to me. held it over my head while setting what imustdo and moving the goal posts for 2 years. blocking access to docs, using lies to police to create false her. my np mom demading i go to yet another doc while denying mold proven.. she should and demonstrated evidence she doesn’t know full well that’s how you get one some extension of


or worse yet

drug seeking

but they will both sit there insisting i hadn’t been to a doc and need to go again. well how could they know? even if my moms checking my EHRs via children’s, that doesn’t as far as i know tell her if i went to an org and didn’t sign contest. yet they blame all things that happen to me on not going to yet another doc when in the last year even though a few hrs of on phone time happened maybe 30 seconds of talking (circles on deflection on silence on silence and hang up, set phone down or drop last inch so its clear they aren’t there, calls where they laugh thinking ive hung up “did you hear how pissed i got him” mean while opening my mail, signing my name, saying they own me making it all or nothing take the street or jump dangerous to life itself hoops

i went to mgpd they feared liability for their earlier actions for even noting “unreliable whiteness” when i said i have recordings admitting even dv was false /backward and the mental hold was a punishment after my dad shoved me across the room and denied seeing me ever bleed. this started as me petting my rabbits visiting at start of hotel stay him getting aggressive and oddly competitive verbally flat out saying “you know why im better than you? i don’t lose my temper”

narsasistic parents compete with their offspring, find what ever source you like, im not pulling it out of my ass.

at the time it dawned on me ive already heard confirmed mold denied for over half a year, hearing things like “i do what i want when i want” from both with “John John John you just have to understand” sometimes my dad gets this fucked crotch inflection that im not sure if he’s mimicking someone from his past or thinks its for effect. ive always had a high emotional iq and good recognition of facial/non verbal cues and emotions. plus most of this stuff is recorded (sorting through 2 years of calls on various mediums esp from summonce on 13th to court on 18th while im still in apt with out ability to store or cook food a year later… 30 days hungry last year, knowing i have to be out in 15 days… they hold all the cards.

they have ignored for 12 months “i need a desk, place to file documents, place to store clean clothes, a printer(i had a workgroup class laser printer from the cpa/cpa office (started him and 3 others he was partially retired when i lost him as a client 10 years later(the first time their basement made me sick) having one car key would be likely to cost or contribute to losing a job. since 06 ive felt with one car key up in fargo and in St cloud, like 3 times tuning the last 3 years have i lost it. he’s made it take 30 hrs plus and the last time 5 hrs trying to communicate the problem.

narsastic parents set crazy high expectations. this is token as it gets never lose your key you only have one. when the car swap happened again… one key 4 months asking only for the second time no car no food . its insane. threat of mental hold because in an attempt to infanatlize obviously i cant know that if red security light is flashing… its probably the chip. even after it starts he then insisted it had to be towed. then when it broke down on the 6th of March he’s again insting i was wrong and it was what he though. I now have 2 keys…. except one doesn’t work because the transponder is bad. that’s testable. but the way he always has access. I need a camera on the lot to know that sabotage doesn’t happen. he will have me running in circles say im in empty apt or haven’t got dental implant needed (baby tooth died 20 years ago, no adult under but acted as implant/postion keeper while slowly disoloving) its all my fault for not calling him. click. block for a week if i drive down sit out siode house cops come before he does or she does. few times that differs moment i raise my voice after they deflect / do anything but allow one to stay on one topic… my mom “you don’t want to look like a crazy person Johnathan” or something along those lines. if i use crazy or anything short of what doc told me she laughs at saying she knows is false… if i abbreviated language with crazy… its that’s not pollicitcly correct. its expand and contract and or they will be as arbitrary and ambiguous with language as possible, then ask to have simple concepts explained like rocket science /demand precision and still find a place to fein confusion. or demand repeats

sometimes im staying “please stop playing these games”

im not playing games, how can i find the red inverter if i don’t know what color it is

me: you just said it.

what color is it john?

dad you just told me ive said it last call ive said it last week


i kid you not that particular call then moved to wanting to know its dimensions.

even i f i stay calm dance the dance several time i just get click and block. if i lose it to his games while what they hold from me causes hunger while threatening do this (like clean car) or your stuff is recycled/given away/disposed of ….while im often hungry due to reasons covered above and below… if i feel the anger and hang up blocked again for a day to a week. when i finally get a hold of him or her “whats up ? what do you want”

note im saying i need a place to file things as donsistant theme. im also telling my mom i don’t want to talk to you, you are worse than he is and admit even less. you htenen defend with i wrap him around my finger deny saying you will make me suffer. he will make me do arbitrary crap like tell me he’s in parking lot when sitting across the street just to make me go out walking around. he picked this cell/unit and plays the idk game . the next time i say i cant see you face to face, im scared you press every button ignore basic concerns

and he tells me im going to like prisoion because i can have a boyfriend.

make your son submit while saying you own him. hold every shot across the bow or word against him. say you own him say he deserves it for being disrespectful. he tries to limit damage after years of hunger and hell. call him gay.

not that i take issue or have issue with glbt community. my best friend came out sr year of highschool, i even went to the glbt and friends group with him a few times to show my support. on a trip to California I drove to cotton wood to see my friend Haley at the house her and her wife own because it was haleys bday.

the issue and offence is the violation in so many ways at once, while he’s also going through a computer left logged into google account (but i knew and loaded it with fake) then hear him slipping into convo trying to shame over the weird shit found in the history he was snooping. probably went through my chats/instant messages too. not like i know how to make a scrip write over a dom element


<p id=”user1msg”>yo john whats up</p>


with javascript getElementById() and some other methods one can manipulate any thing between or add and delete HTML tags (div, p(paragraph) etc).

this is a computer i built for them 12 years ago. its way harder to pull that off say trying to make it work after browse this page. xss scripting attack aka cross site scripts are a known threat. aka scripts from diff sources like c:/ and www.thissite.com or thissite andthatsite.com different story when the computer was once yours and all the it stuff inthat house was at one point configured by me. the upstairs media center pc is one i built into a surround receiver style case. i stopped counting custom pc and workstation builds at like 30 builds and maybe age 24.

