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ByJohn Wuethrich

In Soviate America SocieoPaths Own You

not only can the remaining middle class get their fix from their sons and daughters, they can exploit them as adults for labor, if you are in the medical world it appears there is no such thing as being held to any ethical standards. Regardless, if you want to do it right, first exactract as much manual labor as you can.

A tip from Paul Wuethrich: is for making it extra crazy is if you have mold to remediate; it seriously helps if you alternate between total denial and cretiquing how your son is using the vacuum, denying what the mold pro said, denying what the mold pro found and if there is any value had by using the space your property was made to clean make sure to take away what ever it is that provides that. Dont worry about 3rd party suits, if you keep your offspring a radish they are impossible to bleed until they die before your. then they make good fertilizer. Also make sure you only try this when they are overworked and start bleeding. if you can wave the possibility you might let them live up to the obligations to their friends or non incest employers and or contracted work it helps. timing is key though hit em when they are down hit em when they are exhausted, make sure they are mall nourished. make sure they have their own stuff to clean or labor on because of you before during and after …well i guess they are firtilers then. probably deserved it i told him I’m allowed to do anything say anything to him and the police to control .him.

pauls protip: push them to work harder during massive conclusions. if you can find a way to make them bleed and or go hungry it might help but attempting to attack the mind is key.

Marlene and Pauls joint tip: NEVER ADMIT ANYTHING alternate your modes of communication, make sure they hardly have a pot to piss in, remember as a parent you probably known your properties social security number and if you make sure no physical chains are involved all else goes. its of absolute importance you destroy their things to show dominance, what you don’t make sure its worthless and if you can destroy things others paid for in their care or their interpersonal relationships, you will have feed for life and that pesky thing will never out shine you

you must break the mind of your property. he or she must not be allowed to have anything to point to as a success. if they had it take it. if there are memories constantly remind them of your version of history and or switch it up. Remember in America today its only natural and encouraged that child teen or adult offspring serves their parents emotional and labor needs. lest ye forget it has no needs and no rights to emotion.

enforce this last point by first constantly ignoring it. if you do talk to it follow it around and scream that the lights doth be steady (a remote control selenide valve helps here). The longer you can do this and the more it hears only this or “get out” but be sure it knows its pets and property it was foolish enough to think it owned stay; better yet, throw some of it out and alternate between saying it stays and it will disappear. no its not ambiguous its the same thing.

Marlenes protip: Try to kill it for fun. Then report it the other way around. If it gets sick from what you gaslight, make sure it has to sleep in the worst room in the house. be sure to tell it first “if you come up stairs your delusions will mean no where is safe” then wait a week and push it into the moldiest room in the house.

In Soviate America SocieoPaths Own You 2

Remember, at all times tell it it is sick. Or cold shoulder, or deny the time line. don’t let it eat anything and if you do make sure its from a gas station.

if the medical side of your duo has done their job its also now got a diagnosis of some sort. make sure to laugh at it saying you know its not true but then use it when talking to police.

if you do taunt your it. its very effective to do so over say a payment card and then bring this up to the officer you are perswading after you have wanted it to repeat the word slave 3 days hungry. this has the effect that now that this thing has crawled to your castle you can have the armed guards ask it why it doesn’t have the card you were taunting about having earlier.

its only good psychology if people with guns rub it in. along those lines make sure you tell it you decide what hurts it, can say and do anything you want. call it a spoiled brat and disrespectful make it repeat the same thing as a game… then when it has 18 days to move and hasn’t been allowed to even think its changed its flat tire this year. …

this is when you then harp to the court about how it threatens you.

remember you told it you owned it but its probably best to deny that to the police. you wont have to do much if your it is male and you’ve already put the police in an awkward position.

make sure you extract computer upgrades and still have the ashes of its pet. taunt it over the loss of the next pet. make sure it goes hungry about 30 days. do anything but allow it to think its ever owned anything. laugh at it to your partner in child rearing.