real point here is that’s not just stalking but breaking every boundary even a teen should have. and then sickly wrapping the violation while claiming to own the person and … everything has been bad for health for 3 years (2 on purpose/2 since they learned mold in their basement) 2 since the rage started/ narsastic rage that is.

i can post a video of a recorded call where he claims he knows everything about me and if i don’t comply im going to jail. ive got other people over the last 2 years alerting me they have contacted them. people they don’t know, my social group or now lack there of.

more importantly though because before this started i had been working 60 to 100 hr weeks between two jobs (had key for one and was helping establish it. started with concussion didn’t catch bad deal till i was in deep, mean while work harder was message as i then find out they held my tax return like 3 months at their house, then as its seldom to non existant they admit any mistakes its my fault for not seeing a doc, while im already doing 60 to 100 a week hearing work harder. know what makes that easier? the tax return /my money for my hrs worked returned due to my with holding selection.) or inventintg hrs 25-none existant but this seems less likely than not doing what s technically mail fraud. they more directly demonstrate this time and time again in last 3 years but in past tiny episodes of rage then cold shoulder and denial 2 on one. only child. small sabotage like empitional heat turns up before mile stones or budget slashed. this time destroy everything g i worked for tell cops i never worked layer on layer of trapped support cut off, threats to force labor. will sit there telling me same lie. i say its recorded you said diff or after they deny saying something

“so what “,” fuck your recording”

10 min later or a week… guess what i hear again… same lie.


about a year and a half ago i outright hear “i need c control because i want control” referring to my life.

they deny saying theings but the actions remain consistent to the words through the denial.

prenten to lose bonnie rabbits remains, call back and say woods i made a mistake , like 30min later. deny it happens don’t acknowledge it 4 months later my mom denies it then opens the dryer they keep her and cosmos(cat in ) heaving drawer the rollers are audible on phone. he did the same thing pretending to insist he gave me her remains already. he said nope only cosmos she says (derawr roll nope bonnie and cosmos) its mind fuck to the insane and all while denying the basics i need for adulting at all. or even ability to cook because no kitchen stuff.

here’s the discussed plan for this year before i instead got a surprise mold car and not budget to deal with it

i keep having officers that don’t want to hear if ive ever worked but want to know if im working. ignoring they claim to own me and are threatening to get rid of all my things if i dont do what they say . some mg officers have been updatnding. idk what the politics are here so i hesitate make them identifiable. ive never seen an organization with out some form of politics spoken or otherwise. there have been a few that really try to do what they can with in the context of constraints knowing like legislation and others i couldn’t account for because im not a LEO.

that said my dad and i not only had an agreement, but while this time has gone on i keep hearing to this day why i dotn follow it . other less tell me my parents have some control if they pay while ignoring mail fraud check fraud im being told to repeat slave while hungry and “your dad said he didn’t ever say he ownse you” well i wasn’t aware it worked like that but it doesn’t seem to for me. they how ever will assert they define what harms me and or we are same person. never hurt me if i say so and its almost like “stop hitting yourself ” but the lethal version of the sibling game (so i would imagine, i don’t have them)

I switched CS to MIS then IS at scsu. i haven’t finished a degree but one of my friends is working for a big company in call with his get doing 6 figures plus wanted to use his word and projects to try to get me in door. my dad and i had an agreement and i can demonstrate I have a decent idea of how i would have carried that out instead it became all i own you and me bleeding under take it or walk away from everything you actually work ed for

I gotta a high B or low A in biz law at scsu. I absorbed a lot of it and i wish i was back in it because i keep needing more and more with less time more stress less health and hearing im property.
is there some agreement that my parents can decide to sabotage huge 3rd party contracts, take everything i actually worked to earn let alone what was given or mine since 06, after risking my life (and continuing to ) and if i cant prove a crop job and full time i havfe no right to property nothing done to me matters ? how can i get out of that if mail fraud check fraud false dv reports are ignored? whats left than scared for your life stop or else threats? ive considered writing the fbi, when you cant eat sometimes for days at a time everything in life gets messed up.

table and the custom pcb i designed for contract (missing parts someone else paid for because parents still have them)… all pictures last week. everything ive got back is at their disgresssion and covered in mold they claim isn’t real but paid to have removed by pro over a year ago.

they ignore the , place to file things, proper desk, etcl all the stuff nesicary to organize /adut/ keep commitments. yet while not admitting it, my mom starts bombarding me with letters acting like we are the best of buddies while slipping in she wants to sell Xbox games and Wii games and thinks they are worth a lot second hand. aka subtle reminder/threat we have your things. more so working at target in highschool, for a law office and the cpa office i bought an original Xbox in like 05. she will deny anything admit it 10 years later . i would bet nut never know for sure, she recalls i paid for those myself working in hs. shese the type that ignore s games can boost creativity. i haven’t had time in half a decade and never will at this rate. they can take and harm 16 years of what i worked for independent of them , take everything suposibly mine, just tell cops i never worked, i shoved thiem. both have laid hands on me in anger. i had no record before have not done this to them but guess who got the 2 on 0 report? they screamed leave after calling cops.this was like 6 mo into denying mold, my mom threatened to push me down stairs the week before for catching her throwing away parts to a contracted hardware project. mean while my dad wanted me to go to b ar with him and a year later still not having most parts and having lost credibility, credit and social circle/what should have been good/lasting adult friends… my mom tells me i just need to accept responsibility for my faliures( while still holding other peoples paid for things entrusted to me)

which if i just say as t has no kitchen for a year.my dad who pretends to forget unit and building despite picking them ” it had a sink and stove when i was in there”

yeah dad how often do you cook in the sink? do you know money aside… even how much time this wastes? the money every month they make me calculate 10 to 15 a meal costs like 1200 to 1500 a month and act like they don’t know. starved me up to 4 days at a time… i had a lot of kitchen stuff, here’s some of what i took photos of not the entirety of what i could cook.

when they filed these it was knowing i was with out a car. I tried to stay on top of mainence car is technically there’s. they use the everytime they can like 2017 while we didn’t know what was causing my bleeding my dad invites me down for a night of rest knowing i have city inspection then takes keys because i wont tell him crushed aspirin is an anti fungle (insert arbitrary power trip as reason here)

while arguing hey you are restaraing my movement after inviting me here, sure its your car but if i had known you would do this i would have bought my own. my mom comes out and adds to the hell with “im going to make you suffer for taking my time with your husband” since 2006 I’ve probably directly occupied 2 weeks of his time. the mold that would be proven a problem in their basement in 2018 and felt with 9 mo late after gaslighting /denying it and false police reports on a clean record of 29/39 years… well that mold? 6 mo between St cloud and fargo i moved back in sometime end of 2013 start of 2014, i could smell it then and same symptoms that later develop in apt.

note if my times vary plus or minus one relative unit its because this has been no stop stress by people that otehersiwse went out of their was to gloss over distinction or wrongs/ keep an image of super parents failure only child. stressed to the point of seeing stars when my dad or mom spouts half truth out of order time wise justification/causal non sequester/history rewrite then explains im sick. at best why/how is im angry or delusional. but everything claimed by them to be that i have expert testimony existed. as opposed to its not real cause im your mom and say so. and things like we miss the old John.

Things I don't Understan 80
i miss the ingorance or less heated times but in reality figuring this out is good. yes it appears this group and some statue only recognizes it as intiment partner but from what i can see the psych community knows npd and aspd parents do this to their children and often sabotage into adult hood because good or bad the child garners attention they don’t want to lose from others, directly and control while also offering completion. turns into ridiculous expectations and subtle kicks to the knees if you are lucky or if something puts their mistakes in a should be undeniable light, and those risked life and property, enter denial and full blown rage mode. enter only child as adult hearing “you’ve never worked for a dime, i op-ed your mail and paid your bills”(reality a little woards one while for 2 years keeping me from doing a thing or taking its value(i made 2k on a webserver set for small biz, they contact a younger associate of mine and tell him what I’ve said re spun this guy will probably give you job if you offer to do it cheaper better. well i learn of this after the very smart but not experienced with command line Linux /linux shells or virtual private servers crashes the site after resteting my Gmail to get access to the hosts bill pay and virtual server power control. I had said from start, i don’t want to take this job, guy is cutthroat (I’ve had really good clients he’s not one) then they give him every reason to be, wait till i get paid lesser amount and knowing i said “its about proving i can set up security to this standard for the next job” . they say they kicked me out of the house at least my dad does. what they had said is “im your landlord now” (mom) and ” you live hear now until you an afford to move out, you don’t know what you are talking about you make it all up you need to pick a community college degree and get min wage” what i don’t know is what employed in it field friends told me to do so they can get me hired (specific certs) wha it don’t know is stuff I’ve done for pay by small biz since 16 sand posting a card on dun bros builtin board. A cpa who owned a small office hired me, it was like a month or 2 after i turned and i i don’t have my license yet. I thought having my mom drop me off would be end of that. i had him till age 26. I had a paid it internship at NDSU. A prof with a PhD in CS and masters in IS wanted me to take that position after an elective coding class i had him for. He saw my part of group project and said “if you really wrote this you are one of the brigtest ive seen” i then had to go through the code with him to show him i did. I had taught myself prototpal ovjedt orientation . school teaches class based fundamentally different both have their own uses but I wrote this in like a week and a half. (in 09) its now buggy on modern smart phones because who expects the web to stand still? note none of the cal /date pickers are HTML, its all object based javascript, you tell a script tag insert a cal with this range into element with this id and it writes all the HTML and calculates how to lay out the numbers in the date grid, tracks whats selected unique to each instance, has a preselcted mode that the server can send : load the screen with these dates highlighted. has a slecct multiple and select single. that all involves wrapping variables inside of prototypal objects and instantiating it while operating on cars and methods in and outside of their scope. its been a long time so that best i can tell someone (or someone i don’t expect to know code) but regardless, my moms an np. i used to have to do her power points in 01 when she taught at at kates. she doesn’t know or like much about tech. shes not in a position to judge or deny both my friends gainfully employed, the existence of contracted work im doing or my past to fit her present. you know who else lived at home went to community college? the 27-year-old turpin adult child. note on that calendar /date pick. i used a library that can make things easier… except i only used it for the visual effects like how the hover draws a yellow box. all the stuff like tracking dates while one pages to the next year/month is hand coated from scratch. I had two coding classes hen i wronte this and neither was in that lanjage. java is whats taught and class based OO. javascript is entirely different and given a weak reputation because people try it learning HTML don’t touch it again maybe get degrees. they miss its one of the few examples of prototypal object orientation whilch is a very powerful but underlined theoretical comp sci concept. a language can be as basic or advance as you make it, the specifics and how much/what functionality you intend on a project set those requirements (along with computer hp/resources user is expected and use case)

while normally i wouldn’t fear covid. its pretty well known even to us laymen that neutrition and stress effect the immune system. less well known is attention span, cognition, emotional regulation, and large role in what you diefrom and when.

7 days before i was served on the 13th im in empty apt with out a car, with the only thing in the kitchen being Clyde rabbit in the freezer. empty apt for the last year. here’s how it was supposed to go. but nothing is stuck to, a lot of times changes that appear as sabotage or retaliation (often for what apearrs to be just and ego slight/wors he or she do not like) gets denied but several hints it was done and with purpose

i missed the person in control of that. the message while waiting for clerk? court isn’t something im very familiar with. was a lot of cases being rescheduled not sure on mine but i eventually got a voicemail and missed two facts. one a car that’s theirs but i need to be grateful after “im picking your car im better at it” (dad you need to let me learn things, idk if i trust anything u tell me but for the longest time i told myself this was you wanting a purpose, when you are destroying me to have it then turn and file this stuff after a year of claiming to own me. i don’t want to talk violence i don’t want to hear “what was that last word” when i m 3 days hungry and tell you you make me feel like a slave” i don’t want to do this at all . i don’t want to see you again. you say things while starving me turn deny it and say so what or fuck your recording and mom is just as bad.