use her EHR access to claim you know it hasn’t been to a doc. use the budge to keep it from the doc it needs and right before its going to be on the street anyway

take its bike if you can.

serve it with a order for protection. Nothing reinfoces i don’t give a shit about you …it … like 18 days to move, 13 year old pet in the freezer, pretending to lose the others ashes and using a system that only recognizes certain threats to certain people to rub in that you’ve made sure it has nothing it has no one . you’ve even asked if its gonna cry then demanded it say it loves you…

now demonstrate you can do what ever you want and it will be in jail for daring offend you.

no no that bp of 180 over something when it talks to me, keeping its bike, making sure its blowing out black from my basement and 30 days starvation in a year of mostly quick trip diet and 3 since it had a kitchen… why would it think anyone cares if it has a heart attack? no one cared it was in the mental hold or getting everything it thought was its destroyed. even if it doesn’t now it can have an eviction when it cant get out and you can still keep its stuff.

I’d say that’s enough satire but itst just a sarcastic tone

if anyone wants an entirely me calm demo of why i end up screaming and why this is the sickest thing I couldn’t have imagined. he’s just playing confused. it becomes evident later when he sets the phone down as part of Silent treatment.

and i stand corrected from an earlier post where i suggested Minnesota would probably have the turpin kids in a mental ward. the girls would be free but i bet the adult male would be. then probably a restraining order after he got out. his mom would probably keep his community college degree.

ok that’s not a great comparison but no actually i stand by it .

this sis fucking sick. i went to the police after the false dv report and after the report that lead to the mental hold…. they point blank reminded me its not illegal to say you own someone after telling me there’s no charges against my parents even for mail and check fraoud and no way unreliable whiteness is going on record because the department might be liable for putting me in the mental ward.

so… bounced between parents that force labor underthreat everything of mine is gone and its about to be anyway possibly with my life… parents who claim to own me and use false police reports starve me want me to repeat slave. parents who actively sabotaged all work or the ability to work for the last 3 years and some of those projects go back 5 years.

now because no one cares that the people that own me and threaten my property, open my mail , commit check fraud starve me after doing so sign over my health care by forging my signature forced me to clean modly car for 9 mo. pretended to lose boonies ashes and after Clyde died

“why aren’t you moving faster on the car?”

dad really? you cant think of anything slowing me down this week ?

I can probably list 100 of your problems but I’m not gonna HOP AROUND.

Its really good to know the boomers are going to be around to iovate and keep this country on track. I had this mistake it was young who did that but what does property know?

surely not that my mom explicitly stating she’s my landlord and upgrading their computers and wifi then being on demand show me how to do anything on the computer for my dad… not like fair market wage…might constitute a tenancy.

even if it did I’m about to get an eviction and even my mom admiting the dv report was her trying to kill me cant generate a unreliable whiteness report. so yeah.

but i can also find out from a court set up mainly for protection of the np who stood over me in sink while i blew out mold saying I’m delusional nothings on my hand i need to be medicated… then handed me a bag of suplements i had lefte there eyars ago with stuff from my apt …i sometimes take 2 a day if i remember… but she hands me this bag on way to west health “make sure doc knows the full poicture. i wasnt thinking.

In Soviate America SocieoPaths Own You 7
THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THEREits in your head she said after pushing open bathroom door. funny how the first time they call the cops the cops are worried cause i opened an Amazon package on the shitter. aka knife in the bathroom… but yeah this isn’t a threat. nor is the bad med records fradulent reports created. or being homeless after 4 years of this and having starved or ate shit when i can cook like thei

she was trying really hard to get me that mental diagnosis. good to know she can actually try to push me over railing, sabotage my med resort. take all my stuff forego my sig open my mail… but no if i give in to hours of cold shoulder and taung…. yeah that the threat the words of someone who is about to turn 32 and has never … HHAS NEVER been violent.

mn the land where you can own people and this country is going down a dark road.

Seriously though:

And here is where I’m terrorized with my dad pretending to lose bonnies ashes.