i can hardly hold on to a train of thought and this is years worth of why the hell, even if i follow plan set goal posts more. i hear i deserve it cause im disrespectful and im in empty apt i have 15 days to move out of all year you deciding what i have and what issues all or nothing. tell me im an infant deny things like i changed a flat then deny saying it. ignore from start “idk if i can rememdiate that car herem it’s probably most expensive option, im not qualified, shouldn’t do it with out beinag able to change between living area and clean up zone/work area. i cant do it driving for every meal”

i eventually figured out it was an even bigger risk. if you spray something the moon rough tended to ccath it in the drain/leak catch tray and rounding corners you might end up with caustic solution in an eye. you are promising a rental

mom says well why not ride your bike start of summer 2019. then you two at least 3 times bring my bike out while im either in driveway not having left car or later public street because you tell cops anything to get your way.

there is nothing more underdescriptive of the hell but perfect image of bully than maybe a 6th grader holding a kindergardners bike or lunch money or books above head. except its my bike and the entrirty of my life, how long i can expect to live and what quality of life is probable. while sometimes saying i deserve it for being a brat. asking if im going to cry… i don’t want to exist. this is corroding me to my core.

When the car broke down A phone with some of the evidence I could use is now unknown to me where exacctly it is. My dad comunicated only to again assert whats a likely lie (battery and alternator) started when key next to welder died 12 hrs later with car flashing security light.

It appeared to be oil when it broke on the 6th. long story but when you keep the spare then again make someone imoblie for 30 hrs and require 5 hrs of communication and threaten to get me a mental hold for not telling you where car is despite I mentioned its probably the chip, everything power wise seemed fine, tried jump no diff.

I’ve had bats and alternator belts go before. I know if the chime is the right pitch, volume and speed, lights are normal, seat moves normally its unlikely to be a power issue. security light flashed , jump did nothing. as predicted but 30 hrs delayed then spare i had been asking for 4 for months dropped in front of “large door, oh im just dropping this here for my son being an asshoole” (presumably to a neighbor of mine in the other building… then i had to cab back. last time he tried to force me to meet him face by face then told me i was going to prison if i didn’t and could enjoy having a boyfriend.

infantalize your son because you let your house go. tease him when one 13 year old pet died pretending to lose the ashes of the other that wasted to “she’s going to need syringe feeding ” levels on the day she died (by the vet) ashes that came in mail addressed to me and while i asked for day of peace at hotel, you open package and repeatedly text me the package contents, ie the remains of my loved one.

yet then despite no problem with opening my mail, you hold onto the mn care renewal while using police to keep me from the house then present me with form that claims “I am getting this because i requested it” yet mn care had no such record when i called… that was actually a form to give youtwo power to act as me on my health care decisions. claiming i failed to be responsible and somehow get the packet from your mail box while you used police to ban me from the house (likely unlawfully)

i read the statement on the packet i was served. I left the house for a temp stay at hotel because my mom had lung cancer, surgery where most of one lung was removed. a few days before and despite mold being proven but not felt with she’s following me around “you’re deulsianl and need to be medicated”

my dad claims i was banned from the house for eratic behavior. what eratic is you told me before moving back in with you

you understood how important the contracted work was.

i would have a workspace before even getting back

another apt right away

instead i got

mom going through throwing out my things. things others bought for contracted work or interested to repair and return.

you saying well maybe next month its just too much right now

you taking my keys on my birth day a week after telling me you are lonely and wanting me to be your emotional support, claimed you cant let me drive in snow storm ignoring i never got stranded or had a weather related issue driving in nd for 8 years. I drove in every storm and at least 2x a year that meant snow that mostly bottomed out a sedan. turning it into , maintain 30 or better while car sleds where wheels don’t touch. no stranding no accidents no towing. to compound the craziness though 3 hrs later you want me to ride shorty because you like driving in the snow. i was never against wanting to be around you. im against it being forced while things i worked myself and networked myself all out on are being destroyed . while im getting reports from people I know that you somehow obtained the number of that you contact them telling them im sick in the head. while i hear things like one day “this is a situation where you have to do whats best for you” and not more than two days later am being accused of being a socieopath for being “cold” then i bring up the story I’ve heard my whole life about how moms mom threw her stuff into the front yard when my mom wanted to move in with my dad (or something like that) and acert that grandma martinson might have been a bit wicked (to her) and it sure seems like this is one uping while projecting their issues with eachother and selves on me. all the sudden the only thing we can talk about is how dare you say anything about grandma martinson.

well, when she died my first year at ndsu, i wasnt allowed to visit her being forbid to drive down because i have to be at school. I did talk to her on the phone and her last words to me were “Your’re a good kid Johnathan, Grandma loves ya.” I never saw the side of her ive heard stories about. if people wernt thinking in black and white or acting as the adults they avoid admiting any indication they are not (happened once or twice then denied or claimed that day was me being agressive later)

it should be clear that one can be capable of being kind to one person, damaging to another and that no one person is good or bad all of the time. I tend to think in terms of supportive, honest, if not what reason might they have mislead( self doubt awkward topic, malice, didn’t have words, anxiety…lots of possibilities) im not very religious but one thing I’ve liked from the Christian teaching is that we aren’t supposed to wear the robe (and gavel… judge good from evil ) because logicly its along the lines of “you never know for sure what another intents and motivations/ causal factors for their actions are”

practically speaking if one doesn’t act on thought through analyzed infrences though they end not even sure how they got there while people saying “i never intent to hurt you”, “no one at this house has ever done or said anything against you” , while im listing specific recent incidence carefully adding this is harmful and not saying always and for ever everything, specific actions my mom ends up yelling “YOUR SAYING WERRE ALWAYS THE WORST PARENTS HOW CAN WE BE THE BEST PARENTS” (this is while mold is being gaslit months after proven and im bleeding but hearing things like “WAAAWAAA my eyes hurt, WAWAAA MY credit score”, “there’s no mold be cause im your mother and say so” and full circle ” do whats best to you” probably a set up possibly mold related (some evidence indicates confused and arroused /angery happens from toxins produced) cupple that with past less than well adjusted learnings or full blown cluster b disorder and as a nurse once told me “when someone has a head injury (tbi) a doc once put it like this: that person becomes more of who they were for better or worse” this was a client of mine i did it support for while working the mall job and repair shop job and after. she was describing what happened to her son. this isn’t tbi but the general theory plus toxins could play a role.

i need to get food ill touch on this later or not . idk how or what tomorrow holds. i cant do this anymore but im about to have two protection orders and if not out by end of month eviction…aka after hearing i own you and clean our car or else (implied or explicitly (less frequently) stated all my assets go away) ugh.

After trying to find a lawyer/sort through the chaos of 3 years of being at the mercy of people that a year in start saying “im going to make you suffer for…” 2 years while im sitting hungry in a car on thanks giving

ByJohn Wuethrich

Past Signs

Puerto Rico – flight home, pre trip things were done that contributed to the end of the longest relationship I’ve ever had. whether or not intended it was absolutely childish on their part. in a sense both always wanted me at their side as a token look what i made. I missed a lot of time with other kids as a child. Pr was at age 20 and the pre return/parts with Brittany are hazy. What i remember was there was this huge the sky is falling and its johns fault created with my mom for wanting my girlfriend to come along on the untion trip that had traditionally been a family vacation. Then deieal they had been unreasonable when basically it turned into tear John down for suggesting it. Then punish the fuck out of him for mainly being a little quiet on the trip. to the point that on the return flight my mom and I got stuck in Atlanta. my dad had a different ticket for reasons i don’t recall. weather faulted the last leg of the flight back to (God i hate recalling this) cause at best a lot will accuse me of making it all about them they cause all my problems…. i would hope professionals or any person with mind in on can see the scope not about me and there’s so many complex issues by nature of this that its hard to stay on track as is, but if that’s gonna be anyone take away, maybe type black and white reasoning into google scholar and add abnormal psych.

anyway my mom and i had to sleep in the Alanta terminal. literal rat pack when i woke up at one point that night. actually im not sure if that was “had to” or “cost saving” (i had backpacked Europe at that point 2 years prior for 45 days alone. mostly hostile and a week or so with friends in Pau. it was made clear on start of family trip age 20 im a child and doesnt matter ive traveled they need to feel im safe so i wont have that freedom. this should have been a sign but that period of life i wasnt slacking ive slacked but ive slacked very little compared to how hard i run and frequent. no one is perfect and im so fucking close to jsut not having a reason to be, theres no point when people are saying they own you sabotage then nothing bad ever happened you did it to yoruself if it did , i didnt intend it (wile still doing it)(while telling my friends colleges peers im crazy)

anway We woke late and on wrong end of airport for the in ga late for boarding. I was a sprinter on the track team in 06 and like 7th to maybe 11th(3 or 4 summers) in a row i had done the ms 150 fundraiser ride (Duluth to lake elmo in two days 150 miles). So I dashed across the airport with an image in my mind that they would be closing the gate and plane pushing back if I didn’t stop them and knowing that if I got there they would wait for my mom.

just realized now, there might be a post 911 law or maybe it was lockerbee about checked in passengers not boarding but that was heard recently.. should really look it up though.

I dead sprinted to the other end of the airport and found like 40 deep line waiting. I had been deeply asleep(as one can get in a filthy airport but metabolicly speaking…) maybe 60seconds before dead sprint so at this point my body is saying WATER, FOOD.

I got like a banana and a water. issue was I didn’t stop to again consider my mother. Which Turned into about as loud as one can talk with out being a security risk on the plane lecture about EVERYTHING THAT EVER CROSSED HER MIND EVER POSSIBLE SINCE MAYBE KINDERGARDEN FULL ON TEAR DOWN for the entire length of the flight. Then no sorry, eveyually just act like it never happened. i was saying things like mom please stop.

The worst i had been on that trip is a bit with drawn. but they will play it as if i was some brat, in retrospect the biggest issue was not giving them enough attention. and mentioning I missed my (at the time) girlfriend. The clearest indication I have of this is, first they wanted to hike the mountain then they didn’t want to. which turns into me walking having to argue to even let me out of the car so i could do one thing i wanted to even if it was alone. I don’t recall that even being a very large or dramatic thing. but afterwords it was like before, im not allowed emotions but responsible for them or anything i trigger or anything they project.

“you need to get a job this semester” so i get a paid internship required for graduation which also meant 30 hrs a week work with a 16 ch course load. I was already in a lease, signed up for classes communicated what i would be making hrly and how many hrs, communicated expenses. at that point many fixed. All the sudden the support they give is cut bellow making ends meet. Iirc my mom didn’t think it was enough pay while both him and her are also harping me about graduating sooner… if one is perfect 16 c/h in class a week is 32hrs of school a week. 62 hrs committed a week.

I moved my arm while typing this and broke the ear off of the clearance section missing an eye rabbit statue I bought when Clyde realized im laying on the bed where he died and threw up in my mouth.

im fighting the urge to just stare at the wall. i went to the living room but now as i type this my eyes are getting irritated, this happened when i started out here.

Past Signs 82
Past Signs 83
Past Signs 84
Past Signs 85
not recent (date is in title) but point is vet thought bugs at parents, several types of bugs in previous building (reports of other buildings by that company indicated issues as well (if you want to say it must have been me) ) they start calling me crazy, trap roach and they exterminate roach hormone kill only and only my 3rd floor unit. I hear many cities and or counties require the entire building. this place would only do my unit and im sure the round black and while marks on brown was not a roach. it was so distinct it almost had to be a carpet beatle but im not an expert and despite extermination record, mold guy on phone mentioned to doc, i still end up with a diagnosis for delusions of bugs and mold after gaslit by parents for 12 mo…which started right before their house was confirmed to have issues or right after. pretty hellish time but at that point bugs confirmed and my mom outright says “I’ve decided there were no longer bugs at your apt” this is nothing short of extream abuse and the added components make it pretty much abduction. but when the police let mail fraud and check fraud slide while not wanting to document evidence paretnss might even lie… why am i still trying? it has affect of you exist to suffer and serve them, you don’t get to be bug free, you don’t get your mind or past, if we say something its your reality. you don’t get to feel. while i am actually hearing things like “I own you”. said by my dad “i bought you” and its in reference to money i accepted from them but even the decision to go to ndsu right away was pressured. my dad “if you don’t go right away the money probably disappears”

they try to control me to the point that as it stands: 1.2 years ago bonnie dies in their care. bonnie was one of 2 companions

ByJohn Wuethrich

The Uncovered Group

if what started as vawl were the basis (in mn) for the protected person laws (and as far as i can see that’s the case) then expanding them to include men over 59 (don’t quote me) (and children) seems to leave one group of the excluded unable to be protected people. I think i noted that may cover if one decides (or is born that way. Logicly speaking unlikely 100% of time I doubt energy GLBT person is as I’ve read enough and had enough friends to know otherwise) unless they declare themselves gay lesbian or trans.

worse yet the protections aren’t based on any previous standard of law. In reading the packets served by sheriff I to my horror find that the language is “a threat is anything that makes the PROTECTED PARTY feel threatened” the main issue other than the aggressive language ignoring not guilty till proven otherwise…

the main issue is the feels. or in internet “teh feels”. While ones feelings are important we’ve known for a long time they aren’t good basis for legal actions and especially on the criminal side of legal. yes i know this is civil but if it passes the consequences quickly become otherwise. why don’t i state that as might?

i cant control their feelings.

i also have watched mom and dad refuse to leave the room, refuse to let me mourn with Clyde in peace, refused to stop poking me after losing a pet of 12 years or so. then turn from provoking to literally saying “im tired of this lets call the police” then report that the “feel threatened” yeah its their house. its also the reason the situation happened in their failure to care for it or admit what was found and that’s all beside the point of “tired of this” turns into “feeling threatened”

as far as i know, standards of culpability in the past have been “average rational adult” on the civil side, and jury of multiple citizen/peers on the criminal side. im not a law expert but its pretty clear / probably not a good thing if concepts like even when no intent to harm or lie is present, emotions themselves aren’t always reliable. its not hard to deduce that the reasons we had other standards were people in the past understood one persons subjective measure is not just cause to enact restrictions on another (at least if that’s the only requirement/cause/claim)

I also state to my horror because I’ve been hearing for 2 years things like

“im going to make you suffer for taking my time with my husband”

“i own you”

“i don’t own you but i bought you” (when i said he said…note the answer doesn’t address what was said, just repeats it and modifies it) they play mind rape on extreme levels, like after i change a flat i hear for 2 weeks i don’t know how to change a tire so i must be stuck at my apartment… changed it the first day. drove on spare to tire place, heard that multiple times then denies he said it later. I mentioned that the only hard part (never had a flat before) was finding the jack point with out the owners manual. 9 months later right after denying that’s ever said i fianly get a non moldy car… a month after that he separately delivers the owners manual. yes there’s a chance this wasn’t intended. i don’t have the time or sanity to type every example. i didn’t jump to conclusions. layers? tells me its too expensive for you to drive down to maple grove, the budget was set with out the mold car, i redid the estimate for “if i can even do it here”, “this is the most expensive and dangerous”, “”here’s what i need”, “here’s why its if”the budget was never met, when i earned 2k they cut the budget they gave to make sure i didn’t meet. all while ignoring u cant peace meal a remediation because u are dealing with something u either ddry out completely or the problem grows back . gov sites say after water is present mold growth becoming problematic is certain if not dried out in 48 hrs. so any interruption is bad, but whats insane is they were holding and still are most of my stuff including all kitchen utensiles/stuff. … how do you ever expect that to work when dehumidifiers only work 45degrees and higher, you aren’t meeting the budge, its winter and the fucking thing is needed for every meal?! which was also it own hazard because especially the sun roof lip liked to hold onto anything sprayed and on turning corners went for my head. high risk of stuff you don’t want in your eye….. for 9 months while im saying “THIS IS NOT OK” while im going hungry and every month having to prove where the money went, sending said proof, never acknowledged they got it…. repeat. intermittently they throw in that i must be spending it all on drugs… they know otherwise because every month they needed to see where the money went. they would give a random amount and having said too expensive to drive down (for me) start further complicating my ability to even track what they give by driving up cash after an arbitrary deposit.

they had their house remediated by a pro like Nov 2018. im still dealing with not having my things. knowoing the high value stuff went from their garage to their moldy basement then back to garage on remediation… ill fix his wagon, or grow him stuff some mold. even sans mold growth most of my high value things are damaged by humidity. I’ve several times spent 40 USD plus on something like lbs of desiciant beads and or non toxic versions , just to not be allowed near the stuff. then i get my mom employing a form of gaslighting they both like… explain to me like im a toddler, how does moisture damage things or one control moisture. so i jump that insane game and before hanging up and blocking my number “ok ill put a humidifier in the garage”. marlene wuethrich cnp with children’s St Paul. masters in nursing…. no that’s not an honest mistake and it wasn’t the first time either needed a dehumidifers function detailed. here’s a pic i get sent day i get out of mental ward indicating they knew before… whats worse is the dehumidifier present? while i was trying to figure out wtf why am i bleeding at the last apt. I BOUGHT THE DAMN THING. there it is being used after their remediation like 14 months ago.

The Uncovered Group 86
The Uncovered Group 87
inside wall, highschool bedroom at parents house

Back on track

I now after a year in empty apt, with 15 days left to find a place and get stuff off floor in bins. with Clyde rabbit in the freezer, have to go to court tomorrow because they both filed for orders of protection over stuff said while being made to go hungry and or while they ignore every basic need after having created the need by taking away my stuff.

I’ve tried with what time I’ve had to head this off. The apt they picked has been absolutely nuts. i told them before signing the lease what the intended use for the garage was (original plan was i get the priviliage of cleaning and disinfecting my stuff from their mold and their decision where it went while at their house before and after remediation.) yet the apt starts busting into garage and wants to evict garage. I manage with help of homeline to not only stop that but reach an out of lease penalty free , guaranteed neutral reference. well my parents holding all i could sell to afford getting out decide to just stop answering or acknowledging this issue when they do.

so time i had during that and driving to get every meal and bleeding due to this (car bellow) was limited. then the periods of hunger 2x 4 days and 2x 3days being the longest don’t help anything either. it throws off body rhythm and everything else one needs to be effective or efficient let alone healthy. but i still managed to call the mn bar association hotline. there I was given the advice, you need to communicate your parents are unreliable witnesses. seemed to make a lot of sense. cause in my constructs, its obvious people sometimes lie, (this is a set of things people do not a comment on likelyhood at any moment or how i see the world) so clearly the police would have to know this… and when the adviser told me the language to use it seemed like finaly i might be safe for a moment. I knew i had also managed recordings that may or may not constitute absolute proof the police reports were fraudulent (im not a lawyer or a judge so i won’t claim to know for sure) but the cops didn’t want to hear it at all. I was told (as accurately as memory allows but it was traumatic so..)

I thought i had this in the bag and peace or less terror might be approaching.

Lies and Liabilities

The meeting started with one officer. shortly after another walks in and i hear “im hear so you can be assured you aren’t getting the opinion of just one cop”… maybe… but the 2 on 1 game has been pretty common a theme in this so far. I don’t want/dont care either was female. I used to consider myself a male feminist. I truly believe either sex is capable of anything as far as thought goes and even in physical strength i don’t think its black and white enough to say women cant be a firefighter or anything for that matter because life is more shades of gray. the strongest woman vs the strongest man, sans injected hormones, she’s probably going to lose the arm wresling contest or lifting, w/e but a female body builder vs male accountant? on average with non athletes maybe 10 to 30 percent strength difference? some instances where two spouses of opposite gender might see a stronger female cant be ruled out either… unless you are writing the laws (apparently) so with two female officer present i then discover.

the “cop(s) didn’t want to hear it at all. I was told (as accurately as memory allows but it was traumatic so..)

“if we put unreliable witness on record the department might be liable”

i assume for the earlier actions. I was then also told it doesn’t matter if they opened mail addressed to me because it went to their house. it doesn’t matter they removed a check from that mail, endorsed my name without my permission or knowledge and i knew it was time to leave hearing “and its not illegal to say you own someone”


i should look it up but I’ve heard sometimes funding from federal sources(refered to as “Grants”) is based on how many reported crimes of a said category are “busted” Ive seen several times that this is true of drug busts, im pretty sure I’ve seen it mentioned with some states fishing to catch sex offenders while also modifying the laws to lower the standards to find one guilty.

the other issue that’s related is budgets are likely controlled largely by public opinion and or pressures on law makers. If one is willing to expand by either selective enforcement, refusal to add evidence to the record and or lowering previously set standards to get numbers and report numbers for funding from fed sources and approval of community…. it logicly follows that not all crimes or criminals are as easy to catch and some of the bigger more abhorent crimes might not get the investigations or presuites because the low hanging fruit is likely to produce more numbers.

when i saw this the theory was over sex offenders. in some states they have changed the requirements of what constitutes the crime to allow officers posing as teens to not only contact adults online but the they target males and the laws are so poorly written there are instances where fake teen repeatedly reinaties contact when the adult tried to break it off or went silent for long periods.

now the issue isn’t black and white… no adults of either gender should be trying to get with teens. at the same time teens aren’t kids and the statutes originally knew that forcing sex with a prebubesent was different than a teen or fake teen seeking communication with an adult regardless of the nature… but as to context above… If targeting a group after changing the requirements makes the department money and reports win public favor the problem becomes they are likely to focus on that and then who’s concerned at all about the hard to prove report that a female is doing things to a toddler? that’s not to say i wouldn’t be delt with but if the mo/daily task set, resources and procedure is bending/morphing to image based policing logic dictates that gaps form and victims are created, either by inattention or perhaps explicit failure to … see above. image based policing might not be all bad but compared the standards in the past seems to carry a lot of risk to people.

If the cops can selectively acknowledge crimes or documenting details there are still other routes but it requires a lot of time and money which is not something every individual has.

The other problem with the concept of protected demographics.

look at the terpin family. one of group whom the media referees to as children was a 27 year old male.

I briefly noticed (but haven’t looked into ) California had legislation tiled “abuse of dependent adults” , judging by the name that seems like a pretty good idea in a modern world. im not sure if the title is misleading and language is targeted to demographics but without targeting it would seem to offer everyone the protections some lack in Minnesota.

Even after telling the police in maple grove that my mail is being opened and my sigiture is being forged even on a check from my mail (one that i know of) even after the well im fucked conclusion of that meeting I described above… while hearing things like “i own you” from my parents im hearing some of the officers “deflect from tough spots with “why cant you manage your own finances” this is terrifying. there’s been no proof or even ability for me to show it as far as that path is concerned. only the word of my parents has created this.

I never even intended to move out of my parents when i went to the hotel. I left because a few days before my mom had a surgery she’s screaming im delusional and following me around. I suggested to my dad maybe a stay at a hotel helps her recover.

when I got to the hotel 16 mo of bleeding ended. 3 days of eye corner happened after i went back to clone one laptop drive to a larger new laptop drive (my workstation pc in their basement had software i paid for long ago for cloning)

when i ended up moving back in with them after 10 years of aptarments and or dorm with my parents being permantn address and having key and or garage code…. my mom explicitly stated im your landlord now. the gaslighting over their mold issue was getting extream. but more importantly they demanded computer support and had me preform upgrades on their computers. both of which i built (media center pc and desktop in the basement) the desktop had drives storing over a decade of family memories. drives approaching 10 years old themselves. I replaced them with two new drives in raid 0. the os is on a solid state drive for speed raid 0 allows either spinning disk/normal drive to fail with out the failure wiping out the memories (its one part to protecting against data loss… corruption and or viruses that delete and or encrypt, power surges wiping out both.. complex issue) I was also told to improve wifi coverage upstairs and implemented a ethernet over powerline extender and a wifi repeater set to ap mode so the internet came over powerline and fed the upstairs access point a wired connection. a few more config options made it mostly transparent.

one of the ways i know my mom is as messed up as my dad is she took one of the parts to that system. I’ve seen her poisoning family, they call friends and tell them all sorts of things; but my dad later mentioned “you took the plugin thing from the wall” i had not and the stuff i had was extremely limited so it was easy for me to search and confirm i hadn’t mistakenly done it either. like 2 months ago i get a random assortment of some of my things dropped off and on opening a box… yeah there it is. this is a form of triangulation. ie you create distrust or chaos between other people to get your way. i digress

what i was trying to get at is between what my mom said about being my landlord and requesting services from someone with a history of preforming them for pay. probably constitutes a legal tenancy.

yet when i left for the hotel they decide to ban me and i get a few officers telling me i cant go in cause i don’t live there.

if you put two parties claiming to own another in control of all their assets and don’t want to even look into reports of mail and check fraud (control of more of their assets and commanding their time)

my parents picked an apt claiming i wouldn’t look. in reality i had a phone that wouldn’t take a charge half the time. had looked at quite a few places and send pictures every time that lie is repeated to this day. but another game is never acknowledge anything and or layer the false claims as ways to avoid letting anything else be discussed. do so while ignoring

“hey for time keeping/commitment keeping, liability/self-protection/adult function/taxes etc i need a desk(had 4), my kitchen stuff(i cook very well and understand things like controlling bp with food), a place to store documents, a printer (i own like 3) “

I’ve said this on the phone, I’ve said it in person, I’ve texted it I’ve emailed it… def ears/never acknowledged. the budget not being met and several times going hungry kinda conditions one not to want to go buy xyz knowing if i buy dishes i might not have anything to put on them. and making lists/storing them well, as is i eat on my bed or have to take laptop off of one of 3 walmart folding tables. 2 appear to be growing stuff after i set things recovered on them.

all of that goes on def ears. or i hear it deflected to you don’t have to be in empty apt, u just had to go tot hat store and write down hat you wanted for a couch and call us. name of store not repeated… some stuff in storage garage, i couldn’t get the address for it for 11 mo, got it last month…have to be out in 15 days. uh… even worse a month before move in they acknowledged the garage they picked requires more than one person to move then used that to poison a relationship.

trhey will sit there talking about what i say while im extremely scared for my life and while they control every aspect of what i have physically, how many tasks are on my plate what i can eat, what they will even acknowledge what constitutes health for me.

my dad has said “going to the doctor is all that health is” while sitting in his house eating home cooked meals and im either going hungry or limited to quick trip in periods I’ve been with out car.

3 years mal nurished in total . about 30 days hungry last year. times the amount given didn’t meet estimate and i in good faith kept going i end up hungry, i notified before here’s where my account is often with a screen shot. no response. one time 2 days in he answers and says ill cover it tomorrow… they seem to explicitly not confirm the “I CANT EAT ” aspect. or my mom once sadisticly says i should go to food shelf… for what ingrediance i cant cook because you took my kitchen and are forcing this shit?”

im not so sure the 27 year old turpin male would have gotten anything but the street and or mental ward in in.

i have 15 days left till im supposed to be out of this apt. no brainer after mentioned above that they weren’t going to allow month to month or renew. i spent 7 days this month no car due to a break down.

day after i got a rental and repeating all of that “desk , printer” in context of search for apt “explicitly stating “this timeline is nuts my health is failing idk if i can do it and you are still making it require contacting you, Clyde is still in the freezer” only to hear “i got you a rental” and all the ootehr defelction… im not worried about a week or a month, my time diet assets, ability to have outside social connections, problems and sanity have been under attack /controled for 3 years due to a mistake they made finishing their house when i was 14

but day after rental i get a intercom buzz… mubled inaduble when ask who’s there. never buzzed him in… knock knock on apt door. it wasn’t a who’s there joke…

it was class country sherif to serve me to OCP summonses from mom and dad, on the 13th, with the court on the 18th. yeah great now im looking at eviction when im not out on time after 2 years i consider outright audition by “protected people”

it puts the lotion on its skin, or the officer will haul his ass from homeless shelter to jail again.

my parents have both said the equilventlts of “we can say or do anything we want but how dare you be disrespectful” or outright ” this is deserved because you were disrespectful” you claim to fucking own me and want to talk disrespect?! one day my dad went from “get over it, are you gonna cry about it, to common John you know you love me, SAY IT”

do you know the horror when that is your experience and 16 years of what you worked for let alone what was given or considered yours is on the line, when you are probably facing eviction from the cell you were forced into and almost every moment controlled basics ignored till you are scared screaming,…cops don’t care…

then you read a packet that says “threat is defined as anything that makes the PROTECTED PARTY feel threatened”

two ocp and an eviction. diet so bad i could end up blasting my guts into the toilet or lose the one car key in a sea of clothes and not make 915 am court an hr and a half or more away. i need to start calling law offices but i also need to drive to get lunch. my sleep is all over… the weekend existing between those days made it unreasonable even if the move out and lack of car weren’t a thing.

more unreasonable is food affects mood, energy levels concentration and cognition in general. diet is also known to play a huge factor in what makes you sick/immune function and what age you are likely to get what disease… ultimately what kills you. 3 years of poor to no is statistically relevant/ likely a factor in how long i live. Now im not only looking at homelessness but the inability to rent. most rental companies do a back ground check, two ocp orders… nope. plus a previous eviction? good thing employers also frequently….. and credit score…

i have never been evicted and before this started had no dv/indication of violence or mental health issues.

but im sure words said while im scared for my life and how that allegedly makes them feel…

if its not illegal to say you own someone why look into it? eating couldn’t have anything to do with controlling money in ones name? surely mail and check fraud wouldn’t be relevant?

idk why i try.

how likely am i to fight this from the street? why should i have to? or more so, tenancy or legal evictions don’t matter, check fraud doesn’t matter, destruction of my property doesn’t matter, holding my property/assets doesn’t matter, pretending to lose the remains of a pet doesn’t matter, claiming to own me doesn’t matter, enforcing it doesn’t matter, my mom trying to push me over a railing and reporting it other way around doesn’t matter, slaming a car door on me when i asked her to back off according to one officer “is not assault or battery” /doesnt matter.

the concepts of lever and fulcrum don’t matter (when my back is to the railing)

words said while scared for my life… if threatening… can be used to further ensure there’s no life left to look forward to after years of being starved and told im owned. great…

ByJohn Wuethrich

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